As I look through the glass my heart breaks but I don't wanna curse God this is more of a blessing than anything who would've thought

I looked at Tshepo and he was really trying to be strong and because of how vulnerable he looked I decided I'm gonna be the stronger one between us

I am grateful for his grandmother and my mother their prayers their support has made me stronger through out this ordeal

"it's gonna be okay we are going to be okay" I said as I pulled him close to me

The boardroom lion is gone right now I am glad though I wouldn't be happy if he bought the office or boss attitude at home

It took me two days to get here at first I was in pain so I couldn't move the second day I was scared of the worst

After I fainted the doctors detected 3 more babies meaning I have 5 babies 2 are in incubators and the other one in ICU she is underdeveloped

It's funny how you go to the hospital expecting one child then God gives you 5 I am scared of losing my baby girl I'm not gonna lie but I'm hopeful if he survived in my tummy then he can survive now

I have 3 boys and 2 girls

We've been thinking about names and truth is I don't know how to name 5 babies

Tshepo told me that his family is coming apparently everyone is shocked by the 5 kids I have delivered now the want to see this for themselves

Lesego and Dikeledi did come to see us that's another person who made me stronger apparently their son Matla was a premature and had development problems and was in an incubator for some time

" it's really hard to raise a premature but I'm thankful that he is still breathing and he is developing very well just keep praying God will hear your prayers and he shall grant your heart desires" those were her words Lesego really got the best ethics not that Kea wasn't but I can tell from his weight and his face that he is happy

" can we name our babies now?" Tshepo said as we were having lunch in my ward we just came from seeing our baby she looks soo tiny well all 3 of them are but she is worse and the many machines attached to her body are not making the situation any easy

" when I was still pregnant i thought if it's a girl I'll name her Mbali-entle I hardly use that name but now I have 5 kids to name"

" I can't believe you were carrying 5 babies you womb is very friendly ey"

" no your sperms are too much for my liking"

" yep babe they have to be for you and right now I have made you a mom and a trend everyone is talking about us"

" I hate that part of our lives"

" I am just grateful to God that our kids are fineno disabled they all have their organs even though they are developing"

"true that ey"

" okay back to the names I was thinking we name our girlsMbalentle and Buhle" 

"I thought we would give them sotho names but whatever you decide I'm cool with it"

"tell me your names maybe I'll like them im not sotho so I don't really now sotho names"

"I was thinking of Bontle Lerato Karabo Tshepiso and Thapelo"

" nice names babe I love them so that's what we will name them"

He is better at this than me



As much as I am falling for Lebo I can't help but wonder if he has been single all this time I mean this guy is hot he has everything the best job he is every womans dream I have dreamt of this kind of guy but I just never imagined me actually having a guy for myselfhe can get himself an accountant I'm just his P. A

" penny for thoughts"

I almost jumped and fell from my chair

"don't you ever do that to me" I said as I fixed my self and tried to get back to my work I don't want Lebo to disturb me

" have you been avoiding me?"

"how can I avoid you? I make your coffee setup your meetings I basically plan your days so I doubt it would be hard avoid you"

Well I have been avoiding him mainly because I have suddenly grown some insecurities I keep looking at I have VS  what he has the women who is compatible for him

"if you are not avoiding me then come have lunch with me in my office"

"I can't I have a lot of work I need to confirm and remind some clients about your meeting for this week prepare your paper work take your suit to the dry cleaner since Friday you have an event to go to"

"fine I get it you are busy but as your boss I would like to see you in my office right now"

Wow just great I followed him while sticking out my tongue I don't like it when he becomes a bully

As soon as I got in he locked the door this is not your ordinary lunch

He came closer to me and pulled me very close

"I thought we agreed that we won't be doing any office romance"

"I can't help myself and right now you are rocking my favorite dress"

Blushing blushing but I have to keep a straight face I need to be able to resist this man

But his hands are doing things to me as he keeps moving them on my back

I felt his cold soft lips  on my neck just like that I gave him more access to my neck by tilting my head to the side

Fuck resisting this guy is good with his hands his tongue damn his tongue

And damn he can fuck like nobody's business

I quickly rushed to the bathroom to fix myself if his office wasn't sound proof I swear everyone in the office would've heard me

I got out to go and fix the boardroom for his meeting

How do you focus after 3 hectic rounds that have left my body vibrating and shaking

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