We are out having lunch with my close to be business partner and his wife I'm with my wife and sonhe is all about family and right now that's what we are doing eating with our families I didn't initially like Pearl's idea of us being dressed like Nigerians not because I don't like it but mainly because I didn't to overdo things you know be personal with them and all

But they seemed to like it and I started to ease up and thank my wife silently for suggesting can't really say it to her straight women grow wings very fast 

PEARL has been doing the pitch over lunch and I must say she was saying all the right things not making it uncomfortable thank God for my wife but now it's time to go back to Jozi South Africa our home

We were leaving the hotel's dining hall or restaurant with everyone chatting and laughing I was carrying Mpho who was already sleeping 

"you should always bring this woman on your meetings she can sell without pushing you to buy and only realize later".. 

"I'll sure bring her or she might even head up your project if that's okay with you." 

"sure thing man I have no doubt I am in good hands" 

"I'll keep in touch drive safe" 

What a meeting I'm glad I'll be going home tonight I miss south Africa ey no offense Nigeria 

"wasn't bad now was it? 

" cocky now are we? "

" a thank you and you were right babe about the outfits would be appreciated "

" I was gonna get to that part but since you are forward and already full of yourself I wont". 

"it's fine I'll just buy myself a gift since I have it with me " 

I am not gonna say because these outfits were kind of forced on me it's ready not my style even though I did look good I remember how we fought and when I was in the mist of refusing her words were

"it's either these outfits or we are not going" that's exactly what she said

We pushed out our bags weirdly or is it a woman thing to leave with a lot of bags and come back with even more bags

I had to ask for help from the porters 

We got in my jet with me complaining about the bags but there was really nothing I can do 

She looked at me with her eyes wide open

"is it safe to say SURPRISE" as she turned to look at me for answers 

"wow it's a surprise indeed when did it all happen?" 

"sorry for not telling you it was still being decorated so yeah here we are now" 

She left me there and walked towards the stairs and inside

Following her I found her eyes teary I did something romantic your rose petals all over I just wanted to make up for not always being there to tour with her and eat with her 

"now this is great beautiful I don't even know what to say really" 

We sat to wait for take off and the we enjoyed our dinner laughing here and there while watching acrimony now I know an argument follows at the end of the movie about how that guy was wrong or how she was wrong to be honest I don't even know which side I'm taking 

" The first time I watched I though the guy was wrong but now I feel different"  see what I mean we are about to argue 

" why would you say he is wrong? She stopped believing in him of which I don't blame her he did overdo this whole thing of staying at home working on the battery and sucking their accounts dry but at the end she let her sisters decide for her about breaking things off and when he finally had the money he bought the house back and gave it to her he paid her Paid her back even with interest I know I would've bought the house back only not pay you back any cent but he us a good guy"

"why buy another woman the same things he promised her?" 

"come on those things were also his wishes  for him to own and share them with whoever is in his life" 

"I'd be livid too if a woman just comes to enjoy all the pain and sacrifices I made" 

"it's not like she also didn't do nothing she got him a lawyer I know it's not much but ey she helped" 

I looked at her not wanting her to say anything I gave her the look and we just enjoyed each other's arms till we woken up for landing

Landing in Joburg we are met by cameras flashing all over us damn vultures they already know about my business

I swear these people have cameras to spy our every move I didn't want to even give them a chance to corner me by the help of guards I got through and off we went

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