I have been having cramps since morningevery time they come I just do my breathing exercises

" are you sure we shouldn't go to the hospital?"

I looked at him he was panicking like nobody's business and that was even making me dizzy

He rushed to the bedroom to go get the baby bag

I walked out to the car before the cramps come back

He came back and drove straight to the hospital and I was attended to immediately

Those who know about giving birth you'll know that I was going crazy at this momentthey kept telling me about 6 cm and I was ready to push I wanted to push

I swear right now I would lift anything even a bed that is how much this pain is intense

Tshepo left due to how I was snapping at him and he was really feeling sorry for me

He kept brushing my back blowing me air

Funny right? But it was irritating me like nobody's business

As soon as the pain subsided I called him back I missed him I wanted him to be there I wanted to feel his presence and his touch his promise that it will get better

The nurse came back and it seemed I was ready to give birth and truth is I was now scared a bit I mean I know the pain and how much energy I need to use here but at the same time I wanna finish this

How weird is the fact that I have never went for a scan maybe once I didn't want to check the gender and all that

The doctor came in and my legs were place in position for me to push

Tshepo was right above me wiping my sweat

My screams filled dtte room for a while but a small cry followed after I swear my heart jumped of how pride I am of myself I brought life to this earth once more my baby is alive

I breathed and looked at my baby as they placed him on my chest he  was red and sperms were all over his body Tshepo laughed since the doctor made a joke about that

The pains were not over and the nurse who was down there said she thinks there is another baby coming

I wanted to laugh but the pains I had did not allow meso I started pushing again till another cry was heard in the room

It's a boy again 3 boys really God? But thanks anyway I am grateful

I looked at my baby and then it was light out I was too tired to do anything


I woke up later to find my ward full of balloons I looked around and I was met by my mothers face and Tshepo's grandmother my favorite women

They tried smiling because I could tell something was up I looked at Tshepo and his face was just buried in his hands

"where are my boys?"

"let me get the nurse to bring them to you"

If my boys are both alive then what the hell is happening because the pity faces they are giving me are not for nothing

I tried to move but my abdomen was on fire now what the hell happened here because I gave birth naturally

Tshepo helped me sit up mom came back with the nurse who had my boys

I took one while Tshepo took the other I had the one I didn't really see

"we need names I won't keep calling them boys or baby"

"we will but can I take you somewhere now?"

"take me where? I just wanna spend my time with my boys"

"please baby"

"awume kancane Tshepo"

He sighed in defeat my mother and his grandmother left and we were left alone

" What is happening baby? And don't tell me it's nothing because your face and eyes are not saying everything is fine"

"I would've prepared to show than tell you"

"I don't have the energy for this"



A night of bliss is all I can call it I don't even want to talk about thinking about it makes me horny in a way I just wet my pants immediately 

I was still lost in my thoughts absorbing my surroundings his bedroom is big same size as my whole apartment 

He got in with a tray I figured it's breakfast

He looked soo fresh too fresh  for a morning 

" finally you are awake" 

" what time is it?" 

"it's 12:00i didn't even know what to bring you so I warned both your breakfast and lunch" 

Funny man ey I went to brush my teeth and ate like nobody's business

" Geez slow down tiger" 

"don't say that because I didn't when you ate me up all night I blame you for making me this hungry and sleeping like a dead cow" 

"last night I ate you and you screamed my name soo sexy you moaned pulled the coverscried" 

Him saying all this was making my clit vibrate damn this man is gonna make me be addicted to sex

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