I think I slept throughout because now it was dark I got up and switched on the light went to wash my face in the bathroom

Looking at myself in the mirror I don't like the image I see my eyes are red and puffy I hate that I'm hurting like this I went out and went I  search for Tshepo

He was just sitting there playing Fifa

' hey sleepy head' he said still looking at the TV screen

'I can hear anything love' okaayyy whooaaa brika how did I get to love

'wanna talk about it' I knew exactly what he was referring too and I don't think I am that comfortable to talk about it yet and besides this guy is on another level of arrogance and he might even see me as a fool so I'd rather not be judged

'I' d rather not talk about it can we do the pitch tomorrow morning I'm not really in a good space right now '

' good cz we are going to Cape Town I'm attending a seminar there I'm a speaker and you are my date'

' were you asking or ordering me?'

'take it however you want but you got my message' he went back to playing his gamedamn this guy is something else like who does that you gotta ask a lady nicely I looked for my phone to charge it but I couldn't find it anywhere

' I threw your old phone away use this one' he said handing me an iPhone 6

Like really who gave him permission to do that this guy is gonna be the death of me

'I want my phone back if I want a new one I can afford to buy it myself I'm not your charity case'

'if you were a charity I'd donate a million or everything I have' I just looked at this guy so annoyed

'by the way a Cal called and sent you a message' I don't know the emotion that I have right now I'm scared and I'm still annoyed by what I saw him do earlier and the fact that it didn't seem wrong in his eyes

'your food is in the oven' it's like he read my mind I'm hungry as fuck I warmed it up it was lasagna roasted chicken and sweet corn

I sat on the counter and ate one thing about me I stress eat and sleep that's just me

' whatever it is that happened earlier that made you cry so much and made you sleep the whole afternoon and now you are stress eating is not worth it'

'you know nothing about me so stop being my psychologist right I don't need that especially not from you you know nothing about bring hurt I bet all you've done in your life is hurt people break a lot of girls all you men are the same so don't act different because that's strange'

I left him there I don't know what made me angry but I was angry now more than ever

My phone range and it was Lebo

'Hey babe what's happening? Cal called me asking where you are what's going on Pearl?' Great he is going to look for me all night

' we had a fallout earlier today and I just ran off'

'You better go back to your man babe guys like him are hard to find you know that'

A man's wallet is all that determines a good man to Lebo

After chatting a bit we ended the call and I bathed and got in bed Tshepo's bed 

He got in as I was still watching Imbewu on tv

'you are not sleeping here with me forget it'

' this is my room and my house I'll sleep wherever I wanna sleep'

He went to take a shower and came out naked with just a towel on his waist I looked at the tv just to avoid drooling over him mind you I'm not wearing anything

He got in and as soon as he felt that I'm not dressed he looked at me like WTF?

'bad habit'

'why didn't you tell me we were going naked tonight'

'there is no we' I got up and wore my panty and his vest then slept facing the other way around

Early in the morning around 5am he woke me up to bath since we were going to cape Town

' I don't have any clothes with me'

' I told you to get them but you ignored me I did go to your place but I couldn't get anything since it looked like there was a party there'

I dressed in yesterday's dress and we left for cape Town in his private jet

I bought a dress at the airport and changed into it on the plane I had to look very formal since he was also dressed formal it was just a long white dress with a bit of lace around my boobs with a bit of lace around my boobs I didn't wear any underwear since we all know the situation I have a car picked us up from the airport to the hotel where all of this is gonna be happening paparazzi was all over the place wanting to get a snap of Tshepo

'Mr Dlamini is this the lady in you life?'

He looked at me before answering and I was praying he doesn't say yes but he did

'yes this is the woman behind this successful man' he kissed my cheek and we made our way in

I don't wanna be bitchy about this so I just continued acting and pretending until the day ended

It was a great seminar though you could tell from the way everyone was dressed that they are swimming in money these were the sharks and I was just a fish amongst all of them

One thing I hate about rich people is that they turn to make a big deal out of nothing they made a big deal out of me like a man cannot have a woman but then again we are talking about Tshepo here not any other man like your ordinary guys all eyes were on him and u had to live through that since I'm not used to it some were trying to strike a deal with him and he was also looking for clients so yeah you get the image of what was happening here and I must say u was getting tired of smiling and walking around making silly conversations about everything and anything

When we finally left that place I was soo tired that I even slept on the car and woke up in a house with a beautiful view of the beach that means he has a house here too he got in as I was still scanning my surroundings

'to answer all your questions yes this is my house here I carried you inside since you were fast asleep I undressed you and covered you with a blanket since know what is happening with your underwear anyways I went and bought you underwear cz I don't see how we gonna survive with you not having an underwear'

He gave me a shopping bag from Victoria secrets I looked at him cz it had lingerie and thongs

'you'll use them to mend things with Cal they work magic trust me' I got up and took his robe and headed for the kit hen since I was hungry

Thinking about what might possibly happen when I go back to my apartment and find Cal there just brings me fear

He came down holding a paper and handed it to me

It was our contract signed so that means we are in business I just smiled I didn't even have to pitch to him

I hugged him and thanked him then went to call my boss first but Sean beat me to it

'Girl you are trending on social media fill me in what's going on with Jerk ass' 

' well I met up with him yesterday and then I'm here in cape Town and girl we got the deal he signed everything' 

' girl don't tell me you fucked him to get him to sign' 

' who do you take me for I'd never sleep with Tshepo even if he was the last man on earth he is too arrogant for my liking and has a public life just today was too much for me all the smiling and pretending I'd die if I had to do it for a lifetime that would be the shortest life time ever'

' I'm glad that you didn't lose your dignity and integrity just for a deal' 

'I would never mix business with pleasure and I'm sure it wouldn't work out between me and Tshepo he is that guy who will fuck you and not know you tomorrow I did all I did today to get the deal nothing more' I turned around only to find him standing at the door looking at me I swear I almost jumped and fell from the bed

I quickly said my good byes to Sean and tried to act normal

'I'll be in the other room when you need me I have a conference call to do' I didn't say anything and he left I didn't really want him to hear what we think about him or what I think about him 

I dressed in his clothes that I found in the closet and went out to go to the beach just for some air

I don't know why I was bothered by Tshepo knowing what I think of him


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