I was hurt to hear what Pearl thinks of me I thought I was showing her a different side of me my personal side not the business man side

I like this girl the day I saw her the fact that she is scared if me but when she is tired of taking shit she stands her ground

Well I thought I will make her my woman but nah I was wrong she has some boyfriend drama to fix and I can change how she things about me I hate feeling like this I thought I was never gonna feel this way ever again but here I am and Pearl is my weakness

I called my boy lesego

' why are you calling me when you are suppose to be enjoying you weekend with your woman' trust him not to greet

' why you biting my head like that boy?' he laughed on the other side

' what has she done now?' funny how this guy knows me from just the sound of my voice

'I don't think she is the one dawg she thinks I'm a jerk ass and she only came here today because of the deal we were suppose to finalise'

'you can't blame her though you've never shown her a different side of you before and I know your ass can't ask you command did you ask her to come with you to cape Town or you dragged her there?' I sighed

'I just don't want her to see me as a weak man'

'asking nicely or begging someone doesn't mean you are weak' I heard a woman moan on the other side this guy can't be serious

' dude are you fucking while on your phone'? '

' multi-tasking boy'

' you are sick boy'

'what was I suppose to do? Let the phone ring and disturb my climax hell no'

The moans were getting louder now so I decided to end the Call Lesego is sick really

I heard the door closing I guess Pearl is back from wherever she went

' you've been in here the whole day you need to have some fun' she is not pretending that everything is fine like really

She dragged me out of my room to the dining area

' I bought tequila while I was out how about some shots?'

I didn't even respond and she was already pouring and gave me mine

We took 4 shots

'Let's play a game' I looked at her to listen attentively

' you'll say a statement about me and if it's true I' lol drunk up if it's not you drink up Like how Terrance did on Game of thrones '

I was lost I don't even know what that is

' we gonna die if we drink that much this is a tequila not juice'

' let's use wine then' she got the one and poured for us

'I'll start you were once in love and got hurt pretty bad'

I drank up

' you hate being in love'

I drank up

' I don't have something now your turn'

I thought before I could say anything

' you think I'm an arrogant jerk ass' she looked at me then drank

' you have a low self esteem' she drank up

'you tolerate Cal because it makes you feel good to have someone who claims to love you' she drank up I had to stop this game before we get very drunk

' I think that's enough for now we will continue later let me order food'

'I bought pizza' she said as got up but stumbled and fell on top of me I held her like that and she was just laughing

' I guess I'm really drunk neh' her hair was all over her face and she was blowing it away I removed it with my hand and I can finally see her clearly her lips are so inviting I can see her moving them but I'm just imagining how they feel

She smashed her lips to mine I froze cz I was shocked but as soon as I felt their softness I kissed her like there's no tomorrow the taste of the wine was just a turn the kiss was getting intense and she was moaning which made me more horny I haven been with a woman for 2 years now and this is going to be hard for me to stop.

I got my hand in her pants damn thus woman and a panty water and oil she parted her legs for me she was wet and warm I rubbed her bean which made her moan more she was dripping wet and I was very horny

'I know I'm a bit drunk but I am sure about this'

Its like she read my mind I was worried it's alcohol leading to this

She took of my clothes as I took of hers we were now on the floor the couch is not big enough for this

She got on top and slid herself down it was a struggle she was a bit tight or I'm big

' you are a big man Mr dlamini ' damn the warmth I felt inside of her I don't ever wanna be anywhere else I suddenly felt goosebumps and shivers down my spine she moved slowly while moaning and I was groaning

' This is soo good Tshepo'

' mmmmmmhhhhhh babe I love this I love you'

We changed positions and I got on top I'm not stopping till she comes

I moved slowly abdominal slowly I wanted to enjoy her and for her to enjoy me I connected with her with more than just my dick our emotions were in it our souls were connected they sang the same song moved to the same rhythm

' ahhhhh Tshepo!'

The way she is calling my name right now feels heavenly

She stopped me and I pulled out she turned over and bended

'I Wanna make love to you not Fuck you'

' then do it' I got in and moved slowly and slowly

'move faster baby' I don't believe this woman right now but who am I to deny her pleasure I did as told and she moaned so loud calling my name telling me she loves me and that I'm the only man who made her feel like a woman

I had multiple orgasms but she didn't so I figured she has never climaxed before

She stood up damn this woman is taking control of everything right now

She sat me on the couch and rode me her back was facing me

She was moving slowly though but her moans were very loud my dick was hitting all the right places she stopped moving so I rubbed her bean once more she was grabbing and pulling my hair

I rubbed her and I knew she was going to come her body tensed up her legs were shaking

'don't hold it in relax let it go'

'ahhhhhhhhhhhhh Tshepo' that was her last moan and she came right on my dick

I got my shirt and wiped her and myself and we cuddled on the couch with her lying on my chest

If I was never sure about my feelings for her before now I am and I hope it wasn't a good dick that made her say she loves me Id love to hear her tell me that every day

She really passed out and I was not drowsy I carried her to my bed the took a shower after that I headed straight to the kitchen to cook for her

She got down as I finished cooking

' I must have been out of it for a while I guess'

'yes you were' I said as I pulled her closer and kissed her

She pulled away

' it was just sex Tshepo I needed it we both did so let's just forget it happened' I looked at her shocked and hurt at the same time

' but you said'

'forget what I said now can we eat I'm dying'

I can't believe I'm a fool once more I gave it all there I gave her me she gave herself to me but now not even days after she hurts me like this I dished up and we ate in silence until she broke the silence.

' I like you but I'm not about to be the woman who sleeps with her clients'

' I can take my business somewhere else then but please don't do this'

' and lose out on a great deal never'

' can't you put you first though'

' I need this deal right now so let's not ruin it'

I didn't argue no more we cleared the table washed the dishes and slept we shared the bed but we were soo disconnected now


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