'time to go home' he said as he came in it's Friday today and Tshepo has been picking me up from work almost everyday

'I am so tired I can't wait to get home' he locked the door as he entered

'I know something that can cheer you up' I looked at him as he made his way to me the way he walks tells you he means business

He started massaging my shoulders while planting wet kisses here and there and it was turning me on

He turned my chair around and we both looked at each other I wanted him he could see that but he looked not to be sure even though we agreed that it's no string attached I have fallen for him and he treats me like his woman not someone for sex only

I stood up and stripped naked

' it's fine Tee'

'I don't wanna treat you like that'

I sat on my table with my legs widely open there is no way he can deny me sex right now

He came closer to kiss me and I was already ready for him but he was so chilled i laid on my back on the table

And boy did he eat me I couldn't hold my moans in and he is good at this I am in love with Tshepo but I'm scared of being hurt and i know he loves me too

I came and it so relaxing 

'Don't tell me we are done Tshepo' he just looked at me this man thinks he's gonna do me like this and stop at that hell no

' you no longer wanna have sex with me neh' 

' we will do it the right now you ain't no bitch' 

' but I am asking you to do it I don't mind where we do it as long as we do it' 

' get dressed and let's leave' mxm I'm just gonna get my vibrator and satisfy myself 

I got my purse and got it out he looked at me not believing what I was about to do

' babe don't do that I'm here mos' 

'you come with terms and conditions and this has none of those' 

' fine I'll give you what you want just not here' I switched my vibrator on and inserted it i am used to a real thing now but ey I've got to satisfy my self and I did with him watching till I came and then I dressed after wiping myself then we made our way out he was not talking to me and I didn't care because he refused me good sex so I had to make means to stop my hunger at that moment we haven't had sex in a week

He drove straight to his house and I didn't even ask why he was mad and I was too

Arriving at his house he just got out and left me in the car I followed him and got in

He was in the kitchen drinking water leaning on the fridge

I went up stairs took a shower and wore his t-shirt which hid my butt a bit then I went downstairs to start with dinner 

I prepared something simple green salad sweet potato and corn fish we sat down and ate in silence until we finished eating washing dishes then went to bed the silence was too loud and boring 

It was not just about sex anymore but for some reason  I was mad my phone rang 

'Hello' the number is not even registered so I'll have to hear from the voice

'Entle' oh I know this voice I do t know what he wants from me

' what do you want?' 

' just come back to papa you know that man you are with is not cut out for you tell me this what would he want with you when he can have any girl he wants' 

'at least he treats me better than you' 

' you are just his woman for the media nothing else you know no guy will ever love you like me' 

' don't you dare tell me about love I love you even when I wasn't suppose to I loved you even though you treated me like trash you are the only man I've been with you were my first in everything your love was painful it was rough and it was not pleasant'

' you will always be mine you know that I'll come for you just watch your back'

I don't even know where he got my number spoiling my mood even further I dropped the call and faced the other way around just to cry silently till I slept it felt weird not feeling his arms around me not kissing him good night and not talking and laughing and being playful like that we slept like strangers till morning

I woke up and he was not on his bedsidehe probably went for a jog or to take of business

I was about to get myself water when a knock disturbed me thank God I'm in my gown

I opened and there was a beautiful lady standing there and she was shocked to see me

She just moved me aside and got in I am soo not up for drama early in the morning 

' where is prince?' I looked at her like wtf you come in with attitude and you ask me that

'I don't know where he is' 

'what do you mean you do t know where he is when you are in his house' 

' do I look like his keeper to you like I said I don't know where he is' I gulped down my water 

She sat on the couch to wait for him and it wasn't long because Prince got in wearing his sports gear

'I have been waiting for you' said miss whatever her name is as she got up from the couch

' Shantell what are you doing here' 

'I came to see you is that not obvious I got back from the states yesterday but I spent time with my mother so now I'm here for you' 

' owh thats great'  let me give them space to catch up it seems like they need a lot of time for that

I showered and got dressed in a floral above the knee dress I dont feel like dressing up today

I found them kissing in the kitchen I just went back got my phone and bag then went out without even saying a word I was hurt to see that even though I said it's just sex but ey the heart always goes for more than intended

I called Kea and I went up to her place I just needed to be around different people there

As soon as I got there she gave me a hug she has always known me more than  anyone

' it's okay babe everything will be fine' 

' it won't be fine this time around K' 

We sat down and she came with a tub of ice-cream one thing I love about Kea is that she doesn't need to ask you what's wrong for her to comfort you she let's you tell her when you are ready

'it helps me when I'm feeling down' 

'thank you so much I didn't think I'd fall this hard for him' 

'I'm not judging your choices but you also needed to get over Cal find yourself fix what's broken and then look for a relationship' 

'yeah well I rushed I guess' we sat the whole day she even canceled all her plans with Lesego

' seems serious between you two' 

' Argh Lesego is a fuck boy I'm not going to fall for him until he does this heart has been broken a lot' 

We both laughed I wish I was like her ey

We watched chick flicks the whole day and ordered pizza had it with wine 

I decided that now it's gonna be just me now my work and series and movies

I am never going back to Tshepo and I am definitely not going to need anything that is in his house he can keep them as long as I got my phone and valuables with me

I'm fine I'm done with men now


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