The thing about love is that it blinds you and at the same time it leaves you vulnerable but it’s also a beautiful thing ey 

I have always seen Zack as the only man for me he was my first after all and he treats me like a Queen but for about 6 months now I have been lying to himmaking excuses as to why I can’t see him mainly because I can’t afford to lose him to jail I’d rather lose his love than for me to lose him and for our daughter to lose him too

But today I have no lie to tell as everything is out in the open he wanted to surprise me this morning ND he got in and found me with Nkosikhona having breakfast it doesn’t look bad when you look at it but considering that I am a woman and he is a man in my apartment in the early hours of the morning does look suspicious 

Zack: is he the reason why you haven’t seen your daughter for 3 months? Is he the reason why you have suddenly grown cold towards me? Are you always busy with him when you say you are busy you can’t see me? How could you do this to me Khanyo? Is this what forever meant?

Me: Zack just sit down so that I can explain what is happening

Zack: explain how you are in love with another man? How wonderful it is to sit down and have breakfast with him? 

Me: I am not cheating on you but this is the guy that my family wants me to be with I have no choice in all of thisI’m doing this for you and our daughter

Zack: you’re sleeping with another man for me?

Me: I am not sleeping with him my family has picture of you doing your night work evidence that can put you in jail for decadesmy brother can get you sentenced to life my father can fabricate anything and you would be guilty for more than stealing cars or selling whatever you sellthey said it’s either I end my relationship with you or you go to jail I lied and said I ended it and now Nkosikhona is a man that they want me to be with our fathers are friends

He sat down looked at me and Nkosikhona who has been quiet all this while and I am a nervous wreck my palms are sweaty 

Zack: why are you nervous then? Is there anything more to this relationship than what you are telling me?

I looked at Nkosikhona and then looked down 

Zack: you have fallen for him haven’t you?

Me: no I haven’t and I will not it’s just that when we are on dates we’ve had to kiss to make everything real to our fathers who have been sending people to watch us which is why he is here this morning pretending that he had a sleepover

He still looked at us stood up and joined us on the table dished himself breakfast and we ate in that awkward silence well in my head I’m trying to figure out what he is thinking and what he is going to do about this 

My phone rang and it’s my father I put it on loud speak

Me: morning dad

Him: why is that thug in your apartment?

I looked at Nkosikhona and Zack who was focusing on his plate 

Me: there are some things we had to discuss about Qhamisa dad

Him: why did he come to your apartment? Couldn’t you meet at a public place?

Me: I also wanted him to meet Nkosikhona the man who is going to Qhamisa's step father 

Him: give Nkosikhona the phone 

Nkosikhona: Baba

Dad: Ndodana please come see me today when you get the chance 

Nkosikhona: I will try

Dad: take care of my angel bye

I sighed after he hung up see what I mean when I say I don’t have a choice 

Zack: you should’ve told me the truth from the start at least I wouldn’t have been surprised to find him here in you apartment

Me: I’m sorry 

Zack: I love you Khanyo more than you can imagine and I wouldn’t want you to keep lying to your family about us and I don’t want to break you guys up I know you love your family

I looked at him because I didn’t like where this is going

Zack: I don’t want to let you go and at the same time our daughter can’t lose us both since she already lost you and of we continue with our relationship like you said she will lose me 

Me: please don’t do this Zack we can elope then just don’t end things with me 

Nkosikhona excused himself and headed to my bedroom

Zack: I will never be good enough for your family to accept me I am trying to make things legit by getting a degree but the gangster life will always be a part of me and it’s a risky life that I don’t want you to be a part of I will have enemies and if they would do something to you it would be the end of me 

Me: but we have been doing fine all along why are you changing now? Is there something you are not telling me? Are you cheating on me Zack?

Zack: in my life I’ve only been intimate with one woman and that is you we haven’t had sex for 6 months but still I didn’t cheat on you 

Me: then why are breaking up with me now?

Zack: because being with you only puts your life at risky 

He stood up and walked away 

Me: I swear if you walk out that door I am going to kill myself Xolisa Zack Rubu 

He lifted his jacket up and a bomb was strapped on him 

Zack: like I said they will never accept me and right now they have our daughter 

I just cried and he slowly walked away how could my family be this cruel? How could they threaten Zack with my daughter and even strap him with a bomb I wonder how they got him because he is one smart person I know 

I felt strong arms caging me in and his scent filling my whole breathing space 

Him: it’s gonna be alright 

Me: but how Nkosikhona? I just lost the man that I love right now because of the people I call my family they used my daughter and a bomb to threaten him to stay away from me what kind of a sick family is that?

Him: you guys will find a way to each other again it’s love against all odds 

Me: and what about you? 

Him: it’s time I accept that your heart belongs to someone elseI’ll be okay I’m a big guy I’m sure feelings will die when I stop seeing youwhich is why Ive decided to go away  so that I can forget about you 

I just kept quiet and enjoyed the warmth of his arms and the beating of his heart 

I turned my head and I was met by his face I got lost in his eyes like always

He wiped my tears with his thumb still looking at my eyes 

Slowly our faces got closer to each other and our lips met moving slowly accommodating each other 

His lips are very soft like marshmallowseach time we kissed I enjoyed it just like I am now 

His arms caressing my body trying to hold me but being careful of holding me tight as if I’m going to break 

I change our position so that I may sit on top of him with my legs on the sides our kissing continues with an increase in our breathing each passing second

I take his hand and direct it to my castle and he doesn’t wake time he pushed aside my panty and plays with my clit rubbing it softly and slowly 

A moan escapes my mouth he increases his pace a bit on my clit and I can’t stop the moans as they leave my mouth damn this feels good especially after months of not having some servicing 

I feel his bulge against my thigh and immediately want to grind on him 

He inserts his finger and I gasp it a little uncomfortably 

He moves it slowly and the pleasure kicks in he inserts another one and I can’t help but move my waist a bit his lips are sucking on my ear my weak spot while his other hand is brushing my boobs which have hard nipples And goosebumps

“Please make love to me” I hear myself say as the pleasure becomes too much I can’t believe I’m begging for sex right now

“I can’t Khanyo you are just hurting”  I don’t care if I’m hurting be cause right I want this as much as he does 

I reach for his dick easily since he is wearing sweat pants firstly I’m amazed by the size but that grows the desire of wanting to feel him inside me 

I slowly move my hand up and down he shifts and holds on to my ass groaning 

Now I have him where I want him he will not deny me the pleasure 

I decide to move so that I can suck him 

I pull down his pants and he doesn’t fight me but helps me his dick springs freely when I have removed his boxer it’s so thick with veins popping on it and also oozing with pre-cum

I suck on it like I’m sucking a Loli pop I may have been a Virgina when I first had sex but I have watched porn videos to gain Knowledge in order to satisfy my man

I’m gagging and he is groaning “O fuck..shit Khanyo that’s so nice baby” that fuels my energy and I go on until he stops me and pulls me up to smash his lips on my 

He removed my underwear with his other hand while the other is holding me at the back of my head so that he can deepen the kiss 

He feels how wet I am and helps me position myself on his dick 

“Are you sure about this?” he asks with his tip inside my vagina already 

“Yes I am sure” I say looking deep in his eyes I lower myself again the stop to allow my walls to stretch 

He is really big and it’s quite painful but I won’t stop 

I slide down once and stop to kiss him so that I can relax 

I get lost in the kiss and I feel him moving inside of me and he is very deep inside 

“Fuck ….Khona you are so big”

“Im sorry babe”  I throw my head back and move on him 

The pleasure of him being deep inside of me is too much and I feel like crying as he continues to penetrate me 

We change positions I’m on my fours and he is entering me from behind 

“You’re so tight babe…please open up for me”

I spread my legs wider and when he is fully in he starts moving and it feels like he is hitting me on my belly button will I ever feel another man after this? I doubt 

I feel my orgasm nearing 

“Please don’t come now babe please don’t”

“I …c..a..n.t hold it…..oh shit .oh Khona” I scream as he fuck me fast riding my wave with me the pleasure is too much and I feel like Im gonna come again 

My knees shake making me lose balance 

That notifies him that we have to change positions 

And we do I lie on my back with my legs wide open waiting for him to enter me 

He enters me slows which gives me shivers 

“You like that don’t you?”

“I do feel so good” I say holding on to his exposed muscular arms 

After a few slow strokes he goes I for the kill I swear my pussy is torn because he is literally fucking me now and I even lost my breathing pattern our moans fill the apartment 

I come on my over and over and when comes I’m already tired my body has had too many orgasm more than I’ve had before 

He lifts me up bridal style and go cuddle in my bed

“I love you Khanyo” he says kissing my forehead and wrapping his arms around me

I’m too tired to say anything 

I feel the pleasure from the coldness I want to open my eyes but I’m afraid if it’s a dream then the pleasure will be gone 

“Gosh ..the things you do to me Khona” I say as I feel his head still with my eyes closed 

I decide to open them because this is not a wet dream it’s really 

His head is in between my thighs I notice a bucket or ice that’s what’s giving me this coldness 

I hold on tight to the sheets I want him to stop and just fuck me but the pleasure is too nice 


I say things that I don’t even understand as he pulls on my clit slowly 

I open my legs wider since I feel like he is not deep inside 

His fingers are fucking mewhile his tongue is doing the most on my clit I don’t even know which pleasure to focus on 

“Please Khona” I say with my emotional voice 

“What do you want babe?”

“I want you deep inside of me fuck me till I pass out” 

When did I become such a sex freak it hasn’t been a day and I’ve moved from Mary to I don’t know who 

He obeys and fucks me when are done we take a bath I can’t even walk 

He sits at the edge of my bed while I am leaning on the headboard 

I don’t have regrets over what we did it was great I enjoyed and I kept asking him for more proof that I wanted it 

Me: don’t feel bad about today you were great and I enjoyed every part of it 

Him: I enjoyed it too 

Me: but what then?

Him: I feel like you just using me to mask the pain of losing Zack

Me: maybe but mostly I did it because I wanted to have sex we might a we’ll start now since we are stuck together 

Him: see what I mean? You now consider the possibility of being with me after Zack dumped you 

Me: yes but I also accepted that there is no use fighting this

Him: I don’t want to be your rebound

Me: did you stop and think that maybe I did fall for you during these past obths we’ve been together

He turns to look at me 

Me: Zack was right when he said I have fallen for you yes I did I can’t say I am in love with you but at least I feel something 

I sound like a bitch right now don’t I? On the very same day I was begging another man not to leave me minutes after I had sex with another one and now I’m confessing my feelings to him 

Yes I’m not over Zack and I doubt I will be anytime soon but for 6 months I have been stuck with Nkosikhona I spent a lot of time with and less with Zack some how he slowly found his way into my heart 

Him: but I am going to cape Town tomorrowI can’t do this anymore I won’t be able to pretend with you especially after what happened today 

Me: don’t go to Cape town and let’s not pretend anymore let’s we where this will go 

Him: are you sure Khanyo?

Me: 100% it’s no use fighting it you lost someone you loved for this and you witnessed me losing someone too so let’s make it work for the sake of that it wouldn’t be a good thing if we lost so much for nothing 

He comes closer to me and cups my face gazes into my eyes as if looking for confirmation 

I get closer and find his lips 

We kiss slowly and slowly my hormones are waking up again damn Khona is gonna turn me into a sex addict 

It’s not long after and our moans are filling my room we are sweaty and breathing heavily 

We are on the second round now my castle hurts but this man is giving me too much pleasure for me to deny my self 

“You have turned me into an addict in just a day” I say as I collapse next to him riding this man is likes work out 

“Sleep you need the rest” he says and pulls me closer to him 


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