I never really understood nor believed in God or that there chosen people 

I was never religious but my mother was very religiousshe would pray every morning and nightshe would thank God for the smallest things like having food on the table or waking uphaving a roof over our heads but me I was not into that 

I went to church when u was still a young boy before 16 years old because then that decision was not up to me I would pray with my mother but due to the conditions we we’re living under I lost trust in God 

I grew up in Eastern Cape raised by a single mother she always tried to put food in the table 

Worked for whites as their maid they slaved her around all day but paid her peanuts 

Y’all are wondering why I don’t talk about my dad 

Well that man was just a sperm donor I would say 

I am a product of rape

see my mother fire during her days but she did t have the privilege of going to school and have a degree because she fell pregnant with my older sister that’s when her parents kicked her out 

She was just an embarrassment for my grandparents because her boyfriend denied the pregnancy and would not marry her 

Anyways that’s a story for another time okay back to me and my father

My mom was working at this other house she fell in love with a garden boy according to her their love was enough for them they didn’t have much but they were happy with each other had plans on their future how they were going to start a different life without being slaves 

But my mom’s boss was also in love with my mom he loved her but she didn’t love him back so instead of letting her be with the man she loves he decided to Rape her and from that tragic even I came 

With Blue eyescurly hair and pink lipsyep I have always been handsome since birth 

I’ve got an ego like that well it’s the only thing I owned then until I became the most feared gangster 

Allow me to introduce myself 

My name is  Xolisa Zack Rubu

This story begins when I was 16 


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interesting story

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Interesting story

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Interesting introduction hope the rest of the book will be great

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Interesting story