You know after a long day at school listening to lectures the only thing you wanna do is rest before you go back to your books again and do assignments or study but not today because I found an angry looking K.g at my door and I knew what he was angry about

He charged at me immediately trying to punches at me but I kept ducking all of them successful until I held both his hands I saw a guy making his way to us everyone know I am strong and this mother fucker here is weak 

Me: now you are going to stop acting like a bitch who is here to fight for a man and tell me what the fuck your problem is because I have had a long day and I’m not mood for shit and tell ypur little goin to not even try what he is thinking right now

He signaled his guy to go back 

Him: so you think you are a man now? Huh? Entlek k'hambani ngawe wena saan (what’s really going on with you boy)

Me: I don’t have a problem but you look like you do so just talk and leave I need to rest 

Him: yesterday we had job but you didn’t pitch upso vede vede dintshang?

Me: yazini Kg if you don’t start talking straight like a man I am just going to walk away 

Him: don’t disrespect me wena saan 

Me: I don’t have time for this 

Him: you will have time for it do you know how much money I have lost because of you? I was suppose to deliver the good by the end of business today but you didn’t pitch up 

Me: you lost business I didn’t so I don’t see why you are here crying to me like a little bitch and not trying to fix your business

He gave me a punch on my tummy and I felt it turn a bit 

He allowed me to recover

Him: when I tell you there is a job you drop whatever it is that you are doing and you come to me is that clear?

I took out my knife the one I always have on my sleeves I held him close with the tip of the knife touching his stomach 

Me:look here kg I am no longer that small boy who sold weed for you at school and begged you because of poverty my school fees is settled for the coming years I have to study I don’t really need you anymore but you need me so listen to me I am not going to make you richI put my life at risk when I get your cars and you give me what? 10k or 20k while you take home over a million it’s either you give at least R250k  or I don’t work and don’t even think of fooling me I know how much those cars cost

Kg: push your knife in boy and see if my boys won’t come after you for this 

Me: you really think your boys will be loyal to you if I take over and give them more money? I am going to push this Knife in not to kill you but to put you in a coma I’ll take over your little empire and if your brother dares me I will slice him up 

I pushed the knife in twisting it his goon came over but I got his knife first and had a fist fight till he fell and hit his head and collapsed 

I could feel that my face was going to be bruised from all those punches I took out my phone and called the ambulance and the cops 

Im tired of people taking advantage of me because I am poor thinking that they will make me their skivvy I’m not about that 

The cops came so did the ambulance they took both the man away while the police remained to question me about what happened and I just cried robbery but I was still taken to the police station  for question 

Detective: so tell me again what happened and don’t leave out any details

Me: I have told you this over and over again I am in pain my face hurts can I just go to a doctor

Detective: not until you tell me how you managed to overpower the notorious gangster Kg and another guy 

Me: I told you that I was coming back from campus when I met them at the parking lot of my apartment the other guy was no where in sight at the moment he tried to take my bag which has my laptops and books but I fought him like I said to you and he took out his knife but because I have been taking some boxing classes I managed to fight him and that’s how I ended up stabbing him or would you rather he had stabbed me instead and as you can see I have bruises as proof that I fought those two men not at the same time but definitely simultaneously 

Him: Kg is a gangster and doesn’t do small robberies so I think there is more to your story than you are telling 

Me: besides the fact that I know kg because I used to sell his weed in high school and he wanted me to sell it on campus but I told him I’m not about that life before I just did that to have food to eat but now I got an opportunity to better my life so I wanted out and he seems to not have been please with that since apparently I made him good money back then maybe him taking my valuables was going to make me fail at school since most my school work is in that laptop so of I fail I have no option but to go back to working for him so what else do you want from me?

Him: nothing I got what I wanted you may go we just happy to have caught the man who has made look incompetent even he is not in a good state to go on a trial but he sure is under arrest for this and with enough evidence I’m sure we can put him behind bars 

Me: I hope so because I just want to live my life freely detective 

I said pretending to be sad he looked at me for some time 

Him: you look like someone I know whats your name?

Me: I am Xolisa Zack Rubu

His phone rang before he could tell me who he said I looked like 

Him: I know sir but I had to get his statement


Him: I know sir okay I will release him 

He dropped the call and looked at me 

Him: that just confirms my suspicions okay I will release him 

He dropped the call and looked at me 

Him: that just confirms my suspicions you can go young man sorry for all the trouble please do see a doctor for your face 

Oohhkkkkaaayyy now that was very weird but I am not going to argue 

I walked to the reception to get my things and walked out 

A black SUV stopped just as I was still waiting for a taxi 

A buff guy got out 

Guy: get in young Zack I am going to drop you off at your apartment 

Okay now that is very weird he knows my name he is buff and he is driving a black car with tinted windows

Guy: if I wanted to kidnap you I would’ve done that by now just get in the car please 

I slowly got in the car and he drove me to the doctor first and then after to my apartment

What’s funny is that I didn’t even have to direct him to my place 

I got of the car and he drove off 

Too many weird things are happening in one day 

Mama: you have stopped calling us now Zack?

Me: I was busy with school work ma I’m sorry 

Mom: I was just checking upon you baby I get worried when you don’t call and your daughter misses you

Me: I’ll come see you guys over the weekend  if I don’t have assignments to do 

Mom: okay baby take of yourself neh 

Me: I will kiss my daughter for me 

Mom: I will bye baby

Me: bye ma 

There is something about my mother’s voice that soothes my soul I know she could tell I was not okay and over the years she learnt not to push for answers because I won’t tell her right away 

I looked at my wallpaper it was Khanyo it has always been her or my daughter 

“I wish you happiness with that man and I pray he makes you happy because one tear in your eyes and he is dead take care of yourself Kay” I sent her that message and then I started deleting a of her pictures and just kept ones where it was the 3 of us just to show to my daughter when she grows up 

I have a roommate in my apartment but I hardly see him these days nor at school but then again what do you expect from a guy who speaks tsotsi taal dresses in black and white only goes by the name of scar and he calls me cobra by the way he never explained why and I didn’t even bother to ask him nor argue with him about it I just miss our fighting games  because when he was not disappearing into things air he was teaching me how to fight he is very good told me he was military trained

I can’t believe that I actually stabbed Kg the feared gangster 

I guess I did take out my frustrations on him because now I don’t feel hurt anymore about what Khanyo did to me I have accepted that I was not worthy to fight for I would’ve laid down my life for Khanyo that day I didn’t go there to break things off with her I had already accepted my death so I wanted to see her one last time before I die but one look in her eyes and I saw that her love for me was gone the was he looked at that other guy the twinkle in her eyes 

So I decided to let her go because it was clear I had already lost her and so did our daughter so there was no use fighting for what’s gone 

The door handle turned bringing me back to earth and Scar got in with a black bag 

Scar: Cobra my man I have returned 

Me: I didn’t even miss you nor notice you were gone 

Scar: you ain’t my bitch so I didn’t expect you to

Scar speaks good English for a thug looking guy 

Scar: so you have been busy without me stabbing people without me 

I looked at him 

Scar: I know everything that goes on in your life Cobra anyways I’m not here about that you see this bag here is full of goodies I hope you are ready to train 

Me: can we do that on weekends I have school work now 

Scar: sure but you gotta do something with your face 

Me: I won’t go to school till it swells down 

Scar: oh cheese boy just pour ice water in a dish and dip your face the till the water doesn’t feel cold thank me tomorrow 

 He went to his room after saying that 

I am going to do as he says but I need to know who this guy is yazz because Scar is not a name that’s on his I.D that I know for sure


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