Have you ever looked at people on the street or where they live and you think that they have it all in lifethey are happythey have no problems 

Well that’s what everyone thinks about my family well I don’t blame them for thinking that way because that’s what we do around people act happy but behind that high wall and inside this big Mansion life is miserablemaybe not for all of us but for me it is 

You never see what happens around a bend or corner until you reach it 

That’s the same thing that happened to meI didn’t imagine nor see what would be around the bend or corner for me until I reached it 

Me: “Thank you Lord for the gift of lifethank you for waking me up this morningmay you give me strength to get through today I ask all of this in your name Amen

that is my daily routine waking up and praysomething that my grandmother gave me as a life time inheritance

i woke up today in a good mood i dont know why but im not gonna let anything spoil my mood today

I woke up prepared breakfast for my sister and my mom their english breakfast then i went to run them their bath

Me: mom your bath is ready and breakfast is also ready

Her: so? how will i bath and eat at the same time?udom yazz

Me: but ma today i have to go with grandma to the clinic so i will be gone when you are done bathing?

Her: get out of my face

I made my way to wake my sister up she was still in her deep sleepher clothes were all over the floor. thats a sign of a rough nightshe didnt wait for me to even say anything she told me to buzz off.

story of my life

my name is OKUHLE MALGASim 21 years youngi live with my grandmothermy mom and my sister Lindowe are the same age  but she is a slay queen and im a her personal maidmy sister is always worried about looking good and her broken nails she doesnt even know how to fry an eggmy mom is very successful she owns a boutiqueits very successful when you own clothes from there then that means you've made it in lifeall business women and men rich housewives go there.Lindo is in varsity studying 'medicine' she is the golden egg of the house. I am currently not doing anything with my lifei wrote my matric and passed very well and i managed to get a bursary to study fashion design but sadly my dad got into an accident and became paraplegic so i had to take care of him and my grandmother while mom had to look after the business so that we can afford the life that we live and my father's treatment.We couldn't afford a helper because the business was not doing well and Lindo's fees were very expensive.But my dad passed oni thought that would make our financial situation better but nopenadanothing.I was sad that my dad passed on because he was my pillar of strength but i had to let him go because i saw the pain he was in.

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Mpume 2019-06-22 18:34:25

Amazing book "love me regardless" really enjoyed as well as the lessons it came with. Keep up the good work

Thandi 2019-03-07 02:08:51

wooow nice story

Ntutu 2019-02-23 08:08:27

This is sad. are you sure she is your biological mother huh