I was having fun with Olwethu we were just getting to know eachhe is 25 years owns a restaurant and he is an accountant he has a sister he has pretty much done well for himself that I can say what I noticed about him is that he wants a serious relationship get married and have kids 

Him: so tell me if I had to ask you to marry me would you say no?

That I didn't expect and I didn't know how to respond to that I mean we just started what ever it is that we are doing I don't think we are at a point where we can be having this talk

Me: I don't know I haven't thought that far and besides I doubt we are even sure about our feelings right now

Him: Talk about yourself because I do not sleep with someone I don't have feelings for so what's really your answer? 

He had a straight face on and his voice was now firm I swallowed hard while thinking of how to respond to this

Me: to be honest I'd say no now but if you had to ask me that question again in a few months I'd say yes because at least then we'd know each other better

Him: you can say yes and get to know me at the same time I don't see anything wrong with that

Me: come one there is no rush we are still young

Him: (irritated) I'm too old to be playing hide and seek Lindo it's either we in this for real or you stop wasting my time 

With that said he stood up paid the bill and left

Yhooo this was unexpected turn of events I slowly stood up and made my way out 

I got to my room mom came in

Her: pack your things dear we are leaving at 18:00 exactly 

Me:..... Silence...... 

Her: Lindo did you hear what I just said to you? 

I was still thinking about Olwethu his reaction to this whole thing is showing me something else

My mom came and sat next to me

Her: Baby what's wrong? You haven't said a word since you got in

Me: it's nothing I can't handle mom

Her: you know you can tell me anything 

I can't tell my mom because she will only want me to say yes if it's a marriage proposal Imma decide for myself this time around

Me: MA don't worry I can handle this

I stood up and started packing my thingd

Her: we will have an early lunch with Olwethu and his mom by the way

Oh great now I have to deal with him again

Later on we prepared to go down to the dining hall to have this early dinner Olwethu and his mom were already sited we joined them

Olwethu: Hey sorry about earlier (whispering) I guess I don't do well with rejection 

Me: it's okay but I didn't reject you I just said we should take things slow

His mom: you guys seem so serious care to share with all of us

Me : hayi MA it's nothing serious 

Hime: I asked Lindo to be my wife and she said no

Mom: Hawu Lindo awatsho kum

Me: he didn't propose many we were just talking about it

His mom: wow this calls for a celebration 

Oh my God what did I get myself into

care to share with all of us

Me : hayi MA it's nothing serious 

Hime: I asked Lindo to be my wife and she said no

Mom: Hawu Lindo awatsho kum

Me: he didn't propose many we were just talking about it

His mom: wow this calls for a celebration 

Oh my God what did I get myself into I looked at Olwethu he seemed to be pleased by this


I woke up and it was now 19:00i went downstairs to get something to drink and also watch TV I doubt I'll fall asleep soon

Grams: can't sleep either

I jumped gosh I didn't see grams there

Me : grams you scared me are you okay? 

Her: I'm okay dear just lost my sleep to a terrible dream

Me: sorry grams let's watch TV together I'm sure mzansi biskop has stories we can watch

We headed to the lounge to watch the story was called Luthando

Me: I wish love was like this but in reality it's something else

Her: but Luthando was saved from her step mother by that man what a blessing can that be

I know where this conversation is going and I don't know if I can continue with it

Me: grams can you atleast give me a month to decide

Her: no rush dear but just know that I'm not gonna be around forever

Me : no problem grams

This is just great mzansi biskop chooses to play this story now

Her: by the way Mandy said you should visit them more often and I think it's a great idea get to know them a bit better

Me: it's not them that I have to get to know better I'm suppose to know my 'husband' better and besides I haven't said yes so there won't be a need to get comfortable with them

Her: Just visit them dear and then you'll take it from there

Aiii I'm not getting out of this one so lemme just say yes

Me: okay grams I'll visit them on weekends 

I wonder if Noma will agree to giving her maid weekends off I'll leave that to grams to do


After dinner we went to our rooms to get our bags I am just praying that mom doesn't talk about this marriage thing I feel like I'm drowning every time it is mentioned she got in

Me: okay that will be all let's go man rushing to the door

Her: you can't keep running away from this

I stopped and turned 

Me: mom please can we not talk about this now

She lifted her hand in the form of surrendering 

This is gonna be a long drive back home

I got in the car and I went on my phone immediately so that we don't talk

Her: you are going to say yes Andithi? 

Me: you know I have a lot of catching up to do I'm a bit behind with school 

She stared at me and focused back on the road

Her: changing the subject I see

I just looked at her and said nothing

Her: I can't to get home so that I can tell grams I wanna see her face when she sees its you getting married not her precious Okuhle

Gosh my mom is always scheming 

Me: really Ma? 

Her: what? You can't blame me for being proud of you

Me: what if I say no? 

Her : I know you won't you are too smart to say no and besides what do you have to lose that boy has money even his mom too you'll get anything you want

I don't believe my mom right now it's always about money to her ayy

I just looked out the window and prayed we get home sooner

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Hayi nomaRussia why is everything a competition with you maan no leave Lindo alone coz I don't trust this Olwethu guy