I woke up and Olwethu was not aroundThank God now i can go to my room before he comesi quickly dressed up i was headed for the door when he cameand i jumpedhe just looked at me and shook his head

Him: you're doing it againand you wanna leave without even taking a bath or shower at least

Shit i swear if he asks for more sex imma faint 

Him: I got you some clothes go and bathget dressed we are going out

i didn't say anything i just went to the bathroom to showeri went back to the room and he was on a calli just did my business and let him beso here i am waiting for him asi was lost in my thoughts my phone disturbed me

Me: Ma

Her: Usuyafeba Lindo?

Me: hayi mamaim just chilling with Olwethu

Her: oh undilahlile mna ngokuenjoy yourself ke but be safe we dont wan't a repeat of last week neh

OH shit!!!! that's a lil too late now

Me: okay mabye

i hanged  up because i was panickingwe didn't use a condomwhat if i fall pregnant againor even worse contract diseases i dont know where he's beenbravo! Lindo you done fucked up your life again

Him: HEY sorry about thatthere was a crisis at work that needed my attention

Work hebanna!! how old is he kanti

Me: its okaydo you think we can find a pharmacy around herei need emergency pills?

Him: we can look for itbut im sure there is one

with that said we headed out


Talking to Mr R made me really doubt this arranged marriage thingi want to make mistakes firstget my fingures burnt before i can settle downmarriage is too serious

I went to look for gramsand i found her in the garden 


Her: Kuhlejoin me and enjoy the peace with nature

Gosh i forgot how my grams is one with nature

Me: grams i want to tell you my decision(she turned and looked at me) i can't accept this marriage arrangement grams

Her: i understand dear i was not forcing you into anythingbut i just wanted you to see the possibilities you would haveyou'd get to go back to schooldo the things you've always wanted without always having to think about your evil mombut baby if you see this is not ideal for you then im not going to force you into anything

I thought about what grams was sayingi'd love to go back to school

I looked at grams

Me: fine grams i'll think about it

Her:(smiling) that's good enough for me dear

Maybe this marriage thing is not a bad thing after allif i get to go back to school then im cooleven if my 'husband' doesn't want me it's cool imma be in it for the benefitsi won't stand in his way as long as he wont stand on mine

The weekend ended and we headed back homeback to my hellgrams looked a bit sick or is it just memaybe its because i know she is sick now im starting to imagine things

We got home and it was quiet that means mom and Lindo are not back yetthank GOD i can sleep nowwe had something to eat at Mandy's houseso no cooking for megrams went to her room and i went to minei wanted to sleep but ke my thoughts wouldn't let mei was kinda imagining me married to blessingi've seen him in pictures so its n ot that hard to run your imagination wild.I passed out in the mist of my thoughts

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Take a leap of faith and go to school Lindo mxm udom shame