i heard all the reasoning that grams gave but i just couldn't bring myself to saying yes no matter which angle i tried to look at it fromLike any girl i've imagined my wedding daythe dress i was going to wearthe decormy housethe flowers everythingbut that was a fairy tale i guessi mean with all the chores i have at home i wouldn't even be able to meet a guygo on dates and all those things that couples do  

grams dropped bombshells on me to a point that i did a lot of thinking than enjoy being away from Noma

'you seem so far away in thoughts im sure that coffee is even cold'


I jumped on my chairit was Mandy 

Her: sorry i didn't mean to scare you

Me:its okayi was just thinking so deep(i sipped my coffee which was now ice cold)...what were you saying?

Her: never mind what i was sayingare you okay? you seem troubled?

i looked at her she had the perfect smile with small teeththis woman is down even her husband its like God created them knowing that they would meet because they are perfect for each other.....MR R walked inbefore i could even respond 

Him: nkosikazi


Him: ewe i just walked ndlovu half way homethat man can talk the whole dayim even hungry

I wasn't concentrating on their convo i was in my imagination thinking of how cute it would be to grow old with someone but still love each other madly

Him: Kuhle are you okay? you seem to be thinking deepim not sure if thats healthy

Me:im just thinking about life tatacan i please ask something personal?

Him: go ahead but im not promising to answer you (smiling)

Me: how did you guys manage to stay in love and together for such a long time?

He smiled before he could answer me

Him: thats a story i can not tell you while im standing lets go sit 

I followed to the sitting roomwhile Mandy was busy with pots

Him: Its not an easy road but when you love someone

your love for them becomes bigger than all the problems you face together as long as you are both committed to each otherMandy and i are high school sweethearts but like any other young boy i fooled around first i hurt her a lot i was a lady's manbut no matter how much i hurt her she was always there she didn't give up on useven with the beautiful women i met at varsity and after none of them could compare to heri knew if i wanted to be a family man i'd marry her and start a family with herand i did marry herit was hard cz she was a career woman by then and didn't want anything to do with me but i was patient and here we are today

i didn't know what to saythat was one type of love that you only see in the movies nothing in this world has such a happy ending

Him: im sure you are only asking because you are not sure how an arranged marriage will work?

Me: yes a bit of that but i was just curious 

Him: don't you worry yourselfif your marriage with my son doesn't work out then you will be our daughteryou will be family

 Wow that i didn't expect i thought then if it doesnt work out then im out on the streets but it was something else


i picked my clothes up from the floori can't believe i went against my word

Him: hey you aint no hookerstop sneaking out come back to bed

Me: i cant olwethu my mom might be looking for me right now and we don't want them finding out about this

Him: relax i told them that you are here with meand we are spending the day together away from the folks and their boring talks

That was shockingi didn't believe him though i doubt my mom would be cool about everything

he pulled me back to bed and we started kissinghe played with my niples and sucked them so nicely that i was losing my mindhis fingure was playing with my clitthat took me to cloud nine and i could feel that my juices were coming he stopped and went maftown on methat was the last straw my juices came rushing down he took a towel and wiped me then inserted himself he was a bit big but comfortablehe went for it and i was moaning like crazywe had about 3 rounds before we passed out

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Mr and Mrs R seem like very nice people Lindo "andinamazwi mntanasekhaya"