the long weekend finally arrived and i couldn't wait to go with grams to Mandy's housenothing much happened during the week besides Lindo's abnormal periods but after seeing a doctor she was fine but i dont even know what was wrong with her

Grams: are you ready to go now dear?i dont want us to get there lateim old for that

Me: yes i am done grams lets go

we locked the house and leftit wasn't that long before we reached the Radebe residence

Mandy: welcome ini thought you guys were no longer coming 

Grams: sihlobo i am not like that but you know these kids they take forever to finish getting ready

I just laughed at that

Mandy:(smiling) Kuhle dear lemme show where you will be sleeping so that you can make yourself comfortablewe got to the spare room it was girly and mordern

Her: it was my daughters roomdon't worry shewon't come backshe doesn't live here anymore but we didn't want to change anything in this room

The room was beautiful and cleanit was an en-suitethe Radebes seem to be loaded heyi placed my clothes in the closet the made my way downstairs to the kitchen

My grams and Mandy were having teai took cookies and went to join them

Grams: how is your room dear?

Me: its beautiful grams

it looked as if i had disturbed a serious conversationso i made my way back to my room to watch tvi just watched a seriesEMPIRE it has always been my favorite and i was feeling sleepy when it finishedgrams walked in

 Her: Kuhlecan we talk?

Me: no need to ask grams you know thatgrams has a beautiful smile but now i knew that this was going to be a serious talk

Her: im sure you've seen how sick grams has been neh

Me: (confused) yes grams i know you are sick and its not that bad though

Her:(smiling) i cant really agree with thati have seen how Noma treats you and i wont be around for a very long time to protect youand i wouldn't rest if i had left you in that hell hole

I dont know why grams was talking like a dying person but i was scared

Her: grams has bone cancer and she only has about 6 months to live

Me: what? (teary)...can't you get help grams though?

Her: trust me dear i have been to specialists that money can buy and they all say the same thingthis is God's way no medicine can interfere with that

This was so much to take inwhat am i without grams thoughi was now crying with all the imaginations i had in my  head about my life after grams is goneshe wiped my tears

Her: don't cry my angel

this is life

Me: what will i be without you grams?

Her:wellthat is why i am here nowMandy has a grandson his name is blessing he lives in johannesburghe was overseas for some years i dont know how manyMandy and his husband want to get him a wife so they want you to marry their son

Oh no this is not happening right now

Me:grams i cant marry someone i don't even knowwhat if he has a wife already?

Her:He doesn't have a wife Mandy wouldn't ask this

Me: what if he doesn't like me? love is natural grams thats what you always told mebut now you want me to marry a strangerwhat if he is mentally unstableabuse or a drug addictmarriage is a big step

Her: i know this is big but its the only way you can be free from Noma and also be safeyou will die if you live in that house you will forever be a maid 

Grams was right but still marriage is big for me


I was at sun city with my mom for the weekendthis is the best way to forget about everything that has happened during the weekI was indeed pregnant and the father was my lecture i was bribing him with my body to make pass his module

i was so scared but i told my mom and she told be to get rid of it so i did an illegal abortion thats why i was bleeding so muchthen she took me to adoctor thats when everything became fine

but i am never playing recklessly i almost diedmymom was mingling with people around herewe came with some of her friends and business associates and their families

i was lost in my thoughts that i didn't see OLWETHU infront of memy mom and his are best friends and he is an annoying cheese boy

Him: you seem so far away

Me; i was just lost in my thoughts

Him: care to share

Me: no my thoughts are private

Him: dont lie i know you were day dreaming about medont do that to yourself im right here i can make your dreams come truejust come to my room

Me: geez you are so full of yourselfeven if you were the last man on earth i wouldn't even dream about even if my life depended on it

oh well that was all a lie this guy is out of this worldi wouldn't mind having him rock this booty but i can't be that easy


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Ntutu 2019-02-23 14:50:57

Lindo you had an abortion mh I hope it was safe I hope this arranged marriage is a new chance for you to realise your dreams and he treats you like a queen that you are