I am not a believer so when its a sunday i just stay at homegrams and Okuhle always goi dont even know why she bothersi mean her life is pathetic either wayso there is no God

I was in my bedroom looking at my calendar thats when it hit me that my periods are late by a 2 months

This is not happeningi cant be pregnantwhat will my mom saythink Lindo think


Church was great as alwaysand we were on our way out when Mrs Radebe approached usshe is grams's friend

Mrs R: sanibonani dlamini

Grams: sihlobo sam

they continued catching upMrs R is old but she is stylishshe lives with her husbandi have never seen her sad or rude she is always smiling

She invited us over for lunch at her houseand her house is beautifulMr R was outside we greeted and went in

i just looked around the housethey had pictures of their family but whats weird is that the son seems to be very young to be their child

but who am i to judge

Mrs R: Okuhleyou've grownhow old are you now?

Me: i am 21 years ma

Mrs R: oh dear call me Mandyyou look so much like your mother

i just smiled i din't know what to say after that commenti went to watch tv since they had something serious to discussbut later we leftwe got  home around 16:00 the house was quietgrams said we should sit she wants to tell me somethingnow this sounded serious 

 Her: how did you find Mandy?

Me: she is a cool person gramsi wouldn't mind living with her not that im saying you're bad grams(we laughed at that statement)

Her: (smiling) ai kodwa okuhleuyathanda udlala

Me: but grams you aint bad but some people in this house are badso if i could go away from them once i'd be over the moon

Her: well Mandy asked if you would like to visit her for this coming long weekend

Me: oh! that would be great grams but what about you? who is going to make food for you when im not here? and i doubt mom would allow me to go

Her: okaywe will go together and dont worry about Noma she is going away that weekend and she is taking Lindo with

Pheeewww!!! that is music to my earsi can be free of Noma for once in my life and be a child once more


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Shamiso Guwa 2019-03-08 21:15:28

Translate plizzz

melokuhle mpofu 2019-02-26 00:54:34

superb bt why cant we juc download the full novel

Ntutu 2019-02-23 14:42:32

So Lindo who are you going to blame for your pregnancy? surely not Kuhle well how about that