My grams and i chilled indoors the whole day she was telling me all the funny stories about her youth lifeit was fun being with hershe made me forget about what happened earlier but i just wanted to know more about my mother

Me: Grams tell me how did it happen that both your daughters got married to my dad

Her: Oh dear it wasn't something that i wished it could happenyour mother Jozi got married to your dad first but after 2 years of marriage Jozi couldn't conceive your dad loved her so much he didn't care but his family wanted him to take  a second wifeseeing that your mother suggested that your father marry Noma her sisteryour father was against it but she said it's better that way because she is family so yes it happened.

Me: grams thats deepif she couldn't conceive thenwho is my mother?

Her: oh child dont rush an old woman i was stillgetting to that partafter 6 months Noma managed to fall pregnantyour father was happy even your mom was happy because she knew that her sister's child would be her child toobut Noma hated your sister and started treating your mom like nothingyour father couldn't fight Noma because he didn't want to risk losing his first child

your father couldn't fight Noma because he didn't want to risk losing his first childwhen Noma was about 5 months your mom started being sickher doctor found out she was 3 months pregnant she didnt believe it no one didbut she started showingyou were her miraclebut shehad complications her pregnancy was not funwhen she  was going into labour the doctor said only one of you can survive but Jozi preferred it if the doctors saved so that's how you are here and she is not

I couldn't believe my earsmy mom is my hero she sacrificed her life for meoh how i wish i met you momi was now in my room holding her picture she was beautifulwhy did it have to be like this though

 I prepared for bed because it was already late and my body was still healingand besides tomorrow its sunday i have to go to church


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melokuhle mpofu 2019-02-26 00:57:47

love me regardless...how lit

Ntutu 2019-02-23 14:39:47

Oh I knew it . She is still jealous of your mother but now it's through you

Lolitha 2019-02-14 22:02:27

Kuzolunga nana