My day at work was great I was just on another mood and I wasn't gonna let anything get in my way

Bless came in as I was about to knock off I'm sure he is here to pick me up

Him: Hey can I please have a quotation of all the clothes in this store I wanna buy them all but a specific size

Me: you'll have to come tomorrow sir we are now closed for the day

Him: I'm sure it won't take long

Me: it will take hours please come Monday

Him: Uryt skat?

Me: I am okay

Him: I'm not here to pick you up Lihle said he'll come I was just passing by I'm on my way home

Me: oh (disappointed) 

Him: Jah I'll see you at home in a few hours

Me: cool

That was disappointing he left and we locked no Lisa and she left and I sat and waited for Lihle

I waited for an hour and he was no where to be seen I decided to have a leap of faith and waited a while longer

I got a call from an unregistered number

Me: hello

Voice: I thought you'd be home by now

I could tell from the voice that it was him before he even said that

Me: I will be home

Him: still doing one last round before you come home?

Me: lol don't be crazy I am still waiting for Lihle he hasn't arrived and I tried calling him his phone rang unanswered

Him: try him again and then let me know I can come get you

Me: okay cool

I immediately called Lihle when he hung up it rang and this time he answered or so I thought

Me: babe where are you?

Voice: Lihle is not here right now and why are you calling my fiance babe?

Me: I'm sorry but it's how we usually call each other it's nothing out of the ordinary we are just friends please tell him Hlehle called

Her: okay I will

Background chat

Her: honey someone called Hlehle is on the phone

Him: I will deal with that later just drop the call love and get back to what we were doing

And that how the conversation went before the call ended I can't believe Lihle is doing this to me I think I'd take it from bless because he showed me the kind of person he is from the start as for Lihle this is unlike him

My mood suddenly changed I walked to the mall bought a ticket I didn't care what movie it was I just wanted to sit there and be lost in the dark room with my thoughts


I tried Okuhle again and her phone was off maybe Lihle finally pitched up I guess she switched her phone so that they won't be disturbed as much as I hate that but there is nothing I can do Okuhle is a grown woman she can do whatever he wants

I was bored at home I decided to go to the Mall and just grab a meal and a few drinks at the pub and grill


My husband left early this morning I was back to being alone in the house maybe it's time I get a Learnership and do something about my life

My phone rang it was my mom

Me: ma

Her: baby Unjani?

Me: ngiyaphila ma wena

Her: I'm okay Uphi umkhwenyana?

Me: he is away on a business trip will be back Tuesday

Her: oh come this side then you have a family you can't be alone in that house

Me: okay ma

Her: bring a tub of ice cream it will help

Me: I guess let me pack things then I'll be there in 2 hours

I hung up and took my bag which was already packed I packed this bag for emergency my husband might even chase me out of this house so this bag is for things like that

I looked at the house one more time before I drove off

I was gonna take my time going home maybe take myself out for a meal


Some of you will judge me but hey it's life I am 29 years old I have a son with my fiance

The past 2 months I have been seeing Okuhle that's mainly because me and my fiance were going through a rough patch and I just needed something or someone to cheer me up and Okuhle came along but sadly she had never had sex and she was married and that marriage was more like a sham than a marriage to me I saw how desperately she needed to be loved and I jumped in to the opportunity but this started to get a lil bit serious I just wanted fun but you can't have fun with a virgin and someone who has never been in a relationship

I let my fiance answer the phone because I didn't know how to break up with Okuhle she is too sweet now I know she hates me wherever she is and I wouldn't blame her I'd hate me too

My fiance is Naledi we met when I was her physio she had tried to kill herself but didn't succeed but instead she couldn't walk but after a few months of hard work she finally walked we became very close since then until we became parents to our lovely son Lihle jnr I would never leave Naledi not even for okuhle not because me and her we've been through a lot but because I love her and no woman will ever take her place in my hear


The movie has ended but okuhle has moved an inch and cleaners were cleaning now preparing the cinema for the next movie

Cleaner: sorry baby you have to leave now

That didnt seem to register in her head she only came back to life when the lady shook her and she jumped

Cleaner: Uryt?

Her: No but I'll be fine

Cleaner : why are you crying?

She didn't even realized that she had been crying until the lady mentioned it she wiped her face and attempted to stand

Lady: God doesn't let things happen to you because he is punishing you he knows you can handle it just like when Satan wanted to test Job's faith in the Bible God let him do anything that could possibly move Job's faith he killed his flock of every animal he killed his flock of every animal his children but Job stayed true to his God stay true to God my dear


After that little chat with the lady in the cinema I made my way out I don't know where I was going to go but I found myself at the food court so I bought a milkshakejunk food always has a way to heal a broken heart

I got out and it was dark outside I doubt I'll get a taxi so I just sat down and thought of calling bless to come pick me up at least he is reliable

He answered after a while and it was noisy whever he was

Him: Hlehle

Me: are you busy? 

Him: not really I'm just having a few beers at capellos why? 

Me: can you please come get me and take me home I'm at entrance 4 at the mall

Him: ohhh okay

Me: and bring me a bottle of wine I need it

Him: are you okay skat? 

Me: yeah just hurry 

I ended the call after that I was just so tired of everything I need this wine to help me forget for a few hours till reality kicks in again

He came after a few minutes and he saw how I was and he didn't ask questions he just drove

When we got home I went straight to my room to enjoy my wine I just took of my shoes Jean so that I be comfortable I drank it like it was water Bless just looked at me as he got in

Him: I thought were sharing the bottle 

I gave it to him and he drank

Him: great wine

I didn't care about the greatness I just wanted to be drunk


I looked at Okuhle she really was not okay the way she was drinking its like she wanted to forget something I just let her be and we drank and she was getting drunk

Her: you know man are trash for real do you know that? 

Me: I've heard that

Her: who goes into a relationship with someone else while engaged

Me: but I'm no longer engaged Kuhle I'm gonna be yours alone now

Her: pssshhh I am not talking about your cute ass shut up Lihle was too good to be true but because I wanted love I ignored that and now he is engaged to someone in fact he has been engaged while he was fooling with me Thank God I didn't sleep with him

So she is still pure I wonder what made her lie like that

She started laughing 

Her: Jah I lied to you just to spite you I didn't want you thinking that I have not moved on I wanted to prove to you that even though you rejected me someone else will accept me

I just kissed her before she could even finish she responded so well to the kiss she wanted me soo bad but I know it's not right she is just hurting that's all she wants to numb the pain she started taking my clothes off I let her be and I took hers off I stopped the kiss then opened the blankets we got in she continued kissing me and I was getting turned on she played with my rock hard jnr and that made me moan a bit I couldn't take it anymore I wanted her but in a sober state she got under the blankets before I knew it she was sucking me she didn't know what she was doing but I didn't care atleast she is trying she continued for a while and she was getting a hang of it she sucked the dear life out of me I moved her as my juices were coming I pulled her up and kissed her I lifted her up and made her sit on my chest I just wanted to suck the living daylights out of her I lifted he bum up and pulled her closer to my face and her treasure was there waiting for me and I didn't waste time I went for it sucking her making circles with my tongue while playing with her clit with my thumb she was moaning so loud thank God the rooms are sound proof I sucked her before her juice came I laid her on her back I was enjoying this Inserted my finger she gave a lil moan I finger fucked her she started rubbing her boobs moving her body side ways I played with her clit and that really made her moan a little louder again I continued until she released I got a towel wipes her then we slept we kissed a bit then she dozed off I just looked at her I wish she will always let me so what ever I want so that we can enjoy our sex life

We slept naked like that


I was not very drunk last night I remember everything that me and Bless did he is great at what he does I hope we stay like this I was in the bathroom peeing he knocked

Him: Hlehle are you okay?

Me: I'm fine babe just taking a pee

He opened the door and got in

Me: geez Bless privacy please

Him: what are you really hiding from me? Because last night I ate that punani and you like it

He came closer

Him: I can still taste you in my mouth

He kissed me and stopped after a while

Him: let's take a shower we stink


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