Most of you are wondering why i am such a witch truth is Okuhle intimidates meshe has nothing but her beauty and her brains is something that God blessed her with and i cannot take that away from her so instead i'll take her happiness away at least thats manageable

I just couldnt wait till morning so that my mom can deal with Okuhle 

My mom woke up and Okuhle hasn't prepared breakfast infact she is not even awake

Me: Ma

Her: yes angel

Me: Okuhle hasn't prepared breakfast and im hungry

that made her so angry she went up the stairs shouting 'if this child wants to kill me in my own house i'll kill her before she does'

oh how i enjoy this part of my day i followed up the stairs to watch everything 


I was sleeping so peaceful next to Gramswhen a loud noise woke me up and  i knew there and then that imma get a repeat of yesterday

My mom got in followed by her cheer leader

Her: oh Okuhle umdala ngoku wena? uvuka xa kuthande wenauthi sitya nini

Grams : oh yhini nomarussia khawu yeke umntana alale awonelanga kumbetha izolo

Her: hayi mama uyamtefisa uOkuhleheyyyy wena njakazi vuka uyokwenza ukutyathose pots won't make the breakfast

Me :ewe mamauxolo

Her: uxolo lwakhe lwanceda bani ngenyimini vuka ndingeka phambani

she left after saying thati woke up but my body was not yet awake it was painful but betteri just went on my knees and prayed :God i have cried a river of tears but today all im asking you is to give me strength and grant my mom a caring hearti do not know why she hates me but you do daddy if you are next to God please keep on looking over me and please tell mom that even though I've never met her i know she loved me


I made my way down the stairs to go prepare the breakfast 

a few minutes later i was donejust when i was about to go call mom she was on her way down followed by Lindothey were dressed up

Me:ma breakfast is ready

Her: jeez Okuhle save your energy we are going to eat outyou can eat it i don't careyou just wasted my food

Me: hawu mawhy didn't you tell melet me quickly go and bath

Lindo: oh no dear you are not going anywhere its just memom and gramslook at yourself and look at usyou're going to embarrass us

i didn't believe my earsi looked at my mom she just undermined meGrams said she is not going mom and her daughter can leaveso they left


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Ntutu 2019-02-23 14:31:46

Hayi nomaRussia sukuyenza lento uyenzayo maan Lindo one day girl mark my words

Tabane 2019-02-16 10:59:44

I stopped reading, the Zulu no translation missing spaces between words.. I'm not a writer I would think the writer will consider other readers who can't understand their language.