It has been almost 2 months now and I must say I was enjoying spending time with Lihle he was just great he didn't rush me on anything we just kissed a lot Mandy was happy for me and Mr R was also happy that I am moving on from everything that happened between me and Bless

I don't know how things are going to be now since he is coming back today I wish I was able to change time so that I can fast forward to him going back to Jozi it was now 16:30 and Lihle was already here waiting for me to knock off

He like doing this unless he is knocking off late and I have offered to help him with petrol but he refuses to accept money from me

When the clock finally hit 17:00 I started packing together with Lisa

Lisa was now my partner Esther was no longer interested in the business so I bought some of her share and Lisa bought what was left so basically I am the major shareholder here

We said our goodbyes

Him: how was work today?

Me: tiring as always I hate returns because customers tend to be difficult

Him: you'll be okay so next month you are starting with your course how does that feel?

Me: I can't wait to learn all that I don't know own about fashion

Him: and tell any boy who comes next to you I'll kill him

Me: Mxm you are crazy you want me to be isolated

Him: no you can talk to girls only

Me: lol that sounds crazy still

He was taking me home so that later we can go out for movies but the rule is I have to be home no later than 23:00

He stopped at the gate there was a car in the driveway

Him: and who's beast is that?

Me: my husband I think

Him: lol good luck on playing wifey

Me: Mxm I won't do that

Him: let's cancel our date tonight so that yall can talk

Me: we are not canceling anything I'm not gonna jump when he says I should 19:00 you must be here I got off and went straight to the house I didn't even kiss him the though of Bless being home made me angry and I was taking it out on the wrong person

I got in Dorris was in the kitchen finishing off supper

Her: your husband is home

Me: I can see

Her: come on now don't look sad child

Me: I'm not really sad I just don't like it when he is around

Her: date night?

Me: yeah let me go and greet and not be rude

I headed for the lounge Mom and dad were being lovey dovey

Me: Geez mom

Them: what?

Me: get a room guys

Mom: get a husband

Me: I already have one

Dad:lol you call my son a husband psshhhh get out here


And there was my ever so handsome husband

Him: hello wife

Me: sister you mean

Him: as long as you came to my home as my bride you will always be my wife

Me: Mxm hello and bye

I went straight to my roomI wanted to take a shower and get out of here I finished showering when I got out of the shower Bless was sitting on my bed

Me: are you lost?

Him: I'm just here to check up on you and catch up on what's been going on with you

Me: oh can we do that tomorrow I am going somewhere right now

Him: I can take you whoever you are going then we can catch up on the way

Me: someone will be picking me up

Him: someone? Is it a guy or a girl?

Me: wouldn't you like to know

Him: I'm just making a conversation don't get ahead of yourself

Me: please get out I need to get dressed

Him: Mxm I'm not going anywhere and if you want to be ready for your date you'll start dressing

With that said I dropped the towel and started lotioning my body I wore my G-string and bra he looked at me

Him: we being sexy now

Me: I am always sexy especially for my man

Him: so now you have a man does he give you good dick?

Me: it's amazing if I knew that sex was this great I would've had it a long time ago

That was a lie straight up and he wasn't taking it well I could tell from his facial expression

He went out while I finished dressing and I was right on time because Lihle called saying he was outside I went downstairs and he got in Bless was sitting looking at me he was boiling

Lihle: MA ninjani?

Mom: ngiyaphila my child wena?

Lihle: I'm okay I'm here to pick up Kuhle

Mom: and you know the rules

Them: not late than eleven

Me: Geez did yall have to do that?

Mom: lol it just happened

Bless: eleven is very late for a girl bring back my wife at nine exactly 1 minute late you'll regret it

I looked at him

Mom: Sbu!

Him: I even being generous she shouldn't be going anywhere

Me: thanks I'll be back at exactly nine then let's go babe bye ma

Mom: bye baby

Lihle and I left we were in his car he was driving to the mall so that we can just grab a bite

Him: your husband is strict

Me: Mxm he wants to control everything and anything in his eyes

Him: I don't wanna die ey

Me: why would you die?

Him: your husband was very angry

Me: can we just not talk about him tonight


What Okuhle was doing made so angry and I wasn't going to bed until she comes back and if she later than 9 she is never going anywhere I can't believe my parents let her do all of this

Maybe I am being unfair but I just can't stand to see her with someone else I wanna be the one to make her smile and laugh not anyone else

I heard a car pull up I checked the time and it was 21:05

She is late I waited she got in after 10 minutes smiling and all that but her smile vanished as soon as her eyes landed on me she looked so bored and if she could she would fly to her room

Her: I'm sorry I'm 15 minutes late

Me: it cool can we please talk

Her: ai Bless can you just let me be you don't see me be all up in your face can I just go to bed?

Me: did that boy fuck you till you got tired?

Her: yes and I wish he didn't stop

She knew this was getting to me the smirk on her face said it all

Me: I'll leave you alone after tonight Kuhle please

Her: Yhoo ai bless I just wanna sleep

Me: we can talk while you are in bed

Her: geez you are such a nuisance fine

We walked to her bedroom she took off her clothes and got in bed damn she was sexy

Her: let's talk then I have work tomorrow

Me: I know I have been unfair to you I treated you   like dirtlooked down on you I let money be the definition of my standard I thought all the bling was everything but I was wrong you've shown me a different side of life you showed me that you can be happy with the little you have I grew to love you and seeing you be with someone else made me angry but I wish you can give me a chance give us a chance and if our marriage doesn't work then I'll let you go

She looked at me

Her: and you wanna try now when I have finally moved on from you when I am finally happy if you said this 2 months ago maybe it would be different but now I have moved on

Me: can you please think about it at least

Her: I'll try

Me: That's betterI have some movies we can watch just to make up for spoiling your date night

Her: there are no pop corns Mos

Me: I bought the Jumpin Jack are they okay?

Her: they are popcorns mos

Me: sorry

I got my laptop from my room and the snacks

Me: can I get in bed with you

Her: cool but no funny business

I took of my jeans and got in I was just in my briefs

She chose a chickflick #Everything everything

It was a great movie but she passed out before we finished it so I stopped it and just cuddled her that's how my first night with my wife went


OK wethu was very distant some nights he wouldn't come home or even the whole weekend he never touched me since that rough night 2 months ago

He came in he went to shower first before he goes to bed that is his routine when he comes home

Him: I am going away on a business trip I leave tomorrow morning I'll be back Tuesday afternoon 

I don't see why he has to lie I figure it out a while ago that he is cheating

I just pretended to be asleep and not say anything what can I really say about this

I've told my mom about this but because of how perfect she wants me to be she said I should just stay in my marital home going back will bring disgrace to the family and make her seem like a bad mother

I hope she will be happy when I die in this house because when my dear husband feels like throwing fists I am his punching bag


I woke up in the middle of the night I needed the bathroom I was shocked to see Bless in my bed

I think my moving woke him up

Him: are you okay?

Me: I'm fine I just want to go and pee

I went to pee and came back he was still awake

Me: why don't you go back to your room what will your parents say when they see you walking out of here in the morning

Him: I don't know

Me: please leave

He didn't argue with me he got up and took his things sharing a bed with him doesn't feel right especially since I have someone in my life

Him: I'm really sorry Okuhle for everything I did to you you bow have so wonderful in your life because I failed to be a man enough to be your husband I'm also sorry about how we left things the last time I was here I should have never raised my hand on you I hope one day you'll forgive me

He made his way out and I was left there with my eyes openI don't know what happened to him because what he is doing now doesn't suit him he has always been proud and full of himself this man that he is I do that know him but what do I even know own about him besides what I've seen

I must've slept after doing all that thinking because u heard him wake me up and his voice sounded soo far

Him: Kuhle wake up you are going to be late

Me: 5 more minutes

Him: Lihle will be here in 30 minutes wake up

Me: what time is it

Him: 7:30and you must be ready by 8 cz you must be at work at 9

Me: and you know all of this?

Him: I notice things

It's no use dragging my feet I went to the bathroom to take a shower

When I got out he was on the phone

Him: she is in the shower it's cool I'll let her now it's fine I'll drive her there cool

Me: you are now my PA

Him: it kept ringing so I decided to help you

Me: who was that?

Him: Lihle he says he won't be able to come anymore he has to go to the hospital right now but he will pick you up later

Me: Ohk thanks let me hurry then I have to catch a taxi

Him: I'll take you to work don't worry

I dropped my towel to lotion my body

Him: do you really have to do that

Me: you were fine yesterday why are you complaining now?

Him: yesterday I was prepared for it but now I'm not and I'm already paralyzed I can't go out what if I bump into my mom in the passage

Me: sit and watch then

Him: let me lotion your back at least

Me: now you are pushing it

Him: it's just your back Kuhle

Me: fine

He started lotioning my back and his hands were so soft he was rubbing my back sexually because my body started feeling a bit warm

I turned around to stop him but instead he pinned me to the wall and gave me a breathtaking kiss

Lihle can kiss but a kiss with Bless was different

My body was betraying me we were now breathing so heavily he sat me on the dresser and parted my legs he played with my clit and that made me moanin between the kiss he sucked my nipples and that made me more he stopped

Him: let me lock the door

He locked the door I don't know what was going to happen right now but I didn't want him to stop

He stood me to the bed

Started planting wet kisses on my thighs he was taking me to other planets but I just realized we might have sex and that scares me

Me: Bless wait

Him: what's wrong?

He was still playing with my clit and that was making me wet

Me: I'm scared

Him: we won't go that far just relax

I relaxed he continued with his wet kisses until I felt his tongue on my vjay jay

That kinda freaked me out

Him: relax babe

He continued and my body was relaxing his tongues was doing this to me I was now pushing him in more I didn't want him to stop and he noticed that and continued with what he was doing he sucked me till I felt my body tense up he inserted his finger but it didn't bother me I just moaned and moaned till I felt my self relaxing

He stopped and looked at me

Him: and now you are very late for work

I couldn't say anything I just layer there to let this feeling flow through my body he took a towel and wiped me

Him: let me go brush my teeth

He used my bathroom

I woke up so that I can get dressed and my body was feeling so light and relaxed he came back

Him: ill be waiting in the car

I just couldn't hold my self I just kissed him I just wanted more of him but he stopped me

Me: and then?

Him: we can't go further babe

Me: you started this

Him : I know but I respect your relationship

Me: you didn't respect it when you deepen your tongue in me

Him: I know but penetrating would be betraying Lihle and I don't want you to regret that

I didn't wanna hear anything now I kissed him again and that was it we just kissed that's all he was done for the day

I finished dressing then we left

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