I stayed in the same position the whole day until my dear husband came back

Him: are you ready to talk?

Me: what do you really want me to say

Him: I already know that you had an abortion you did it illegally and then your mom took you to a doctor when things got bad now tell me am I lying?

I just couldn't answer him I was somehow shocked how did he find out all of this

He took a whip I looked at him and all I could see in his eyes was coldness

Him: today I will never have kids because of you

He started whipping me which every whip I felt some itchiness

Him: you can't cook can't clean and now you can't do the only thing that makes you a woman what am I to do with you

Every word was followed by a whip

I was now crying

Me: babe Im sorry I didn't know it was going to affect our future please forgive me I did what I thought was right

Him: why didn't you do it legally then?

Me: I didn't want it to be on medical records

He stopped hitting me and untied me my wrists had marks and my ankles too my back hurt a lot

I quickly went up before he changes his mind I took my gown and wore it while I ran myself a bath with salts that's what I need

He came in

Him: make sure that basement is clean tomorrow and that bed is dry

I just nodded then went to soak myself in a warm bath

I really don't know how my life got so messed up so quickly we are only married for a year but here I am today nursing my wounded body here I am today being a victim of abuse the man who took vows in front of our families God and our enemies today he is the man I am scared of he is the man hurting me today

Why did I do that abortion the way I did it? But there is nothing I can do now I must just make sure I finish my studies atleast this year is my last year


I wish Lindo became honest about her past before I even got attached to the idea of being a father atleast if I had known that there was a possibility of not having kids I would have accepted that either and what made me angry the most was how she looked at me and lied to my face how she insulted the doctors intelligence

Her: wanna talk about it?

Me: I don't come here to talk just be quiet

Her : sorry

I flipped her over took it any how I wanted to

Here is a thing I like about Thando she will never say no to me because she will have to kiss her studies goodbye whether I want it rough or hard she just gives it to me she never screams she takes it all in

Her: are we not using protection tonight?

Me: we are not and you will not drink any pills now I want you to make me a father

Her: can we at least make it a memorable experience atleast

I looked at her and stopped

Me: will you make me a father?

Her: you know I'd do anything for you babe as long as you do right by me

Me: I'm sorry for being rough

Her: come on don't stress it I get that it was one of those days

Me: are you sure you want the baby?

Her: I am about to graduate because of you you have made me who I am so I will make you a father too at least I owe you that much

Me: can we start over

Her: yeah sure

With that said I laid her down on her back started kissing her while playing with her nipples I could tell her mood was becoming elevated I went on to play with her clitI rubbed it softly she was moaning through out

I muffed her she moaned so hard screaming my name I stopped right on time before her juices came she was soo nice and wet

I made love to her tonight and it was better than all the rough sex we used to haveI didn't wanna stop but my juices betrayed me and came

I laid on top of her while she played with my hair

Me:I love you Thando


I didn't want to leave home but looking at Okuhle being in that state she is in I can't help but feel guilty and angry at myself

I have fallen in love with Okuhle but my pride still doesn't want to settle for her I got used to all the blind I don't know ow how I would adjust to Okuhle's lifestyle

There is nothing wrong with her style

I got used to all the blind I don't know ow how I would adjust to Okuhle's lifestyle

There is nothing wrong with her style just that I want my woman to have anything she wants and I don't know what Okuhle wants

"Call her man"

I must've been lost in my thoughts that I didn't hear Andre make his way in

Me: call who?

Him: the girl who's got you thinking so deep

Me: nah man there is no girl after Tasha I don't think I'll play around women anytime soon

Him: what really went down?

Me: my parents got me a wifeI went to introduce Tasha to them and they said if she won't be my wife then they will keep her as their daughter so to Tasha she was my sister one night I kissed her everything that could happen would've happened

A few weeks later Tasha heard me telling my mom that I kissed my "wife" Who she knows as my sister at the end she stabbed me and my wife and then came here tarnished my name

Him: dude you are married?

Me: traditionally yes

Him: is she hot though?

Me: she is man she is natural not your typical Jozi girls I've never seen her wear make up she has a big ass a figure and that ass has never been tapped

Him: look at you smiling you've been whipped trust me on that

Me: I don't know man when I left home things were not okay between me and her and she'll probably get a boyfriend and who ever that dog will be he will be fucking my wife

Him: then what are you waiting for man tap it first

Me: I don't know dawg

Him: at man let me leave you but just know you'll regret seeing her happy with someone else when you know very well that you love her just give it a try before you give up

Him: I'll see

Andre left and u was back to my thoughts again thinking about okuhle being with someone else was scary


Mandy came with a physio today and our session was going really good slowly but surely I'll be able to walk without getting tired or feeling a bit of pain on my legs

Me: I think we've done enough for today

Him: if you feel you've had enough then we will stop since I have an hour left why don't I give  you a massage it will help a lot

Me: are your hands magical?

Him: I let you be the judge let me get some warm water with salts and then we will get started

My physio is a guy his name is Lihlehe is very cute and friendly and to be honest our first day  was not as awkward as i thought it would be

Him: you can't be locked up in this house forever you must train your legs to get used to walking again but it won't take long to then

Me: I'll try to get out

Him: I can take you out for some coffee

Me: nah I think what I can do is to go check on the botique

Him: as long as you won't strain yourself

Me: I'll try not to

Him: you can take my number just in case you hurt yourself I can come heal you with my hands

I was smiling

Me: I might take you up on that offer because your hands are doing magic to my feet and legs

Him: lol but we have to stop the magic now get ready then I can drop you off at your workplace

I got my comfortable shoes my bag and my crutches I'm going to use them today

We left and he dropped me off at the boutique

It looked a bit busy I got in Lisa was with a customer

Her: doll we've missed you how are you feeling?

Me: I'm getting there

Her: I'm glad you are back let me get you a chair from the back so that you can rest when you get tired

Me: I think I'll be at the counter today

Her: cool then

I sat behind the counter 

I can't wait till I can get back to my life fully I hate not doing anything and just sitting in the house all day

It was now lunch time and I didn't know if I'll be able to go buy lunch so I let Lisa go first when she comes back I'll go too

'' I hope you haven't had lunch"

I turned my chair around Lihle was standing there

Me: and then what are you doing here? 

Him: to take you out for lunch and a walk

Me: owh I can't go now my colleague went I'll go after her  

Him: then we'll wait for her to come back

Me: Ohk but don't you have patients to attend to

Him: stop trying to get rid of me because you won't succeed 

I don't know but I just let him  and he did take me out 

we just bought hot dogs and I took it with coffee and then we took a walk around it was fun Lihle is very funny and crazy

He told me he has a son with a ceazy baby mama

Me: how is she crazy?

Him: it's like she always wants to make me suffer if I'm happy she tries by all means to kill my vibe this other time I posted a picture when I was at some party with my friends and some of my colleagues she saw the picture and decided to come dump the baby on me the following day and I had a terrible hangover she didn't bring anything for my son to eat no clothes to change nothing imagine that then

I laughed who does that and besides Lihle looks. Like a cool guy so to have been with a girl that crazy its scary

Him: what about you? What can you tell me about yourself?

Me: well I am traditionally married to a guy it was an arranged marriage

Him: people still do that?

Me: I did it so I guess your answer is yes

Him : I'm not judging hey

Me: it's cool I'd judge me too if I had to look at myself as someone else

Him: so where is your husband now? 

Me: he is in Jhb works there as a heart surgeon 

Him: yall live apart? 

Me: it didn't work out so his parents took me in as their daughter because he came back with a fiance who stabbed me and that's how I ended up being like this

Him: and here I was thinking that my life was messed up yours sound sounds too dramatic 

Me: yeah well it was but now I just want to move on and live my life

Him: can I move on with you? 

Me: Mxm stop being crazy I am tired now can we sit

Him: you have to get back to work and I have a patient in 20 minutes

Me: I can't walk back I must rest first 

Him: I'll carry you on my back then

I looked at him and he was serious 

And he did carry me on his back and took me back to work to be honest I was loving the attention that he was giving me I have never had someone be there for me since grams and my father died

Maybe this might just be the best thing to happen to me right now


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Ntutu 2019-02-23 22:55:07

Yhu Lindo sisi i feel for you. Thando is gonna give your husband a child shu Bless stop being stubborn and go claim your wife or else Lihle is already waiting in the wings to take your place