My stay at the hospital lasted a week Bless came everyday I got back the use of my legs but I couldn't stand for a very long time so I was on a wheelchair for some time Bless helped me which makes me wonder cz it's been months now shouldn't he go back to Jozi

I looked at him

Him: what's on your mind?

Me: when are you going back to Jozi?

Him: tired of me already?

Me: no what about your work and house?

Him: Tasha ruined my name in Jozi I'm kinda letting the dust settle down but in a month I might go back my house will be full of dust and I don't want those cleaners to steal

Me: ohhh!!

Now that he says he's leaving I don't know ey I was getting used to him

Me: you know I heard everything while I was in a come

He looked at me then focused on the road

Him: I'm a doctor I know you heard me that was the whole point

Me: oh did you mean everything you said?

Him: can we not talk about what I said?

Me: I just wanted to know

Him: I didn't mean anything I was just feeling guilty that it was my fiance who put you in that bed

Wow what a sudden change

Me: don't feel guilty and besides I don't hold grudges

Him: good for you I'm sorry you got caught up in a cross fire

Me: I'm sorry you lost your fiance and your good reputation

I stared out of the window after that this was pissing me off how can he lead me on and then boom he doesn't seem interested I had already shut the door to my heart and he opened it with his kiss and his words while I was lying half dead in a hospital bed

Mxm so typical of him


Things between me and Olwethu were really not good he was giving me the silent treatment and it hurt a lot i doubt I'll ever tell him the truth if he acts like this now what will happen when I tell him about me maybe he'll divorce me I'll no longer be his perfect wife I was wearing r my sexy lingerie I mean the only way I can get him to talk to me is to rock his world tonight

I was in our room waiting cz I heard his car pull up

I laid in bed exposing my thighs and cleavage

He got in and looked at me

He just looked at me blankly I couldn't tell whether he liked what he was seeing

Him: and then wena? Zikhiphani?

Me: tonight I am whoever you want me to be

Him:owh what is that suppose to mean?

Me: tonight I'm not your perfect wife I am whoever you want me to be I'm all yours

He looked at me and laughed

Him: strip then

I looked at him not understanding

Him: tonight you'll be my whore no rules I am gonna do what ever I want with you

He sat on the chair

I started to strip I was now naked completely

Him: there is a box in my closet take it out

I did as told I was kind of regretting this now

Him: let's go to my play room in the basement

Me: play room what for? We usually have sex here mos

Him: I thought you said you'll be whoever I want you to be stop wasting my time

I didn't want to make him angry my plan is for him to be cool and stop asking me questions

We went to the basementwhat I saw there made me shiver if you know Fifty shades of Grey this room is exactly that

I looked around I was going to be whipped right now

Him: cuff yourself to the bed

The bed was specially made it had a place to cuff yourself

I did as I was told

Him: cuff yourself to the bed and lie on your tummy I wanna take it from the back now

I laid and he entered me so roughly I screamed

Him: tonight your name is Thando and don't scream it's a turn off

I kept quiet and he had his way with me every time when he was about to come he would stop go drink some water the come back and when he finally came he pulled out he didn't want to make me very wet

He whipped me separated my legs and tied them on the bed I was even regretting everything I said right now because the man that was here with me was not my husband 

When he was done he just placed a blanket over me while I was still tied like that imagine not being able to turn being tied from corner to corner by you leg I wanted to pee so bad but there was no one to help me I just peed on the bed and my vjay-jay was hot from all that fucking

Because he did fuck me like a whore and I had to keep it all in


I was in my room trying to walk around the faster I get my legs to carry me the better

After walking around I sat on the bed I just didn't want to see Bless so I was just gonna keep myself locked up in here

Mandy made her way in

Her: and then why are you are prisoner all of a sudden?

Me: I just don't feel like being around people

Her: what did you guys fight about?

Me: me and who?

Her: you know who? I know about the kiss what did it mean to you?

Me: maybe it meant something then but not anymore your son is just impossible

Her: does this mean there is a chance for you guys?

Me: nah there is no chance

Her: and that guy that made you smile?

Me: there was no guy it was all Bless

Her: owh so what are you gonna do?

Me: nothing

Her: well he says he is leaving tomorrow there is nothing for him here

Me: good for him

Her: stop being like that

Bless came in it's like he was already at the door

Him: I didn't know that I was such a bore to a point that someone would be happy to see me leave and you know what I'll make you even happier and you know what I'll make you even happier I'm leaving right now bye MA I'll see you when you visit me in jozi

Ma: Bless don't be like this

Him: be like what ma? I never wanted a wife yall got me one and now I have to go and clean up the mess that you guys created I'm now known as the man who fucks her sister who is not even my sister

I just looked at him without saying anything and I knew if I got angry that would make him happy so I just kept quiet and let him be

Mandy tried to convince him otherwise but I was just happy that his mind was made up about leaving I just wanna move on and forget about him he is starting to become a disease in my life

Me: safe travels lovely brother

He loomed at me and I had the biggest fake smile in my face

Mandy: hawu Okuhle how can you say that?

Me: why should we beg Bless to stay he is a grown man if he wants to leave the he should leave we were fine without him and we will be fine after him just do us all a favour make it fast

He looked at me like he didn't believe I just said that I was just angry

Me: I am not going to beg you to love me I begged my mom for her love and I got no where but here if you don't want me fine I'm sure there are people who are man enough not to lead a woman and then turn their back on them there are man who will love to have me as their wife and I am not going to sit around here and waste my time begging for your love

He gave me the hottest slap that no one has ever given me I almost fell from the bed

I looked at him not believing my eyes but my cheek was a witness

Mandy looked at him

Her: I did not raise a woman abuser get out

Him: no ma I am not going to let okuhle tell me I am not man enough I am not going to let her talk to me any how I am her husband and she should respect that

Me: you are my husband only when it suits you we're you my husband when you said I will never be your wife we will never be together we're you being my husband then? When I was praying I get a man and be happy? I am suppose to wish all that from you not from somewhere else so don't you dare wife me when it suits you

He looked at me one last time before he went out  after a few minutes we heard his car driving off what a man he is running away when things get hot

Mxm I just want to get over this little crush so that my life can get back to normal he didn't even stay a year and it was already chaotic

I got in bed because I didn't feel like doing anything after that

Mandy saw herself out I think she also didn't believe her eyes and ears

But I am glad I spoke my heart out I am tired of people doing as they please around me I am not going to beg anyone to be in my life if they don't want to be they must just fuck off I wasn't even going to pray tonight how can I talk to God when my heart carries so much anger I don't when  I slept but I did eventually


Olwethu came down again

Him: you even peed on the bed you'll be washing that and you must make sure that bed is dry I don't care whether you use your mouth to dry it but just dry it because I will be using it tonight

Me: please untie me

Him: the only time I will untie you is when you tell me the truth about what really happened to your womb

Me: but love I already told you everything

Him: when you look at me you see a fool neh? Didnt you fuck your lecture and got pregnant

Me: I was never pregnant

He removed the blanket and poured cold water on me the was had ice and it was freaking cold

Me: babe please I told you everything

Him: everything? Really Lindo? You are going to look me in the eyes and lie like that I am going to work now I hope you get your thoughts and answers straight because I am not playing

Me: please untie me

Him: you know what to do for you to be untied

Me: babe please it's me your wife

Him: and who is my wife? Because it don't seem like I know you at all you would even kill me so no you are not my wife I am still yet to have yet to have a wife because you are not even close to that

After that he left after a few minutes I could hear the air conditioner running and it was blowing cold air on my already cold body

I just laid there and cried my back was killing me my arms were hurting I was cold the bed was wet

God only can save me now now I know how Okuhle felt when my mom woke her up with cold water

Karma is coming back for me and it is doubled

And here there is no mom I am all alone we were in this together but I am the one who will never have kids I did all that I did because I wanted to maintain and be the person that she told people that I am I wanted to continue being perfect

But was it all worth it?


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