2 weeks later


Her: when are we going back to Jhb?

Me: I told you I took a leave for whole December and tomorrow is Christmas day I just wanna enjoy it with family

Her: well I'm flying to Jhb then because I have a gig

Me: owh okay

It didn't bother me at all that she was leaving I don't know why but there was a sudden change in me

Her: and don't forget that I'm going for my breast implants next month and you must pay for the operation a week earlier than the operation date

Me: your boobs are fine just like that

Her: I don't feel they are

Me: oh what other surgery do you have to do?

Her: maybe face lifting I still have to talk to my surgeon about it

I just looked at her this woman is too fake for my liking now Okuhle showed me how much money doesn't define you and all the things we own included I used to think dating someone who likes expensive things made me a man because I would afford them I thought taking care of my woman made me a man more than I was

This is  3rd plastic surgery that Tasha is having and she is also did some skin lightening she is more yellow than when I met her before

Aii talking about Okuhle she has been avoiding me a lot it's either she leaves early for work and when she gets back she is in her room

Mayne I shouldn't have kissed her that's a thought I have but doing it felt right in every way

I'm just gonna let her be

I left Tasha packing her things and went downstairs I heard my mom and Okuhle talking in the kitchen I stood in the passage to eavesdrop

Ma: so baby when are we meeting this guy that makes you smile everyday?

Okuhle has a guy why don't I know about that

Her: it's too early for family meetings mom I'm just gonna wait and see where it goes

Ma: I'm glad you are finally living your lifeeven though I really wanted my son to marry you but it seems like God has other plans

Her: I'm over that ma it was never meant to be

Ma: So is he good looking? 

I can't believe my mom is entertaining this I got in they both kept quiet I was so pissed but I managed to keep my cool

Me: don't be quiet on my account

Ma: Aii we were just talking girl's things I'm sure you wouldn't want to know

Me: I'm very much interested in hearing that

Okuhle: Ma I left my phone on my room let me go and get it

She left she is running away again

Mom: are you going to help me? Since you chased Okuhle away

Me: I didn't do that so I overheard her saying she has moved on

Mom: yes baby I'm so happy for her that poor child can finally have peace

Me: but the rest of the family knows her as my wife and she is my wife traditionally how will it seem if she gets a boyfriend and our family finds out

Mom: what happens in my house is none of anyone's business

Me: she is my wife ma Okuhle is my wife she should respect that

Mom: why the sudden change of heart 

Me: we kissed many and it was everything I never imagined I think I like her

I got so angry my mom looked behind me I also turned

Tasha was standing there with her eyes wide open

Tasha: your sister is your wife? 

Me: she is not my sister babe I can explain

Her: explain what? That you are screwing your sister? 

She was shouting and I dint even know how I was gonna calm her down

Okuhle came in I'm sure the noise invited her

Tasha jumped for her and I knew we this was trouble she was hitting and cursing Okuhle I tried to get in between them because okuhle was also fighting back Tasha grabbed a knife that was on the table before I knew it she stabbed Okuhle right on her tummy

I tried getting her off but she stabbed me on my chest

I just stepped back wards till I was against the wall my mom was now crying Okuhle was just still not moving the was so much blood that's all I remember before I blacked out


Doc: sorry to keep you guys waiting I was in theatre hectic operation 

Me:it's okay doc

Olwethu: so doctor do you have news for us

Doc: yes

Me: what's happening 

Doc: your womb seems to be scared

Olwethu: what caused that? 

Doc: there are a lot of things that causes it but mainly it could be and illegal abortion or a pregnancy complication

Abortion abortion abortion that's all that I heard after that I heard nothing else my head was just all over the place I felt dizzy I felt a headache


Olwethu shook me

Him: babe 

Me: huh? 

Doc: have you ever had an abortion before? 

I looked at Olwethu and I could tell he was waiting for my answer I looked at the doctor

Me: No.. I shook my head repeatedly while saying that

Doc: are you sure? 

Me: wouldn't I know what I have done before in my life? What are you trying to insinuate doc? 

Doc: nothing but it's not possible that you can just have a scared womb with no medical complications or reasons

I looked at Olwethu

Me: it's seems like the doctor has someone else's results let's go love

Him: seriously?... Doc will she ever be able to conceive

Doc: I can't really say but I'm most cases it's a matter of a never

Him: no medication can help or a surgery? 

Doc: I'm afraid not but just let her regain her strength and then we can check her again but by the look of things it's not looking good

I just sat there all quiet getting lost in my thoughts Olwethu and the doctor were talking non stop so I just stood up and left 

Now I don't know what to do here comes my boom now I'll never have kids I killed the only child I could've possibly had I didn't know how I was gonna get over this I got inside the car and just let it all out I just cried thinking about all that pin I went through only to find out that it has scared me for the rest of my life

Olwethu made his way in I wiped my tears and quickly looked away

Him: I'm sure there is something the doctors can do

Me: hopefully

I was just not in the mood anymore I just wanted to go home and sleep

He tried to cheer me up but it wasn't working 


This is one place I'll never forget 

Voice: you seem to be a frequent visitor here

I turned around my dad was standing there

Him: go back baby I don't ever want to see you here unless it's time for you to be here

I heard voices specifically I heard Bless's voice

Him: Kuhle I know we don't know each other that much but you can't die now when I'm starting to see a future with you maybe you won't believe me or I'm the last person you'd want to hear from but please come back at least do it for mom if not for me and I promise I'll leave you alone I'm sorry that I'm the reason you are here I just hope you'll find someone else to make you happy

I turned to look at my dad

Dad: go on now baby open your eyes

I tried opening my eyes but it was just too hard

Try again baby you can do it

I tried and tried 

Bless: Kuhle

My eyes just didn't want to open and I was getting tired

Bless: Doc Doc nurse somebody help

After a long struggle of finally opening ed my eyes my vision was a bit blurry so I just kept on blinking and the light was too bright I looked on my side Bless was sitting here his eyes were red and puffy 

He smiled

Him: Kuhle

Me: what happened? 

Him: we will talk about that I'm just glad you are awake 

Me: how long have I been out

Him: 4 months today

Me:what that can't be right

I tried to move but my abdomen felt a bit sore I touched when the pain was arising from I felt like I was stitched there and the I remembered the fight with Tasha and her stabbing me and Bless 

Him: I'm okay besides my reputation being ruined by Tasha 

Me: what do you mean? 

Him: she told the newspapers about us so now everyone thinks I'm fucking my sister 

I looked at him

Him: I waited for you to wake up before I can reply because now she talking about how bad I was to her on social media I can't believe that she did this to me after all the millions I spent on her and she want to sue me for promising to marry her which means I wasted her time

Wow I can't believe that Tasha did this

Him: anyways just focus on getting better

Me: I'll try but my legs feel numb it's like they are not there


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