Time was going fast and I didn't want to go home just yet I think Bless and Tasha are starting to bore me now after Lisa and I closed the shop at 5 I went to wimpy got myself something to eat the less I see of Bless the better I think I'm fine being his sister and not his wife but then again I can't sit here all night I must go home at some point

I was in a taxi when Mandy called

Her: Hlehle where are you? It's not safe for you to be out there at this time

I checked the time it was 19:30

Me: I'm on my way I'm in a taxi now

Her: okay I'll come get you at the gate

Me: no it's fine nothing will happen we live in a safe gated community Ma

Her: why does it seem like you are avoiding coming home?

Me: I'm not and besides where would I go?

Her: I don't know baby yall don't even tell us when you have boyfriends

Me: it's only been a day since I found out I'm no longer going to your son's wife where could I possibly get a boyfriend at such a short amount of time

Her: I didn't mean to offend you baby I'm just trying to tell you that now you can live your life since my son is living his you no longer have to wait for him

I was about to get off and I was not in the mood of talking about all of this

Me: MA I'm about to get off now bye

Her: bye

After that call I hung up and I was planning on strolling just to clear my head I can't take this anymore yes me and Bless were not in a relationship but his family sold me a dream and I lived it and now I have to suddenly block out all my emotions

I felt my cheek being cold that's when I realized that I was crying I just sat down and cried I was not only crying for Bless but for all the things my mom did to me came it all came flooding because now I was starting to believe her words when she said no one will ever love me I'm useless ugly and all that even bless said it in my face he didn't even sugar coat it and today I was so embarrassed I just sat there and cried


I was in my room just sitting on the bed Tasha was fixing herself in the mirror I don't even see why she does that I mean we are sleeping

Come to think of it I do not know her real skin without make up

I looked at her

Her: it's rude to stare

Me: why can't you be natural for once in you life we are sleeping now but you are all up in the mirror paint yourself

Her: you've never had a problem with this before? Why now?

Me: I'm just asking

Her: natural is not for me darling

I just looked at her I wonder if we will ever have a family one day

I looked at her

Her: what now?

Me: will we ever have a family

Her: what do you mean?

Me: when are you planning on having kids

Her:I will never have kids ever in my life being a mom and all that is not for me

Me: what do you mean never?

Her: I mean just that

Me: what if you fall pregnant now

Her: oh dear that will never happen I removed my womb because of that and I donated my eggs a long time ago

Wow I didn't believe this I'm engaged to marry this person and I don't even know that part about her life what's the use of getting married if it's not to grow old together and start a family I don't want to die alone and looking at her she might take me to a home so that she can get on with her life

She got in bed

Me: I'm going out for some air

She didn't answer so I left

My mom was in the dining room

Me: MA why are you still up at this time it was now 21:00

Her: Kuhle is not back I'm waiting for her to come back

That is so unlike her and it seems my mom really likes this girl

Me: maybe she is with her boyfriend

Her: where would she got one at such a short period of time? She was married to youand I called her she said she was in a taxi what if something happened to her

Me: I'll go look for her ma

Her: that would be great

I went out where will I even begin looking for her I don't even know her

This was more irritating than my womb less wife to be

I'll just go and stand by the gate since this is a gated community I'll probably find her there


My body was starting to be cold but I didn't care I just wanted to be numb and not feel anything I just couldn't stop my tears and all the pain I tried to suppress in the past came back flooding in it was all just too much now

Me: God what did I ever do to you that you don't hear or see my pain and cries how long should my life be miserable? I have money but now I do that have happiness God I know I said if this marriage was not planned by you let it not work and now it didn't work does this mean it was not meant to be? I was hoping for something different than this to at least try and see if it doesn't work out but now you didn't even give me a chance to try why do I feel so much pain why does it hurt when it meant nothing please help me because my heart feels heavy Lord now I pray that you bless Mandy and her husband for taking me in as their daughter help me make them proud and when I get married please bless it Amen

I just found myself talking to God and I was talking out loud not in my head

I sat for a few seconds I could feel that someone was standing behind me and that freaked me out and I was scared

I turned around and the ever so annoying Bless was standing there looking at me

Him: mom is worried about you so she sent me to look for you

Me: you shouldn't have I was on my way home

Him: you do the look fine did anyone touch you?

Me: no nothing happened

I left him there and rushed I didn't wanna talk to him I am trying to adjust to my new life now

He ran after me now

Him: I didn't come here to look for you so that you can run away from me

Me: I just want to be alone

Him: you were alone for long hours and you just cried and prayed because now your eyes are red and you are cold

I don't know why he was being nice and I didn't like it

Me: stop being nice it doesn't suit you

Him: here's a jacket just wear it you'll be sick

Me: I don't need your jacket I am trying to adjust to my new life now

He ran after me now

Him: I didn't come here to look for you so that you can run away from me

Me: I just want to be alone

Him: you were alone for long hours and you just cried and prayed because now your eyes are red and you are cold

I don't know why he was being nice and I didn't like it

Me: stop being nice it doesn't suit you

Him: here's a jacket just wear it you'll be sick

Me: I don't need your jacket I'm fine

Was I fine really?

Him: I don't beg and I'm not gonna start with you you know your way home I just wasted my time

He left after saying that Mxm here he is pretending to care while he doesn't he should just go back to his doll I don't need him


I listened to Okuhle pray earlier she sounded like someone who has been through a lot and I am part of the reason why she is crying but there is nothing I can do she did this to herself she shouldn't have agreed to marry me the way she did cz now all of this is messed up

I got home and waited at the gate for Okuhle I wasn't gonna wait for her to get to me but just to see her safe and close then I'll go and sleep

After a few minutes she came walking so slow it's like she didn't want to come home

So I went inside the house my mom was still sitting down there this really got her bad she used to do this to me too wait for me no matter when I get back ill find her sleeping on that sofa

I just took a blanket and put it over her I think that woke up

Her : where is Okuhle?

Me:she is coming

Okuhle got in looking at her now she really isn't looking good her eyes are puffy red it's like she doesn't have life in her anymore she looks drained

Ma: Baby what happened?

Her: nothing ma I just needed some time alone to think about my life and all

Ma: you know I'm here when you need to talk

Her: yes man but now now may I please be excused? I have work tomorrow

Ma: good night baby

She went up to her room my mom said good night and left

There was nothing I could so I also went up to my room Tasha was deep in her sleep

I just realized I don't know the woman I am going to marry and I am a bit worried


I took a long warm bath then wore my gown and went to get me some warm milk I heard it helps to calm a person down

I was still waiting for the milk to warm up I heard footsteps down the stairs

And it was Blessing he saw my facial expression it's no secret that I don't like this guy anymore

Him: you come home late and then you can't sleep

Me: none of your problem I believe

Him: I didn't say it was a problem I was just commenting

Me: keep that for someone who needs it not me

Him: you don't have to be rude to me you are my sister now so what's the hate for?

Me: I don't hate you

Him: but you don't like me either

Me: you know I'm just gonna go to my room

Him: I though we could get to know each other

Me: at night?

Him: you can't sleep I can't sleep so why not have milk and cookies while we get to know each other

Me: that sounds nice but I have work tomorrow

Him : you own half of that place so you can go in whenever you want

Me: I'm not one of those owners

Him: Mmmhhhh I am a doctor and I can tell you need someone to talk come let's sit

We took cookies then went to sit on the couch while listening to music

We sat for a minute or 2  with saying anything

Me: you know I'm sure you see me as crazy and weird for marrying a guy I do not know it was not really my dream to do so my step mother who is also my aunt treated me like a maid ever since I can remember everything got worse when my father died the only person who was kind to me was my grandmother and thats how I got to know your family and ended up being your wife then your sister

Him: do you regret it?

Me: not really Mandy is the best I wish she just made me her daughter from the start

Him: and not my wife?

Me: yeah

Him: are you seeing someone?

Me: no I'm not but I will eventually I'm just waiting for the right guy to come along

Him: Mmmhhhh I hope you get him

Me: yeah I think we've talked enough good night

He pulled me in his arms he looked at me straight in my eyes it like he was searching for my soul I tried to get myself out of his embrace but I couldn't

Him: come on Kuhl it's just a kiss

Me: we can't

Him: let's see if this was meant to be

He kissed me and I just froze

I've never kissed a guy before so I don't know how to do it he stopped

Him: am I that bad? You not even making an effort

Me:I'm sorry I don't know how to

He looked at me with his eyes wide openhe looked at me like 'I don't believe you'

Him: allow me to teach you so that when you meet Mr right you'll be okay

And then we kissed I relaxed a bit and we continued kissinghis lips were soo soft and cold

I was enjoying the kiss so much it just felt right my body temperature was increasingmy vagina felt warm and my clit was doing its own dance

I don't know how I will look at him after this kiss


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