I woke up feeling happy today I don't know why

I was making breakfast with sis Dorris she kept stealing glances at me

Me: say what's on your mind

Her: if I didn't know better I'd say you got something last night

Me: you don't have to get something to be happy

Her: usually when I'm that happy something bad happens

Me: what could possibly happen?

Her: I don't know

We all settled down for breakfast

Mandy : you look happy this morning what's happening?

Me: nothing can't I just be happy without anyone asking why

Her : we are just surprised

We were still talking when we heard a car hooting at the gate Mr Radebe went to attend the car it was quiet for a while and we were all anxious to see who that is cz the car drove in

We had chit chat whoever that was Mr Radebe was happy to see that person

I couldn't believe my eyes my own husband was standing there alive and well and very handsome he was with a lady I didn't wanna assume but it was pretty clear that my husband has a wife

Mandy was so excited to see him so I just sat there and watched everyone I can't be all up in his face hugging and all that we don't know each other

Him: I thought yall wouldn't recognize me

Mandy: of course not my baby we will always have this face registered in our heads

Him: you don't grow old ey you always look younger thank your age

Mr R: Eyy she must always look young for me and besides in my eyes she is even younger than this

Lady: babe are you going to introduce me or not?

Blessing : oh sorry love mom and dad this is my fiance Natasha and babe these are my parents

She stepped forward and damn she is beautiful her body is something else her clothes look very expensive this woman has style its no surprise that Blessing is with her they look great together she looks like a model

I cleared the table while they were chit chatting who I am doesn't matter now

Mandy: you guys must be tired

Bless: Not really we slept at the BnB I was too tired so we did rest

Mandy: we were having breakfast want anything 

Her:I'm good thanks I just had something to eat

Mandy: Dorris please prepare Kuhle the spare bedroom then get Bless's room ready

With that said I know it meant I should move out of his room and it's only fair that I do 

I was packing my things and moving them to my new room

Blessed got in 

Him: Hi

Me: Hi

Him: were you occupying this room

Me: yeah I hope you don't mind

Him: nah I don't mind I know it's one of the bigger rooms in this house

Me: yeah and I'm done and out of your space

Him: look at us talking with no introduction

Me: I'm Okuhle

Him: I'm sure you heard my  name already 

Me: yeah no need

Him: that is just telling me your name you know right? 

Me:yeah is there more to tell? 

Him: I don't know you so I'm wondering whether you are a guest or family

Me: I am a guest 

Him: you must be an important one to even use my bedroom and you kept it clean

Me: mmmhhhh

Dorris came in with his bags while she helped me with my mine and I went to my new bedroom to unpack my things

Mandy made her way in

Her: I'm sorry you had to move to this one

Me: I understand don't worry

Her: and I'm sorry about the surprise that Blessing comes with

Me: it's cool Mandy 

Her: then that means you'll just be our daughter nothing changes this remains your home like we promised your grandmother 

I just nodded I was already dreaming about my life with Bless but anyways why am I surprised nothing ever works out for me

Her: we will tell Bless though about how you got here and what happens now that it's not gonna be that way

Me: not a problem 

I was just downI was no longer as bubbly as I was when I woke up

Mandy left me to finish my packing

I have to get out of this house before I blow up

I'm just gonna go to work just to keep myself busy

I made my way downstairs with my bag

Bless was with his parents in the lounge they are probably telling him about me

They all turned to look at me

Mandy: and where are you going? 

Me: I have just been called at work I need to go there is an emergency 

Her: oh I thought you were off today

Me: I was not anymore

With that said I left and went to work 


Coming back home was a good thing for me to do after all this time being away

But home had changed and everything was everything that I did not wish for

Apparently Okuhle is my wife meaning my parents went ahead with that arranged marriage thing 

Okuhle left just after my parents told me about her

I just looked at her someone like that is not good for my image what were my parents thinking she dark she has an afro I'm into blondes or atleast a light skinned woman with expensive taste not someone who looks like she bought her clothes from a street vendor 

Me: Dad why would you do this to me though? 

Him: we did what we thought was good for you

Me: and she is good for me? 

Him: she is a good woman she respects herselfand very driven she is your perfect match

Me: No my fiance is my perfect match get rid of her

Mom: we can't baby if you don't want her as your wife then accept her as your sister she is not going anywhere 

Me: from my wife to my sister

this must be a joke what am I supposed to tell my fiance now

Mom: she is your sister that what you can tell her and that's what you will tell her

This was some messed up shit

Me: as long as that thing stays out of my way I'll stay out of hers she will never be my wife better tell her that

I went out to get some air I needed air after that


Things between me and Olwethu were no longer rose and petals because he was drowning himself with work since we got back from the doctor now that make me worry about how he'll take the results when they come because I doubt everything is fine

I was at home I didn't feel like going to class and besides I have finish my assignment which is due tomorrow 

I was driving to the library on campus to research for my assignment

My phone rang I wonder who is calling me because Olwethu hardly calls


Caller: baby it's mom I'm using someone's phone how are you? 

Me: MA I'm okay just a bit tired

Her: what did the doctor say caused the miscarriage 

Me: we are still waiting for the results ma they are coming back after 2 weeks

Her: dint just wait for a miracle then God helps those who help themselves 

Me: what does that mean MA? 

Her: try traditional medicine baby see a sangoma they will tell you what is wrong 

Me: ai ma I have never used traditional medicine Mos besides I don't believe in them

Her: oh the day you lose your husband you will remember me bye 

She didn't even wait for me to answer she hung up just like that

But anyways I'm never going to use African medicine I just don't trust it


I got to work and I started working Lisa the assistant came in 

Her:and then wena what are you doing here you are suppose to be off

Me: I ran away from drama at home and besides It was boring I hate being off during the week

Her: Yhoo Ayy girl I could use any day off I love sleeping 

Me: then you should take a day off

Her: I also need the money dear so I can't 

Me: ayt then let me go steam some clothes for the sale tomorrow 

Her: okay

I left and went to the back and started ironing the clothes

3 hours later

I went to the front to relieve Lisa so that she can go for lunch I don't know where Sister Ester is she probably didn't come too she hardly does anyways

Ester is the lady who owned this boutique 

Lisa: Dear I'm off then see you after an hour

Me: bring me something to drink I'll pay you back

Her: cool

She left and I decided to mop I don't think it was mopped this morning because it looks like Lisa has been alone

It was a bit quiet either way

After cleaning I sat behind the counter and just started thinking and day dreaming about bless I won't lie him being married was a bummer but it's not like I didn't expect it but now that it's happening for real my emotions I just all over the place Imagined  him walking in the shop coming to buy me all the clothes that I want not even looking at the price

Someone shook me I jumped it was Blessing I'm not sure whether I was still in my dreamland or what

Tasha: Bless your sister works here?

Me: yes is there a problem

Her: no not really the shop is not that bad though so your pay must be decent

Me: it's not bad

Her: you guys should sell designer clothes not this

Me:actually these are designed

Bless: by who? You? Oh please

Me: and if I designed them whats wrong with that?

Him: that's why they look like how they look

Babe let's leave nothing here suits you

Me: by the way Tasha I don't just work here I also own this place and it's making pretty good money selling the clothes you see here

Her: then I guess people here don't have style

Me: who said you do? Expensive clothes don't define a person lovey just because everything about you is fake that don't mean you are better than any of us

She turned and looked at Bless

Her: so you just gonna stand there while she talks to me like that

Him: don't mind her she doesn't know anything about class and fashion look at how she is dressed she is just cheap

I just looked at them as they made their way out Mxm they think they are better than any of us just because they can afford to buy expensive clothes mxm as for Tasha she is just in it for the money she just wants someone who can afford pampering her not someone to love

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Bless is a douche nxa. Tash stay in your lane