The wedding was great everything was beautiful but that was yesterday today I am leaving to go stay with my in-laws and so is Lindo

I was in their bedroomshe was packing her clothes and she was doing that slow and I helped her

Me: you will be fine its like you are going to stay with people you don't know

Her: I've never been away from home without mom and now I'm leaving home forever I know I'll visit but it's not the same

Me: yeah well

Her: and you how do you feel about leaving?

Me: I actually I'm happy ey maybe I'll even gain weight home was never home for me like it was for youat least I'm no longer going to be a maid that's what I'm happy about

Her: Okuhle I...

Me: don't apologize it's too late for that and today is not the day for that even if you do it won't help what's done is done and we Really done packing let me go pack the little that I own

I left her there she was ashamed of the things she had done to me before but it's too late for that I'm nice to her because I don't know how to hate someone who has never done me wrong

I went to pack my clothes grams came in

Her: Oh Kuku I'm gonna miss you

Me: geez grams you haven't used that name for a long time why now?

Her: because I know you've never liked it

Me: mmmmmmhhhhhh I'll miss you too grams I'll come see you and we will see each other every Sunday when we go to church and I'm sure you can come visit me anytime you want

Her: I knowlook my baby you've always been a good girl and I have confidence you will do well at your marital homewhen you don't like something speak to Mandy sit her down don't let things spiral out of control over something small that can be fixedtake this Bible read it for wisdom and for comfort always kneel down and pray like I taught you have a conversation with God lastly when your father died he left you some money and placed me as your handler and I handled it very well I invested it but now you are old enough to handle it by yourself so I am handing everything over to you I hope you use it wise go back to school and  do everything you have always wanted to do you will only open this envelope when I die and when you know what you will do with it remember when we opened an account for you and you always said it's useless there is no one who will send you money

Me: yes grams

Her: all the money I have invested will go to that account when you cash in what ever is in that envelope that account has a balance of R30 000 you will use this to maintain yourself now don't tell anyone about this envelope your dad never told your mom about leaving you money

I took the envelope from grams and the bank card

I didnt know what to sayso we just shared a hug I'm gonna miss grams a lot

Me: I gonna miss you grams why don't I stay with you until you die Noma will not take care of you

Her: don't worry yourself I will hire someone I'm not going with money to heaven so I'll use it while i still can

Me: thank you grams

Her: and dont forget do not open the envelope until I die even if it's been only minutes of my death I don't care but as long as I breathe do not

Me: okay grams

Grams also gave me a novel saying that it was my mother's favorite that will make me feel closer to her

Her: let me leave you to finish your packing babe I'll see you when you are done

I continued packing it's not like I had a lot of clothes I had the ones that Ntando bought me the old ones grams took them saying she will give them to hobos it funny how she cares But them but hey it can be cold out there they will need them and that's better than burning them

There was some noise outside I think Lindo's in laws came to fetch her so that she can go

I was supposed to be leaving tomorrow which is Monday but grams told Mandy to come get me today she said Noma would slave me around for the last time on Monday before I leave

I went to join the crowd I stood next to aunt k as always she had a cider with her and she was gossiping

Her: abayithathe into yabo bazo bona phambili

Me: Hawu anti

Her: vele Mos she can't even cook that's the first thing if I can count the list they would return her and we don't do refunds

Lindo came down dressed in her white dress she was going to change to a traditional one when she gets to Olwethu's home

She was still looking beautiful shame and you could tell she wanted to cry she hugged grams and Noma

We started singing headed to the gate to hand her over her in laws were also singing

Imagine two different songs that's how noisy and chaotic it was but eventually we handed her over and the we sang one song then they drove off some of the aunts got in the other cars and the uncles

Me: anti awuhambi?

Her: cha I'm going to start cleaning and besides it's not like I'm hungry for their food there is enough to last me months here

Me: okay let me help you clean while I wait for my ride

Her: Nawe uyahamba konje hayi uyabhora no gogo wakho

Me: sorry anti

Her: Mara ke kuyafana Ngoba I'll be leaving very easy tomorrow

We started cleaning but we were used a dishwasher for the dishes and a washing machine for some of the blankets since some relatives left this morning at least it wasn't that much of hard work

It was now around 15:00 two cars parked outside the yard I knew from then that it was my turn to leave

Grams walked me out with aunt k

Grams was coming with us she was going to sleep over then come back tomorrow

And that's how I left home with my one bag


The house was buzzing with people when we got to Olwethu's

I just changed into a traditional dress it was just simple nothing complicated

We gathered around in the garden eating and talking Olwethu's little sister was there

Her: so you are the bitch who finally tamed my brother?

Me: a bitch no but his woman and his wife yes

Her: my brother will never stop being ratchet good luck trust me you will need it

Me: thanks but I think I've gone past that stage of needing luck

Her: oh no dear you haven't not even a bit I hope you can pray because you'll need God trust me on that

After that she stood up I don't know whether she was scaring me or she doesn't like but whatever it is I don't think I can deal with it shame

After lunch my mom and the family left and now it was time to clean and I knew that all eyes were on everyone was expecting me to do everything I swear it's like a bride is a slave I took all the dishes in the house there were no left overs cz the other aunts took them I placed everything in the dishwasher I'm never washing these with my hands they are a lot Olwethu's came into the kitchen

Him: are you done so that we can go

Me: where are we going?

Him: to our house we are not staying here

Me: can we atleast leave tomorrow I'm a bit tired right now

Him: you hardly did anything a machine is doing the dishes for you I'm going to get your bags when I get back you better be saying your goodbyes to my mom because I don't have all night I'm going to work tomorrow

Wow just wow I went to the lounge where his mom was with one of the uncles

Me: MA I came to say goodbye Olwethu says we are leaving

Her: oh akezwa ke yena Nihambe kahle ngane yam and don't be a stranger visit on weekends or whenever you can

Me: okay ma

I went to the car Olwethu was already inside waiting I got in and we drove off to his house

It was a long drive his  house was a town house in those gated areas and all the houses looked the same it was mostly whites around here and some black that can afford to be here

Him: you can go in I'll get you bags

He gave me the key and I went to open

The house was beautiful the decor and the furniture was good and I wouldn't change anything

I was admiring the house he came in with my bags

Him: come pack your things on your closet

He led the way to the master bedroom and it was out of this world

Him: welcome to our home then

Me: it's beautiful

Him: and clean I hope you can maintain this

Me: okay

Him: what will you be doing tomorrow

Me: I have a class at 9 and at 13:00 then I'll come back home check if there is anything we need like groceries

Him: you know how to drive Mos?

Me: yep

Him: and you have a license?

Me: yes I do

Him: great then because I'm not gonna be your chauffeur there is a polo in my garage you'll use that to do all these things you will be doing during the day

Me: oh that's great thanks

Him: okay I'm off to shower wanna join in

Me: lemme pack these away then I'll join you

Him: and if you must know we will start doing the things that a husband and wife do

It's like he read my mind

Me: Mmmhhhh I'm sure it's gonna be nicer now that we are husband and wife

Him: it was always nice dont even lie

Me: don't be offended and I never said it was nice

Him: you know what forget the shower forget your packing tonight I am going to make you take back those word and wish you never said them

Me: blah blah talk is cheap

And that is how me and my husband spent our first night together

He really kept up to his promise he fucked me I do think know how many orgasms I had and I was screaming my lungs out we explored the whole house all the rooms in the kitchen in the dining table coffee table until my vagina couldn't take it anymore and he was also tired

One thing I noticed about him is that he likes being dominant cz he always pinned my hands down and I couldn't do anything but just moan


We had lunch earlier the house was a bit full and I was happy that everyone was here for me it was about me now

I was in the kitchen with anti Nelly tidying up

Her: you are quiet

Me: when I'm around a lot of people and people I'm not used too

Her: lol you'll get used to us soon enough dear I'm glad Mandy chose you for Blessing and trust me he will love you just like we do I mean what's there not to like

Me: I hope so ey

Her: let's go to bed there is a helper she will finish up the rest in the morning you don't have to overwork yourself and I'm sure you must be tired

Me: I am tired let me go and say goodnight to my grandma then

Her: goodnight then see you tomorrow

Me: night

I don't know if it's just for today but everyone here was cool lunch was great if this is how it is then imma enjoy staying here and being part of this family

Grams was already sleeping so I closed and went to my room blessing's room to be specific it was like a master bedroom ey big enough

I went and took a bath before going to bed and yes I didn't forget to pray

'' Father God I just wanna thank you for the gift of life for the family and friends for everyone around Lord I ask that tonight as I sleep may you send your warrior angels to watch over me and God if this marriage was part of your plans for my life then help me make it work help me make it the best of what it is right I ask you to guide me and be with me daily as i start this journey I ask all of this in the name of our father the son and the holy spirit amen''

That is how my first day being married and living in my marital home ended

Heres to nights alone until blessing comes home

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