I was running late for my own wedding I woke up at 9:30i was suppose to have been over at Lindo's waiting for her to walk down the aisle I swear dressing in a car is not nice thank God for showers atleast I managed to be clean but still I had to dress in a car we got to the gate and it looked like everyone was panicking people were no longer on the garden for the ceremony if I can find my mom everything will go back to normal and we can proceed I checked the time I was an hour late my mom came rushing

Her: how could you do this?

Me: made can we not do this now at least after the wedding

Her: and who is going to marry you guys because the pastor is leaving the band have to be gone by 11:30

Me: mom we can make this work just get the pastor to stay I don't care about the band  as long as they can play for my bride I'll make arrangements for entertainment at the reception

She went inside the house to probably talk to the pastor and Lindo oh my Lindo she is probably thinking the worst about me

I can't believe I woke up next to another woman on my wedding day

Everyone was gathering around okuhle came too she looked so beautifuldamn if only I could make her my bride

I laughed a lil

Cee: man what are you laughing at?

Me: I just had the craziest thought right now

Looking at where my eyes are

Him: dude don't be crazy you already caused enough drama

The bridesmaids walked on the red carpet then after that I knew that my life was about to change forever

And there she was in her white dress she looked more beautiful she was just an angel I bet you my mouth was wide open her mother was walking her down the aisle

She handed her over to me she gave me a sharp look the left

We turned to look at the pastor

He read the Bible verse and all that and the it was time for our vows

Him: the couple has written their own vows may we go on

Lindo was going first

Her: I though you had cold feet for a minute and I must say you scared me(laughing) We've known each other for a long time this is actually the second time I'm being your wife only now it's finally officially it's amazing how we managed to make that craziness become reality I remember when I married you we were still in primary playing popie - huis that was our first marriage since then till high school you always called me your wife and here we are today standing face to face making that dream a reality in the presence of our families friends and God from today onwards I promise to respect you love you support you and be by your side always I hope to make your bad days good and I hope to be you comforter your shoulder to cry I'll even be your therapist(smiling) with this ring I mark you as mine and mine alone forever this is a sign that when you come back home you'll always find me there I hope this will always lead you back home


I didn't believe okuhle when she said Olwethu had arrived I was already thinking but now that I'm here standing face to face with him I believe I'm not dreaming 

It was now his turn to say his vows

Him: I'm sorry I scared you but I hope one day this part of today will be something we joke about as we will tell our children and our grandchildren as you walked towards me that registered to me that today I'm no longer a bf today I am a husband I am going to be the man of the house

I am going to be the man of the houseI believe this was orchestrated in the heavens because it's like we always knew we were gonna end up here or maybe playing that game and joking around was us making a prophecy upon our lives I'm glad we did because there is no one I would wish to make my better half so with this ring I am giving you a part of me my heart control over my life I am inviting you to come build an empire with me to come share my life with with this ring I am chasing away anyone who wanted to try their luck with you and I hope that it will be the first thing you look at every time you make a decision about us

Priest: you may now kiss the bride

And we kissed after that it was pictures while the guests headed for the reception 

Besides Olwethu being late everything else was perfect hopefully the reception is also at the same stage

At the reception 

The couple dance their first dance the after it is time for the speeches by the families and friends

LINDO'S MOM: it has always been me and you from the day you were conceived I was there when you took your first step said your first words I never knew I would love someone more than my husband until you came into my life and became the center of my world I watched you grow into this woman that you are today you made you decisions some I didn't agree with them but I had to let you make your mistakes I remember how scared you were the day you got your periods and now you will have to comfort your own kids when that happens 

Olwethu please take care of my daughter take care of each you may have us as your families but firstly you must have each other respect each other always

Thank you

Olwethu'mom: oh my boy today you have made me the proudest mother alive even though your grand entrance got me worried I have raised you to be a better man I don't want to see this girl crying about you not coming homeor because you are abusing her you know better than that

I won't say a lot I don't wanna make your ears hot but take care of each other

Thank you

Cee: Dawg I never thought you'd get married out of all of us we just never imagined that you'd be the first to get married look dawg we've played enough now and today you have proven to have grown more than any of us so from now on that's the only woman I'll see you with the only woman you'll talk about or loom at in an intimate wayI know your life has changed but don't forget us your friends angithi

Sharp ke asiphuzeni ke manje

Everything went well everyone was engaging in the own conversation eating and laughing soft music was playing in the background 

Aunt K: uyabona manje sesingena kwinkonzo enzima if awushadanga puma la ( everyone laughed) 

It's time to cut the cake uyabona Lindo this is a round cake it has no corners so that means you will not say not today I'm not in the mood I'm tired I don't feel like it I'm mad at you no uzomnika umkhwenyana what's due to him mkhwenyana Nawe uzowenza umsebenzi wahoo woku sika ikhekhe noma ukhathele Ubuya emsebenzini that doesn't matter you do your job and do it well

With that said the newly weds cut their cake at fed each other just like it should be till the end of time

The elders left while youngsters enjoyed themselves dancing the night away and for the newly weds this was their last time drinking like there is no tomorrow 

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