I was with Buhle Entle and Khetho in aunt k's room Lindo was not here I don't care any ways we were just talking and laughing my aunt got in

Her: the guests have arrived baby

I got nervous I don't know why

Her: relax everything will be okay

Noma got in she looked irritated

Her: if you are in here who fix something to eat for your guests

Me: aunt k already did that for me

She looked at me pissed

Her: I don't even see the reason for negotiations we should just accept whatever they have after all you are worth R2

Aunt k: and how much is your skank of a daughter worth?

Her: you don't have the right to call my kid that because yours take the cup

Aunt:at least I don't hide who they are I don't make them perfect like you do with your useless daughter you think I don't know she slept with her lecture got pregnant and you both aborted that baby you must be a proud mother

What? I looked at my mom I saw shock and shame written all over her face

Her: how dare you insult me?

Aunt: the truth hurts at least my daughters and okuhle are virgins what can you say about your daughter? The mother of a dead child

I could tell Noma wanted to hit aunt k so hard but she knew she doesn't stand a chance aunt k looks ghetto

Grams walked in with the other aunts I think they all heard the bickering

Grams: stop it will you today is supposed to be Okuhle's day not a day for yall to hang your laundry

Noma went out the aunts started going on about what they had then after a few minutes everyone left

It was so quiet in the room my heart was beating so loud after all that happened here I think everyone didn't even know what to say

Aunt K came in saying that the in-laws want to see their bride

We went down and Mr Radebe was there I stood there they Mr Radebe confirmed that's its me then it was done

The aunts started Ulla ting and dancing

My in-laws left

The elders were there talking I'm sure arguing about what to do with the money

My time to shine was over it was time for us to focus on Lindo'wedding since it has been about me for a minute


My dress was already in the closet I can already picture myself walking down the aisle the weather being so perfect and beautiful I can almost see all the eyes that are on me as everyone stand up and turns as here comes the bride plays slowly in the background I can almost feel my heart beating very fast but as soon as my eyes land on the man I am about to make my husband I relax and I can't wait to declare my love for him in front of everyone I can't wait to dedicate my life to him be his wife make him my one and only bear him children I can just imagine all the noise that will be in that house my rebellious teenage daughter or son going around cleaning after them owning a house calling the shots be the one shouting

This is all I could do since I can't go out so I'm just in my mom's room

I'm a bit angry that Okuhle's lobola was more than mine they paid R95000 for her while mine was just R65000 I have more to offer than Okuhle

Mom came in as I was thinking about thid

Me: mom how is it that I am cheaper than Okuhle?

Her: Baby relax this is not a sale that family was charged R75000 they just offered the other R20000 saying they are appreciating the beauty of their bride

Me: still its more than mine

Her: she is a virgin remember?

Me: so?

Her: you opened your legs around got pregnant and involved me in your mess now the whole house knows about that

Me: I don't care about them it doesn't make me an less of a woman I am no different from Okuhle

Her: oh love you are very different she doesn't even know anything about sex and you? You are a mother of a dead baby and then you sit here and be all up in my face about lobola if they knew about the pregnancy it would be way less than what it is? Just be grateful for what you have Okuhle doesn't have anything even her marriage is different from yours she is down there helping out preparing for your wedding did you ever hear her complain about not having a big wedding like yours No so please stop being a nuisance I did everything for you you never needed anything what about Okuhle she needed even sanitary pads she lived accepting old clothes from you she never owned designer clothes like you she could have exchanged herself for money but she didn't what did you do instead of using your brain you used what's in between your legs to get through school awungiyeke please

Me: Ma

She just looked at me I saw tears in her eyes she was hurt disappointed

I made my own mother cry in pain not tears of joy as I planned I really messed up and she was right I am selfish

Mom left banging the door behind her and I was left there all alone with my thoughts again

It wasn't long the door opened Okuhle walked in I looked at her with pitiful eyes

Her: you can't be looking so sad maybe nervous would be a good look on you what's wrong?

Me: nothing Kuhle I'm just worried about tomorrow I just want everything to be perfect

Her: come on everything will be okay everything is ready for tomorrow the caterers confirmed everything the venue is confirmedyour friends will be here soon their dresses are perfect relax

I looked at Okuhle it's like hate doesn't exist in her world I mean after everything I've done to her she still cares after all

Her: thinking too much is not healthy come join us in the basement let's make our last night together fun

She was right hey this is my last night at home before being responsible and have everyone expecting perfection from me

We went to the basement it was a bit dark she went to switch on the light everyone shouted '' surprise ''

This was gonna be a party my Bachelorette

And it was the best one ever what way of remembering home


Me and some few of my friends were having some fun before I am tied down and need a visa for going out in the future I guess we can call our fun my bachelor party Thando was here too it's only fair that we have some closure at least that's what I want we were in a strip club it was going crazy

Thando: so you really went ahead with everything?

Me: yeah and besides I think I'm done with this life

Her: so you not really sure?

Me: I'm just gonna take it one step at a time

Her: lemme give you one last chance to run away from this and if you don't then I'll be out of your way I'll accept your decision

Me: I kinda like that idea it's also a nice way to say goodbye

Her: we can call it whatever you want a wedding present or goodbye to the bad boy life or closure or the end of us

With that said we kissed kisses with her are different she just takes me into a different world Lindo has her way and she has hers this were getting steamy so we went to my car to finish everything off since a hotel will be too far

We had sex but we didn't really have free space so we all decided to take the party to our hotel suite I just wanted Thando not alcohol and other things so we went to my room and we fucked like crazy after that we took a bath then went to join the party Cee just looked at me and laughed

Now it was time for alcohol the sex was good and it ended

The way were drinking I was not even sure we will live to go to my wedding tomorrow so I toned down a bit and drank water to avoid hangover imagine a groom with hangover saying I do

Oh my God it was almost 3am in the morning and it didn't sermons like anyone was prepared to sleep so I went to sleep after all its my wedding I have to show up even if they don't life goes on

Immediately vwhen I got to bed I dozed off God help me wake up early and manage to get to the wedding on time at 10 am

Day of the wedding


My nerves were now on full blast I mean it's happening today I got up from the bed and look out the window my only this week has been how warm or cold will be but I guess God heard my prayers and today it's beautiful and sunny

I looked over the gardenPeople going up down some setting up the chairs but it was almost done as some close family friends had arrived I haven't seen my mom since we spoke last night maybe it's best that way I don't want anything to spoil my mood today

My stylist came in she was going to style my hair and do my make up

Her: are you ready for today?

Me: I'll know for sure when I walk down the aisle I can't help but feel something might go wrong

Her: stop being negative nothing will go wrong what do you think can possibly go wrong?

Me: Olwethu not showing up that's one

Her: and why do you think that?

Me: I don't know lemme just relax it's a bit early

Her: you took a bath right

Me: yep I just need to dress when the time comes I don't wanna keep people waiting

Her: it's your day you are allowed to be late take your time these people are your guests not the other way around

Me: maybe you are right shall we try some few hair styles first before we go to the make up

'you'll look beautiful even if your hair is somehow'

That was grams I hardly spoke to her since the wedding plans

Her: look my baby I know you and I are not close but I just wanted to wish you all the best for today I know the heavens have blessed this day already

Me: thanks grams that really means a lot

Her: you're going to be a woman from today onwards you will have to make decisions for yourself by yourself you'll be a mom one day and you'll have to be sweet kind loving and strict at the same timesomeone will not like you just take it in do not hate them back just be kind to them make them look like fools marriage is not easy you'll fight with your husband he will not sleep homeyou'll wish to come back don't act on you anger calm down first then see if you still wanna come home a man is like a child you will have to look after him show him where he is wrong and help him be better than what he is nowhe will be the face of your empire but you will be the engine of that empire often people admire the outside beauty of the car but that car is nothing without the engine if the engine is weak its beauty is useless always pray about everything when you feel everything is too much for you take a walk to a park be one with nature let your thoughts run wild and the talk to someone about it someone who won't be biased like his mom or your mom

Me: thank you grams

Her: no need to thank me child it's my job to tell you all of this good luck my baby

We shared a hug and she left

Trish my stylist was just standing there

Her: wow your grams is so cool and wise

Me: yeah too bad my mom never involved her in anything that has to do with my marriage and the wedding plans I wish she was always involved together with my sister

Her: Hlehle has been helping out

Me: it's not by choice if she didn't she'd be in trouble with my mom you know I grew to hate her because of my mom I wanted to please my mom yes Kuhle has everything that I don't have she is not bothered by not having something she is happy and grateful for what she has

I wanna be like her as I grow and become a woman and a mother

The time was now 9:30 I should be getting ready now my bridesmaids got in all dress up they had a bottle of wine

Me: didn't you guys have enough last night

Anita: you can never have enough booze dear

Me: okay has my fiance arrived

Lihle: nope no sign of him

Me: please ask my mom to call his mom and ask about his where abouts

Anita: his mom is downstairs already

Lihle: get dressed girlwe don't have all day we wanna enjoy a lout booze soon enough

My mom came in she saw I was panicking

Me: apparently the man of the hour has not arrived

Her : he'll come hell be here soon I'm sure he is on his was already

She went out things are no longer the same between us since that talk

45 minutes later

I was still in the bedroom and Olwethu hasn't arrived yet all the guests were sitted waiting

I swear of Olwethu is embarrassing me right now I'm gonna kill him

Lihle: maybe he had cold feet

Anita: geezer girl that's not nice try cheer her up not worry her

Lihle: but it's true Mos he is not here and I'm tired of being in this dress I just want my pants already

They were busy arguing but I was just looking at the time with every minute passing I'm losing hope


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