God please intervene and do something about my life i was in pain every part of my body was achingmy voice was gone from all the crying and screaming i didhave you ever apologised for something that you didn't dohave you ever begged someone to stop but its like they are deafi had no tears anymore i had no energy in methe beating went on until my mom got tiredshe went out and i just laid there hoping the cold floor would ease my pain

God i have endured enough now i can not do this anymoredaddy where are you? please daddy help me right nowi dont have the strength anymoreGOD why have you forsaken me....that is the prayer i was praying as tears streamed down my face

'akho Thixo ongamamela umthakathi ofana naweyou're just wasting God's time'

that was my mother standing by the door with Lindo's laundry

Her: ezimpahla azizuzihlambayou better get up because you will not sleep without finishing these clothes and they must be dried and ironed

after saying that she lefti doubt this woman gave birth to me how can a mother treat her own child like thismy grandma got in as i was sitting there creating a river with my tears

Gran: come baby standcome take a bath it will make you feel better i'll do this while you do that

Me:grams i can't let you do thati'll be fine

Her: no baby you need that bathyou cant go on like this

you cant go on like thisgo to my bathroom i've run you a bath with salts they will help ease the pain

Me: but grams if mom sees you here she will kill me

Her: dont worry she is gone to her fancy dinners

I knew grams wasn't going to let this goso i went and took the bath it was not an ease bath but after a while i relaxed in and i just dozed off to dreamland


life is not very easy when every one is always expecting the best from youmy mom has placed me on a very high pedestal and im not even close to the perfect daughter that she makes me out to bei wanted to do media im not for the corporate world but that wasn't up to me to decidei dream of either being or a modelan actor or a video vixen but i cant do none of that....Truth is Kuhle has the brains and the beauty in this familythe money and the expensive clothes is all i have my light complexion isn't that much of help

Anyways i wasn't sleepy tonight and i dont know any turn up so i went downstairs to get me a bottle of winei passed by the laundry room grams was there ironing some clothes

Me: gramswhat are you doing?where is Okuhle?

Her: that poor child was in soo much pain i told her to rest a little

Me: Gogo you can't be working yourself like thatthat's okuhle's job

Her: you make it sound like she is getting paidshe is a childyour sister why does she have to do everything around here

Me: she is useless she can't go to schoolso she must contribute around the house

Her: God is watching LINDO

Me: blah blah blah whatever grams

I hate how grams loves Okuhle she is never on my side or say she is proud of meas for Okuhle she will know who i am tonighti sent mom a text 'mom can you believe that Okuhle is making grams do the laundry while she is sleeping'

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Ntutu 2019-02-23 08:28:16

Ha a she is not your mom stru Oh shame grams is the only one who feels her pain Lindo Grams is right God is watching carry on mogirl

Lolitha 2019-02-14 15:57:06

And vele God is watching