Days went by pretty fast one minute I was in hospital and now we are running around getting things together for Lindo wedding tomorrow it was going to be my lobola negotiations I was cleaning the house with Aunt K she arrived in the early hours of this morning

Aunt K: Yazz baby there was no need for us to even teach you about marriage you'll make a perfect makoti wena the only lessons you need are bedroom lessons

Me: Hah anti

Her: am I lying ke?

I just looked at her and I didn't answer

Her: your first time will be painful but trust once you get used to it you will be fine you'll even ask for it yourself always use a condom if he doesn't want use prevention pills for pregnancy anazi ke ngegciwane lona ukuthi uzokwenza njani

Me: ngiyabonga anti

I was trying so much to avoid this talk it weird for me

Her: angikaqedi you must have your first baby though before you use the pill uzohlekwa emzini bathi awuzali basop my child

Me: anti I don't think I'll even get to that partI doubt even my husband will want me

Her: he is not the only man in the world phela why udom Mara uclever?

Me: oh okay anti Yazz ugogo is not okay these days she wakes up late around 12 or she never wakes up

Her: she is old phela and I don't think it's easy accepting that you are dying soon especially when you can even count down the days

Me: I guess you are right

Her: let me go clean my room my husband might arrive any time soon with the kids so it needs to be clean and we must also clean the back room

Me: it's clean anti

Her: oh that's good ke

Me: kunabantu abazolala khona?

Her : yebo umdeni wethu mningi darling and some of your mom's colleagues will be coming

Me: hah the back room is my room no one can sleep there

She looked at me puzzled

Me: Umama wangikhipha la endlini

Her: unamandla wena this house has about 6 bedrooms who sleeps in those rooms

Me: guests

Her: uyahlanya ninama guests everyday

Me: cha anti please don't tell mom I told you I wanna be able to visit grams when I'm don't live here no more

My aunt didn't say a word she just went to her room

My uncles and cousins arrived the house was getting full it was just busy ey the uncles were sitting outside by the garden

My cousin Ntando came with his own car

I ran out it's been long since I last saw him

Him: Hlehle

Me: Nta Unjani?

Him: I'm okay damn you've grown

Me: Jah you don't come to visit us any more ever since dad died

Him: you know your mom Mos so nje I'd rather keep my distance and I see I have been away too long now both you and Lindo are getting married

Me: yeah

Him: you don't look like someone who is getting married tomorrow

Me: you know the kind of marriage I'm having so there is really nothing amusing about it

Him: mntase don't look down on your marriage it is also protected Ngoba isiko lizokwenziwa

Me: Jah anyways enough about my boring life when are you getting married?

Him: Eish I'm saving up for that mntase my gf is close to giving birth that's why she didn't come with me she is with he parents

Me: congrats big bro I'm sure he/she will be cute like you

Him: lol it's both genders I'm having twins

Me: (screaming) that is soo cool

Him: Mxm uyahlanya wena anyways let's go to the Mall so that I can spoil you

Me: lemme go tell aunt k that I'm going

I rushed to aunt k

Her: buy me booze in whatever you do

Me: okay anti

I went back to Ntando

Him:We are going to buy you a dress for Saturday and something traditional for Sunday and a few outfits

Me: hah Ntando you don't have to

Him: I am where I am because of your dad I'm not gonna let you look like you are an outsider you are family

Tears were burning my eyes

Him: Hlehle I know how you are living here look at the shoes you are wearing I know those are Lindo's old shoes let Noma be God will see her

I didn't have words to say we got to the mall

Him: Your budget is R6000

I led him to Mr price there I know I'll get decent and nice clothes

I picked up some dresses and skirts tops and jackets then we went rage to buy boots and some other shoeshe went as far as buying me underwears decent ones and bras even though I didn't even know my size

Sales person: what's your bra size

Me: I don't know I have never worn a bra before

Her: uyitshitshi ngiyabonais that your bf you are very lucky

Me: that's my cousin

My size was 28 A that's how small my boobs were

Ntando: I'm buying you these bras not for you to wear them now your boobs are nicer that way and we don't want them to look like you have been with men

This was a bit awkward

Me: I'm gonna wear them cz other girls used to tease me and I also don't like how pointy they look at times

Him: that's up to you then come let's go get you a better phone than that one then you can go do your hair

Me: but my phone is still working

Him: I know I didn't say it's not

Me : okay

We got cellc and I was just looking around I dint even know which phone I want

Him: I suggest a Samsung or an iPhone 6

Me: I don't know Nta

He bought the iPhone and we went to eat at spur

Him: look Hlehle as a big brother I am proud that you have kept yourself and respected yourself now you are getting married and don't tell me anything about it not being anythingand it makes me sad that you couldn't go back to school

but I hope the guy you are getting married to will take you to school or his family either way You are strong Hlehleyou have never let Noma win you have lived through her treatment look at God now blessing you with marriage if I was not your cousin I'm telling you you would be the woman I marry so all in all whoever that guy is is lucky

Me: thank you so much big bro

Him: I'm sorry I didn't come earlier to your life I was still finding my feet my last job was not paying that much and I was paying for my gfs school fees she was studying pharmacy she finished last year but she was already pregnant so she will start work next year

Me: it's okay bro I'm just grateful for this you also have you own life I'm not your responsibility and you can't take responsibility for me just because my dad took care of you it was his job to do so he didn't want pay back from you

Him: I know but still I can't look away when I can see that you are not okay

We went to the salon to do my hair it was nothing fancy I just did braids Ntando said he will come pick me up when I'm done and he did we got home it was a bit dark

Me:help me go put these in my room

We went to the back room and I put everything in my sport bag

Him: okuhle is this where you sleep? Is it for the weekend since it's busy or?

Me: I've been sleeping here

Him: Noma has gone too far she has 6 rooms in the house but you have to sleep here

Me:let her be big bro monday I'm leaving this place my in-laws are cool people

Him: I'm glad to hear that but me and our cousins will be using this room so fix something in the house you can leave your clothes here we will just be sleeping and drinking here angithi uyazi

Me: let's go get a bigger bed from the basement then

Him: hayi maarn let's just go clean the basement atleast yona it's bigger we went there it was a bit dusty but it was not that bad

The basement has my mother's furniture Noma wanted her own style when my mom passed on and the basement is like a second house it's divide into two bedrooms the chilling area with a small bar it also has its own bathroom so my mother's couches are there her Queen bed is there it's a proper house

Noma came in when me and Ntando just finished the bedrooms and we were left with the sitting place just to remove dust from the couches and put the TV in its place

Her: you and your cousins will be here all of you the elders will be upstairs the back room will be used by Bheki I bought another mattress please go fix it Okuhle when you guys are done here I'll give you some sheets and blankets for here your uncle comes with his own blankets we all know that

After that she leftOur other cousins arrived and we chilled in the basement together since I was done with everything Ntando came with drinks and snacks we had already eaten for the night

It was just loads of fun I felt like a child once more nit worrying about cooking washing dishes and cleaning the house making breakfast for the family doing laundry the only worry I have is about tomorrow I'm just praying everything goes well Lindo didn't want to joke us she was sleeping with noma in her bedroom we slept so late around 12 playing games watching movies

'hey Nina vukani nize niyasuza' 

With no doubt that was aunt k

Her: Hlehle you didn't even fit the traditional dress I bought

Me: I thought I was wearing the one that Lindo wore

Her: over my dead body wake up come bath in my room you'll dress and wait there your in-laws will be here at 10

We left the others sleeping but Ntando was away Khetho Entle and Buhle were still sleeping

Khetho and Buhle are aunt k's children together with Ntando Entle and Themba are my other aunt's daughter and then there is Ntsika he is the only child from my other Aunt


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