The only thing good about this hospital is Onke Noma and Lindo never came again it's been 2 days since I woke up the doctor was going to discharge me tomorrow

Mandy came in

Her: Hey nana

Me: Mandy how are you?

Her: I should be asking that not you I am okay how do you feel today?

Me: I'm well

I didn't know what to say we don't know each other that much to hold a conversation that will last for hours

Her: I should take your number so that I can check up on you from time to time

Me: I don't have a phone

Her: oh okay will make a plan about that your family said we can come for the negotiations next week

That means they are going ahead with the wedding

Me: okay ma

Her: anyways lemme leave you so that you can take a walk around your nurse said he is coming to take you out

I could tell she was asking what is really happening between me and Onke

Me: oh that would be great I've been laying down for a long time now

Her: I guess I'll see you another time then

Me: yes

She left and I stood up I needed the bathroom it was a bit of a challenge my legs were shaking a bit it's like my body was heavy for them

I came back to find Onke sitting on the chair next to my bed

Him: unezihlobo eziningi wena

Me: oh that's my soon to be mother in-law

Him: for real I didn't even know you have a bf he never came to visit you

How do I answer that

Me: well he didn't know I was in hospital

Him: he is too calm I guess if he can be fine with not talking to you for months

Me: my family told him I lost my phone and that I went to the village to visit my father's family

Him: oh okay

I could tell he didn't believe me I'm not a good liar so I don't blame we took a walk around the garden it was beautiful it reminded me of my visit to my parents it was nice getting fresh air especially with the company of Onke he was just something else telling me stories about ghosts in the hospital

Me: you are lying

Him: I'm telling you apparently this nurse was killed by a patient when she wanted to inject him so the patient didn't like injections he took it and stabbed the nurse with it and strangled her with his grip

Me: that's horrible

Him: Yhoo so mane every night this nurse appears and goes to the same ward to inject the patient but now the patient who killed her is no longer there so any patient who is in that ward is in trouble

Ayy he must be lying or trying to scare me

Him: I don't even want to mention the patients who have died and became ghosts here Yhooo labor ke ba worse you will just see the hospital gown moving Mara akuna muntu kuyo

I was just laughing waya waya

Him: let's go back inside dear we don't want the gardener ghost to kill us

LOL hayi I don't even want to know the story behind all of that

I got back in my ward and sat on my bed Onke went out saying he has to do some rounds before he knocks off it was back to the boredom again


My wedding plans were going well thank God Okuhle woke up

Me: so ma I want the matrimonial ceremony to be here in the house and then we can go to that fancy hotel you mentioned for the reception

Then on Sunday it will be the traditional wedding at Olwethu's house it nothing big just his family welcoming me and then lunch is served

Her: we have been reciting this the only thing left now is your dress hopefully it's okay we will be doing your last fitting on Wednesday so that if there is a problem they will still have time to fix it the flowers will arrive Friday night in the morning we will be decorating the garden

My phone rang it was Olwethu

Me: moon of my life

Him: poonkie pie how are you?

Me: I'm okay babe how are you?

Him: I'm fine can I take you out for dinner if that's not a problem

Me: that would be nice are we going somewhere fancy?

Him: you know I only do fancy carry your toiletries and an extra outfit you'll be coming back tomorrow

Me: okay give me an hour and I'll be ready

Him: I'm already on my way so you can start preparing now 

after that he hung up

I looked at my mom

Her: aii hamba we are done but tomorrow at ten we have cake tasting bring him along and don't be late

Me: we will try not to be

With that said I took a quick shower wore my open back red pencil dress with a silver heel and a silver clutch bag I packed my toiletries in my overnight bag and an extra outfit for tomorrow

Olwethu's called saying he is outside

Me: mom I'm leaving

Her: Hawu lomuntu wakho akangeni abingelele

Me: he says we'll be late he already made reservations the restaurant

Her: bye then

I made my way out passing grams who was in the kitchen drinking her healthy smootgie


I parked my car Lindo was looking good I can give her that we made our way in it's a five star hotel so I booked a room and a table for two in  a dining area

Waiter: table for two

Me: yes for Olwethu I reserved a table earlier

Waiter: yes follow me sir

We followed him to our table I made sure it was a private area just to avoid eyes because me and Lindo tend to argue every time when we are out it was nice and romantic

I pulled a chair for her to sit and the waiter gave us menus

Him: my name is Thabo I will be you waiter tonight can I tell you about our specials

Me: no thanks we will just look at the menu give us a few minutes

Him: anything to drink while you browse?

Me: just bring us a bottle of red one the best one that you guys have

He left Lindo was looking at the menu

Me: so what will you have?

Her: I'm not sure yet but I don't want anything that will make me fat I have to watch my weight

Me: then I guess you'll be having a salad

Her: yeah I think so

We made our order and we drank wine while we waited

Me: so how is everything going?

Her: the preparations are okay ey tomorrow we have cake tasting at 10 mom said we should be early

Me: mom did mention that we won't be late

Her: we better not be or else mom will kill us

Me: Mmmhhhh is Okuhle coming too?

She looked at me weirdly

Her: No it's none of her business

Me: I though sisters shared these kind of things

Her:Yeah maybe but not me and Okuhle

Me: what did she ever do to you

Me: I though sisters shared these kind of things

Her:Yeah maybe but not me and Okuhle

Me: what did she ever do to you that made you hate her?

She was starting to be irritated

Her : nothing besides existing

Me: oh she is sweet Mos the last time I saw her she was friendly to me and we talked then I left

Her: maybe she wanted to seduce you that's what she is good at she is such a bitch

Her voice was a bit loud now

Me: ah come on she ain't that she even looked like a virgin to me

She looked at me shocked

Her: are you checking her out? 

Me: no I'm not I'm just saying she doesn't strike me as a bitch

Her: now you are defending her you don't even know her that well

Me: I've seen enough to now she has never even had a bf

Her: what? Why are we even talking about her?

Me: hawu she is your family and besides I'm just making a conversation

Her: there is a lot of things to talk about besides her

Me: oh at then but you still haven't said how she got to be in a coma for 2 months

Her: she fell on the stairs

Me: but she doesn't have broken ribs or knee to show that she fell

Her: how would you know all that? 

Me: I just know so what happened to her

Her: I told you Mos (shouting) besides Okuhle drinks

Me: but she was sober like a judge when I was there

Her: can we eat in peace please without talking about Okuhle

Me: okay fine I'll leave it at that then

Lindo is hiding something from me Okuhle didn't just fall maarn I went visit her but I always went there late between 19:00 and 21:00then I know she is alone or with a nurse but I haven't went there now that she is awake judge me but hey I think I like her I'm not so sure about the person I was now marrying

I looked at her she was focused on her salad

I continued eating I don't want this to be a fight I Wanna get some tonight

She was going a bit hard on that wine but I didn't mind after everything we went to our room

I closed the door when I turned she already kissing me see now this is what I'm talking about our breaths were high the kiss was getting Steamy and I loved every bit of it Lindo is something else in be

And I lived up to my standard I tossed and turned her like a coin she'd also take turns and be on top damn this girl can ride a man

I was groaning she was screaming it's like she wanted more and I was even getting tired aii cha

She gave up and we slept I dozed off immediately


My body can tell that last night was something else I woke up Olwethu was still sleeping I went to take a shower if I'm not pregnant right now I do think know what else is needed we didn't use a condom in fact we have never used a condom before

I got out of the shower and he was on  his phone

He looked up and u was standing there naked

Him: how about a morning glory before breakfast

Me: you read my mind

He came to me and I knew we was gonna do it against the wall

We went on for some time then he came

Him: I'm sure there is a lil junior growing in there already

Me: it's too early for that come on

Him: eventually he will be there

Me: ohhh we went to shower together it was showering alone as yall know but this time I just gave him a blow job and that took him to another planet I sucked him like it was the end of life

We dressed and went out but we couldn't sit in for breakfast since tie was not on our side so I bought a coffee and a muffin and McDonald's

Him: last night was greatnow I can't wait for  our wedding day

Me: and our honeymoon

Him: yeah Mara we will be going the following weekend after our wedding I can't be taking so many leaves at work and I need to fix things at the restaurant before we go

Me: Jah I know and we are going to cape Town angithi

Him: I don't know that's up to you phela these things are for you I don't need a white wedding cz you are my wife already so it all for you

I was blushing all the way


I was ready to go grams was here were now waiting for a doctor

He came in

Him: Good morning how are you today?

Me: I'm happy to be going home

Him: and you can go just sign the discharg forms at the reception and this is your prescription just in case you have any headaches since you hit your head during the fall

Me: thank you

Him: okay the don't fall again always watch where you are going I guess I'll see when there is something wrong with you but I'd advise you to come again next month so that we can be sure that you are fully fine just set an appointment on your way out or you can see me privately here is my card call to set an appointment

Me: thank you doc

I doubt I was even going to go for a check up cz I doubt grams has the money for it we made our way out to the reception I signed the forms

Onke approached us

Him: hawu mzala you were going to leave without saying goodbye I thought we were friends

Me: I thought you were busy doing your rounds

Him: aisuka here is my number when you have a phone I hope you will ring me some time and we can go out for drinks

We hugged and he left

Grams: your new friend is kind

Me: yeah he is grams so where are we going?

Her: to get you a phone and something to eat I know hospital food is not that great

I love my grams shame


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Ntutu 2019-02-23 16:46:28

HEBANA I love your new spunk Kuhle no more walking over you Lindo shame your hubby is not sure about you sorry vha Onke I like you Grams awwww