Okuhle's fall was bad not only on her on grams and on my mom too grams became very sick and she is been in and out of hospital since then my mother was somehow as much as she doesn't like Okuhle I doubt she wanted her dead

I wouldn't wish that on anyone even my worst enemy

Mom: it's been 2 months now we even postponed your wedding to next month why doesn't she wake up the doctors say she is fine its like she fell into a deep sleep

Me: let's not lose hope now ma

Her: hope? It's been there for a week now it's 2 months how long can it last?

She is right I'm not even hopeful myself I hate how this is all going maybe she is even doing it on purpose just to ruin my life

I left my mom and went to wait in the car I'm not about to spend  my days in this hospital


I was in this beautiful place it was so peaceful and so green even the water on the river was clean I was sitting in a bench admiring the beauty I've never seen a place like this I remember my mom hitting me but I didn't feel any of that pain anymore maybe I am dead I'll be glad to be dead

I saw a man and his wife feeding the ducks by the river oh love I never expirienced you in the world of the living you were just not made for me or I was not made for you 

The couple approached me and they were dressed in white I looked closely and it was my dad I didn't recognize the woman but I felt a warm connection when I looked at her and her smile was welcoming he hair was a natural afro it's like she was me only years older than me 

I ran to my dad and hugged him the warm and love he gave me through a hug was priceless that's how I remember him even when I was alive

Me:daddy what are you doing here?' 

Him:I should be asking you that angel?' 

Me:I don't know what happened all I remember is hitting the counter when my mom was hitting me then everything went blank until I woke up here am I dead?' 

The woman shed a tear as I was talking

Him:Let's take a walk my angel 

Me: who is this woman dad? 

He turned and looked at her his face showed love the way he looked at her is unexplainable 

Him: This is the woman who gave birth to you your mom Jozi

Me: you are so beautiful momwhy did you leave before we could make memories? I don't have any memory of you and now you look different from the pictures (I was now in tears) can we forever be like this please don't leave again 

She turned and looked at my dad

Her: it was never my intention to leave you alone but I had to give you life I had already lived mine I had a husband and I bought someone on earth I had to give you a chance to live and have the things I had and more and not die like I did

Me: I don't know if I can have those now all I know is that I am a maid in my own father's house Noma treats me like I'm a hobbo I don't even want to mention her daughter I don't want you to leave me again please promise me that at least it's all you can give me since you left when I was young barely an hour old

Her: I can't promise you that because you still have a lot to do on earth before you come here

We were now walking around the river but this was not your ordinary river it was peaceful it was still yet clean there were doves flying around in the sky the butterflies were out of this world what do I mean cz I'm out of the world vele

Me: but mama I don't want to be away from you guys ever again

Her: I was always with you even when the nurses were helping you breath in hospital I was there always singing you a lullaby 

Me: yes grams told me about that

Dad: angel you've been here for a long time now it's time to go back my son in-law still needs you

Son in law how did he know about that? 

Me: how do you know that? And why would he need me when he doesn't even know me

Him: he'll know you no matter how long it takes

Me: but I need you guys I don't care about him

Tears were streaming down my cheeks

Mom:hush baby you know I always said when God give me a child if it's a girl I will name her Indivilinkosi if it was a boy I'd name him nkosingiphile after all God heard my prayers or God gave me and your dad always had Okuhle in his head he believed God had done something great for him something that no man would give him

Dad: we never named you abuse so that you may never be okay or die being abused we didn't name you nonhlupheko we didn't want you to struggle we gave you that name so that you can receive great things from God if I can rename you now I'd say Lindokuhle await great things because God will bless you for every tear drop you have shed for all the pain you have felt and he will do that in the presence of your enemies 

Mom: now my child when you go back to the world Do not stop praying do not stop hoping for the better dont give up always be strong and know we are with you wherever you go

Dad: goodbye for now my child

Mom: I love you

we love you forever and always from then I felt like I was falling from a very steep hill and the force was stronger downwards than upward

At the hospital 

Doctor doctor she is having a seizure and her heart is failing 

Woman: what is going on with her? 

Nurse: please step outside ma'am

Doctor: 12 345678910

My spirit I was floating above my ward and the doctors we battling to keep me alive I went back inside my body

Doctor: she is back and she is awake how is that possible? This is a miracle

The doctor was shocked then he started examining me and everything was fine my heartbeat was normal everything 

Doctor: do you know what your name is? 

Me: yes I am Okuhle

Doctor: good how many fingers am I holding? 

Me: 2

Him: now

Me: 3

Him: it seems that everything is fine

He then went to talk to the nurse then left I laid there just looking around the nurse approached me

Him: Hi I'm nurse Onke 

From his gestures I could tell he is gay and he is handsome why do they have to be taken or gay? 

Him: stop daydreaming I don't play for you side dear

I just laughed 

Me: I'm Okuhle but I'm sure you already know that

Him: Yhoo mfazi did you die? Did you see heaven and Jesus? 

Me: lol no I'm here ain't I? 

Him: thing is you've been out for 2 months and a week now

Me: what? It's been that long it felt like a day

He looked at me puzzled

Him: How did you feel anything cz you was in a coma and never to wake up if I was your family I would have shut down these machines a long time ago and now I'd be eating all that life insurance money and from the funeral cover

I just laughed damn this guy

Me: I'm offended that you would have preferred money over me

Him: dear you need money for everything these days even taking a shit is costly month end the water bill comes back you gotta pay all that flushing down your shit is costly 

I laughed at that man this guy is crazy Grams walked in she looked pale

Me: grams

Her: welcome back to the world of the living

Me: I was never gone I just had to take a rest a bit

'' maybe you should've taken that rest forever since you don't seem bothered by being in hospital '' that was Noma making her way in with Lindo

Lindo: yes you should've just died you just delayed our lives

Geezer here we go again

Me: ngiyaphila Lindo no Noma

My mom was shocked by that

Her: you came back with no respect on top of it all

Me: I still have respect but it's reserved

I could tell she wanted to hit me right there and then

Her: I have been paying to keep your pathetic self alive I should've switched off the machines when the doctors advised me to

Me: oh no ma you didn't kill me when you hit me in the house so you was never gonna kill me even if you switched the machines off and I had respect for youbut you abused you me thinking that I was too soft to stand up to you maybe I was but now I'm not I'm tired of you treating me like a door mat while I do everything for you and get nothing in return you made me wish death more than anything you became God over my life ordering me around like some slave you own

I'm tired of being nothing to you and your precious princess I'm even surprised you postponed her wedding you should have married and let me be I was nothing to you anyways why stop your life for poor Okuhle

The room went silent Noma and Lindo just walked out grams looked at me and smiled

Her: I'm glad you finally have the courage to stand up for yourself my child whatever it is that they gave you wherever you went I pray it doesn't weigh out anytime soon

I looked at grams and I must say I'm also proud of my self I felt like a load of bags were lifted off my shoulders

After that I told grams about my time with dad and mom at first she thought I was crazy but eventually believed me when I told her about the names that my mom wanted to give

Her: oh how I wish to see my child again but it's not long till then

Then it hit me grams only has 3 months to live

Visiting hours were over grams left and Onke came inhis presence changes the atmosphere

Him: Yhoo mfazi you said you didn't die Mos? But I heard you tell your grandma about you dead parents

Me: you were eavesdropping Onke that is not a good thing to do

Him: bengizokubheka nje Dade and besides visiting you were my first patient to check on after my lunch so woza nazo

Me: you heard everything what else do you want to hear

Him: I just want to ask if you saw my mzala there phela so that you can give him a message from me

Oh God this one is something else for real how would I know his mzala and how will I give him a message


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