The thing I hate about any kind of gathering or ceremony or where there is a lot of people is cleaning up at the end of the day

But thank God my aunts were there so I didn't have to do everything by myself

I went to see grams she has been quite scarce

Grams:aunt k took you away from me this weekend thank God she has left  today

Yeah today it's Sunday and everyone has left and it's back to my life

Grams: don't look sad child it's not gonna be that bad they will be busy with wedding preparations

Me: I know grams but ey my life is not gonna be normal and that's a never

Grams: go get some money on my drawer buy yourself an ice-cream it will cheer you up

Me: nah grams I don't feel like sweets how about I make us some tea

I went to the kitchen my mom came in

Her: don't forget to take your things out of my room and make sure this house is clean 

I didn't answer her I just continued what I was doing 

So she made her way out I'm sure she is going to a spa treatment being a makoti is something she is not used to she has her maid I gave grandma her tea then went to start cleaning the house especially the bedrooms I miss my bed ey but hey there is nothing I can do now I have to go back to my back room 

....... 5 hours after...... 

I was done I took the meat out to defrost it the went to clean the yard I swear I'm everything in this house 

A car parked outside our gate I wonder who it is I continued with my work I am not a security guard 

Him: Hi

Me : hello

Him: is Lindo home? 

This must be Olwethu

Me: yeah but try calling her cell cz I'm not gonna go call her for you I'm busy

I went back to what I was doing and he didn't move an inch he was just looking at me

Me: is there anything else? 

Him: No.. No.. Yes... I mean

Me: dude which is which I don't have all day

Him: I'm your brother in-law can't you at least offer me a seat and a drink

Me: that's why I didn't do hospitality at school I wanted to avoid being nice when I don't have to be and besides your wife is supposed to run around like a headless chicken not me

Him: wow I can't believe you are talking to me like that

Me: awu ngiyaxolisa baba

Him: sarcasm doesn't suit you

He left after saying that I guess he is not seeing his wife anymore 


I drove off but Okuhle was still on my mind no woman has ever stood up to me like that and she is beautiful dammit

if only I met her first before my fiance 

I called Cee and we met at the chesa nyama

Him: poi yini? 

Me: nix poi 

Him: okay then I'm going home

Me: we just got here mos

Him: exactly and you are already boring me 

Me: okay okay I think I like someone 

Him: what do you mean? 

Me: I might like my sister in law I wish I met her first dawg from the way she is so cheek I think she is a virgin 

I looked at him and it's like his eyes left his eye sockets

Me: come on man say something don't just stare 

Him: where do I even begin

Me: forget I said anything 

Him: I knew marriage is not for you 

No man I have the wrong sisterDamn you Okuhle why show up now? 


I  went downstairs and the house was quiet but there were pots on the stove

Okuhle came in 

Her: you fiance was here I told him you were in the house and he should try calling you but he just left after that

Me: and you didn't bother to come and get me? 

Her: oh forgive me your highness I didn't know that was one of my duties

Dammit this girl is getting on my nerves

Me: you didn't call him because you are jealous you lil bitch

Her: what? 

Me: you heard me you not happy that my life is better than yours now you wanna seduce my man why wouldn't you call me out if he arrived I'm sure you even painted me bad to him

Her: painted you bad oh please I don't want your man and I'm happy with the way my life is thank

Mom came in great she is gonna help me kill this witch

Mom: what's with the noise? 

Me: this witch didn't come to get me when Olwethu got here and he left without seeing me? 

Mom: okuhle 

Her: ma.. I

Mom slapped her before she could say anything

She was hitting and cursing her until she his the counter and fell then stopped moving or breathing


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I hope you get hit by a semi truck sfebe

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Rha rubbish I hope you go to jail this time