It's only been hours and I'm already tired of running around get this and that from here and there

I wonder when the Radebes come to pay my bride price will everyone be running around like this making sure everything is perfect while I stay hidden in my room while the elders argue on  about the rightful price to be paid for me

Anyways this morning was busy the guest will be arriving soon

Aunt K: ibhabhalaza ingiphethe manje

Me: drink some water Aunt and you will be fine

Aunt K: angaze afe umyeni wam ngisela amanzi lemme make him breakfast

That's one thing about my aunt she takes care of her husband before anything else

Me: Thank God I'm single

Her: Mxm uyashada wena so you don't even have a certificate to qualify to be single

Me: aii aunty did you have to burst my bubble like that

Her: it's the truth my dear you've been up since morning go take a bath now we will take over you are just a child I don't understand why you work so hard

Me: I'm used to it Aunty but thank you lemme go bath

I left my aunt trying to figure out what I meant by that

The other aunts were outside cooking beef I took the longest warm bath I gotta enjoy this while it lasts

I got out to get dressed my mom was in my room

Me: ma

Her: don't get too comfortable it's just for this weekend meaning tomorrow is your last

After that she walked I swear this woman wakes up and plans to ruin my day maybe she even dreams about me I swear

I got dressed in the clothes that Grams bought for me Mr price can make you look great

I went to check on Lindo she was sitting there all sad

Me: hey wasup?

Her: hey Kuhle I'm okay just nervous

Me: you look sad than nervous

Her: I think Olwethu is cheating on me

Me: come on girl who ever that sank is has nothing against you you are the one he is paying a bride price for and soon you will be the one with a shiny diamond ring

She smiled I think that cheered her up a little

Her:  Thank you Kuhle

Me: no problem lemme leave you to fix yourself up for you in-laws (wink)

I left and went down to see what aunt K is up to


I don't really know why I'm even wearing this traditional dress but I can't let this slip off my finger but here I am standing in front of this mirror

the dress look good on me but do I look good for the dress nope

My mom came in while I was lost in my thoughts

Her: darling you look great just smile a little

Me: come on mom I can't just smile for nothing

I went and sat down on  the bed

Her: come on baby everything will be fine and your wedding is gonna be out of this world

Me: and you gonna make sure of that won't you?

Her: oh yes baby and I told your uncles to charge that boy you are my one and only Angel and you have no baby

Me: that's not true you know that mom

Her: and they don't

Wow I can't believe my mom but maybe it's better this way

Her: look baby I'll come get you when that need you

She left to join my aunts outside since they were done cooking and are not allowed to be in the house until the elders are done talking

45 mins later

I thought they were never gonna finish

My mom came to get me so that she can present me to my in-laws then after we went back to the room with all the other aunts who were coming to teach me about marriage

Aunt 1: you must run your husband a bath then make him breakfast

Aunt 2: his clothes must be clean and Ironed

Mom: and you must always cook for him the way to a man's heart is through his stomach

NOW that's hilarious but I didn't wanna seem disrespectful

Aunt K: and you must feed his other needs even if you are tired that's the only way to keep a man and by being submissive don't ask him about his whereabouts just warm the bed for him

Mom: and never raise your voice at him

Hayi they make marriage sound like work ayy

Okuhle was also here my aunts said it will be too busy to do this on the day her bridal price will be paid I'm glad I have a better marriage than okuhle's this just shows how pathetic her life is


I have been trying to call Lindo but her phone takes me straight to voicemail I drove up to the pub and grill to meet up with my squad because if I stay another minute in this house imma lose my mind my uncles are not back yet

I got to the pub and grill and Cee(Siyanda) and Zee(Zimele)

Them: poi

Me: did yall have to go all choir on me

Cee: stop being cheesy sit your ass down

Zee: dude are you really getting married?

Me: apparently

Cee: are you sure about this dawg? You don't really strike me as that type

Zee: yeah you've been breaking hearts all your life that's what you know are you gonna be able to do this?

I didn't know how to respond to this ey

Me: guys please yall can make a groom run away from at the aisle

Cee: we just looking out for your ass man

Me: yeah thanks for making me doubful

Zee: you was never sure

I just laughed at them

Cee: man are you sure you wanna have one v-jay jay all your life?

Zee: you'll be sick in a day

Me: if yall don't stop talking about this I'm leaving yall are depressing me even more

Truly speaking I don't think I'm cut out for this marriage thing I hope she continues being good in bed at least that will put me on a leash


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XahMie 2019-03-08 22:04:51

Wuuu shame

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Yho shame Lindo I feel for ya