There is never a dull moment with uncle B

He came towards

Him: nkosazana

Me: malume kunjani?

Him: Hawu mntanam ngiyaphila Mina thank Godness I don't have a wife I'd be stressed right now

LOL my uncle doesn't seem to be bothered by not having a wife I just laughed I didn't know what to say 

Him: imagine if your mom was my wife Yhooo Ayy ngeke kube kudala ngafa 

Me: ha! Malume

Him: cha mntanami Nina besifazane niyinkinga niyaxaka futhi 

I just smiled

Him: angeke nje ngishade umxhosa phela uNoma wathi singcolisa izingubo zakhe ezibizayo

Oh that's why my uncle comes with his own blankets and a mattress shame man

He went to join the other uncles in the dining room 

My mom came to me

Her: did you talk to Lindo she needs your help with something 

Me: Jah but I can't help her take her to a culinary school ma

Her: heeehhh nayi ngulube inginonela bo you will teach Lindo what she needs to know don't think my kindness is permanent 

Why am I not surprised it was fake anyways 

Me: I will teach her ma

I left her there so that we don't cause drama I went to sit with Aunt K she was drinking her ciders

Me: Aunt K

Her: I'm getting drunk manje mntanam 

Me: I see 

Her: I will die if I stay sober in this house with your mom around 

I just cracked my aunt is something else though


My name is olwethu I am 25 years old yall know a bit about me 

I have never really though about settling down and getting married but because I can only be CEO In my father's company when I'm married and my mom already had eyed Lindo for me since she is best friends with my mom and I know Lindo since primary until we got to varsity 

Her: so if you get married what will happen to us? 

Me: Thandi you knew there was nothing between us it was just sex 

Her: but you don't even love that girl and I doubt she would satisfy your hunger and do all your sex preferences or even endure physical abuse

Me: that's for me to worry about not you and I'm sure you can get anyone else you have the looks and the body

Thandi is my sex girl I just go to her for sex and I sponsor her glamorous lifestyle 

Growing up was never easy I always had to prove myself to my dad but still I was never good enough for him he used to beat me and my mom a lot we only got to be free from him when he got arrested but he got out then got himself a young girl but we still keep in contact I wanna be CEO to take that company from him he owes me and my mom that much


I tried calling Olwethu again and luckily he answered 

Him : Hey babe

Me : Hey love about earlier I'm sorry I will learn the house chores you know I'll do anything to please you

Him: it's okay babe I shouldn't have reacted that way

Some one in the background spoke

Voice: babe I'm leaving now call me neh

Him : okay keep your phone close neh

I can't believe this he is with another woman when he is paying my lobola tomorrow 

I dropped the call he doesn't even hide it 

I threw my phone against the wall I need a strong drink right now

I got a bottle of wine in the kitchen I just downed it straight from the bottle I really needed it Uncle K came in

Him: Hawu kushada isidakwa ke

Me: hayi malume please you don't understand umkhwenyana uyangijolela

Him: so you are downing yourself with alcohol how will that help he is not the first you didn't find him single so it will be up to you to make him leave all that nonsense 

Me: Kodwa malume 

Him: Ayy akuna Kodwa la Lindo grow some tits you are a woman now this is the real world not Romeo and Juliet ngathi lomfana uzikhande ngelitshe emnweni 

He left after saying that I just don't understand why he thinks this is okay I went outside and found Okuhle sitting with Aunt K I'm not surprised she always loved Okuhle not me I went to join them around the fire it was a bit cold

Aunt K : Your highness how nice of you to join us

Argh here we go again it's gonna be a long weekend 

Me : Kodwa aunty can't you even pretend to like me at least 

Her: your and die of pretense Ayy cha I don't fake my dear unlike you 

Great just what I need Okuhle was just sitting there smiling 

Me: so Okuhle how far are you with your wedding plans

Okuhle : what's there to plan about me wedding

Me: maybe you are even marrying an old crippled man

Aunt K : you are just trying to make yourself feel better about yourself wena tholukuthi muhle umuntu ka Okuhle and amphathe kahle more than what that thing you call a husband is doing ucabanga ukuthi angikuzwa ukuthi uphuzile I'm sure he is cheating that's why uso 

Mxm who is she to psycho analyze me she is just a drunkard

Me : at least ngiyamazi umyeni wami angishadi abazali bakhe

Aunt K : aisuka you are not even pure at least okuhle is pure whoever marries her will be one lucky bastardI can't say the same about

This was just gonna depress me even more so I left and went back to my room


No matter how much aunt K tried to cheer me up but what Lindo said got to me she is always better than meshe is getting her happiness either way I can't say I'm gonna be happy 

Grams joined us but she really was not looking good this cancer might even take her earlier than anticipated 

Grams: hayi Kazi usudakiwe

Aunt k : I can't stand your daughter nawe uyazi if I stay sober this house will be ashes in hours

Grams: hayi Nawe uyakhuluma yhoo Okuhle uright? 

Aunt answered before I could 

Aunt k: yila doti yomntwana ka Noma le ifika ithi Okuhle might be marrying a cripple or an old man

Grams: Argh don't let her get to you baby we are all proud of you and you should be proud of yourself umfazi omdala nje uLindo 

Me: thanks grams lemme go get you a blanket it's a bit cold

Her: no dear I just came to say goodnight my days of staying up all night are long gone you guys enjoy yourselves 

Grams left after that I was also feeling a bit cold and tired 

Me: hayi aunt k Mina ngiphuze amanzi wodwa so I'm getting cold ngisayolala

Her: I'll join you soon baby we are sharing a bed tonight

Me: okay aunt K

I left and we to my room I took a bath first then went to bes

She got inshe was singing and dancing 

Lol my aunt is something else I tell you I wore my my night dress and got into bed

Her: uyabona ke even when you are married you should do that bath before you get into bed so that you smell nice for husband 

Lol hayi cha I give up

She got in bed and just dozed off I wonder if my uncle knows she is here 

My aunt is married to Uncle menzi see that guy is very calm and my aunt is the opposite but she never talks back or shout at him she respects him and he let's her drink when there are gatherings like this one uncle menzi and my father were twins my father's name is Muzi

They have always fought about who is older

I wish I was a twin too

Let me sleep tomorrow is gonna be a long day


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