I got home and some of the uncles had arrivedi greeted then went to room i am in no mood to entertain

My mom followed

Her:what's wrong baby?

Me: i had an argument with Olwethucan you believe he wants me to learn house choreshe practically said im only useful in bed nothing else

i couldn't hold back my tears i just cried

Her: well baby men are differentif that's what he wants the do it for himyou don't expect him to cook?

Me:but ma i am not made for domestic thingsyou also know thatwhere would i even begin to learn all those things

Her: come on no one is made for domestic choreseveryone learnsyou can buy recipe books

Me: but ma i'll never be like Okuhleits like she has a manual of everything

Her: aisuka you will learn and then you will persuade your husband to hire a maid it won't be hard you are a woman

Me: ma sex won't make him say yes to a maid he made that clear

Her: you know what if sex doesn't work then do the house chores to a point that he gets boredgive him a little in bed and tell him you are tired if he fights just tell him you can't be good at everything

WOW my mom is a geniusif work a lot around the houseand give him lil in bed then he won't have no choice but to hire someone because men want to be satisfied 

Me: ma you are the bestthank you so much

Her: not to worry dearnow we will go to that useless girland she will teach you the traditional dishes just so you can balance your meals 

Great i will never fail with mom on my side


We bought everything i neededgrams even took me to spur for lunchwe were now headed home and i was in a very good mood i won't let my mom and her lil witch to get tome

We got home and the aunts and uncles were around i was looking forward to seeing aunt kazi and malume bheki

I greeted everyone in the house with a smilemy mom came downargh i wish she can just vanish

Her: Angel you are back? how was your outting with grams

Okay why is she being nice all of a sudden?

Me: it was greatexcuse mei need to go put these in my room

Her: you must be tiredtake a long warm bath it will relax you

i passed her and made my way up the stairs but i didnt go to my room as yet i wanted to eavesdrop

Her: you know raising two teenage girls is very difficult

Aunt1: look where we are nowyou are doing a great job with them

Her: i try dear its not as easy as it looks

Aunt2: Okuhle is lucky to have youno woman raises her step daughter and also love them like her own

Her: she is my sister's child so that practically makes her mine

Oh my God i don;t believe she is painting herself like thee best step mom everif only people knew the real person she is

i went to my room i just couldn't listen to all the lies she was saying im sure even her cheeks hurt from all that fake smiling

Lindo walked into my roomi wonder what she wants

Her: Hi

Me: HI

Her: i need your help with something

Me: what can i help you with you have everything you need i doubt there is anything i can help you with

Her: oh no darling trust i have everythingi just need you to help me with cookingi need to  learn some few dishes

Me: oh and i look like a culinary school?

Her: oh please stop with the cheap pride its not like you have a choice anyways im even doing you a favor by asking

Wow its like i have to beg her now but she is the one who needs my helpi need to  learn some few dishes

Me: oh and i look like a culinary school?

Her: oh please stop with the cheap pride its not like you have a choice anyways im even doing you a favor by asking

Wow its like i have to beg her now but she is the one who needs my helpi just stood up and left her there to go join the aunts in the kitchen id rather be there than here

Aunt Kazi was there arguing with mom

Aunt K: heeeh ucabanga ukuthi ungubani wena Noma? awuna makoti la sonke size ngendlela eyodwa ngezinkomoyou wont be ordering me aroundand buy some alcohol

My mom just walked away and said nothingthat can only mean she has met her match finallyi went to Aunt K

Her: i dont know how you guys have survived this long living with Nomaher presents pollutes the air 

i laughed

Me: i guess we are very strong then

Her: ni strong shameenough about her before i get a headacheunjani/

Me: im okay Aunt Ki cant really complain

Her:i heard uyashada nawe soon

A topic i didn't want to talk about 

Me:jah something like that Aunt K

Her: look baby just because your marriage is arranged it doesn't mean its not a marriage

Me: but Aunt Kshouldn't we love each other for us to get married

Her: you can grow to love each other its the sametake it like an adventureeveryday you learn knew thing about each otherlook at meim still here and imma die here and my marriage was arrangedim not saying everything will be sweet and candyroses and petalsat some point you'll arguefight to a point that you wanna go homeimagine fighting first day of your marriage because of debtthese white weddings are expensive dear some people even take loans for them

Me:ngiyakuzwa Aunt K

Her: for his family to choose you it means they see that you are a good girl and you are the right girl to marry their son

She does have a point there

Malume Bheki got inwhen he is around you first here his noise before you see his face

Him: kwathuleka kangaka lasiyangcwaba yini?

my aunts started ululating and singingtrust my uncle when it comes to fun

Him: awuzwa kekwenziwa kanje ke

He was carrying his drinksthats what i like about himhe doesn't need you to accommodate himhe  takes care of himselfbring his own drinks and his own camp chair and blanketswho ever will be his wife will be lucky


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