I had accepted to marry Blessing but that is something we can not talk about since Lindo is also getting married when we told my mom about my marriage she just said there is nothing like that we just want to take her daughter's spotlight

Things were hard on me because she was treating me like trash I stopped eating with them I eat when they are done but grams sometimes eats with me but her health is detoriating so she can't stay up till late

I had just finished dishes and I was going to bed MA came down to the kitchen

Her: listen here wena I want you to go upstairs pack your things you'll be sleeping in the store room now there is no place for you in this house

I don't believe this woman she is now kicking me out

Me:but ma it's not like there is anyone who doesn't have a room here

Her:  so now you are telling me about my house and from now on  you will wear this

She was carrying the maids overall uniform

I looked at her and she was just cold I swear this woman doesn't have a heart

I took the uniform and went to pack my things I also took my blankets and went down and out to the store room

The store room is not that small it was initially a back room but now it's filled with some of my mother's things I don't know when I'm going to get through this I still need to clean this room before I can sleep

At least there was Lindo's old single bed I won't be sleeping on the floor

I cleaned fixed the bed there was a stove some pots and a small built-in cupboard I made it look homely by the time I was done my back was killing me I just threw myself on the bed and slept like that


My wedding day is in 2 months time but Olwethu's uncles will be coming this weekend for the lobola negotiations my was going all out for this she did call my father's family you see my father is Zulu and my mom is Xhosa that's why we live in KZN not E. C

Things between me and Olwethu's are okay but I am a bit doubtful about this marriage even though I love him

My phone was ringing it was him

Me: babe

Him: my woman how are you?

Me: I am okay babe what about you?

Him: I am good hun I just wanted to hear your voice before I go to bed

Me: Oh how nice of you it's great hearing your voice too

Him: that's how I want it to be I want my voice to be the first and last voice you hear during your day

Me: mmmmmmhhhhhh ain't you just sweet

Him: I'll be anything for you my love I'll be peri-peri when you want me to be I'll be lemon sour I'll be bitter

anything you want

I just blushed I had nothing to say he always makes me speechless we said our good nights and I slept with a smile from ear to ear


' oh babe that was great you know how to hit all the corners of my body he just laughed and continued kissing me babe we still haven't talked about our trip you still haven't told me where we are going' him: it's a surprise love he smiled damn my husband is one hell of a handsome man his dimples his shallow but sexy smile with his not so big eyes he is just perfect with his bushy eyebrows ' I felt some wetness I jumped

Geez I opened my eyes and my mom was standing there looking at me oh great it was just a dream

I quickly got up

Her: what time is it Okuhle?

I was wet damn this woman just poured me with a bucket full of cold water

Me: I don't know ma

Her: where is my breakfast?

Oh shit it's morning already I took my phone and checked the time it was 8am already Geez I was suppose to wake up at 6

Me: uxolo mama I'll go prepare it now I slept late last night tidying this place

Her: don't make your problems mine here is a list of groceries that you must go and buy here is the money

I took the list and the money the she left

Great what happened to just shaking a person now I have to take the blankets and the mattress out on the sun like I urinated on my bed on my sleep

I went and got water from the outside tap atleast it has hot and cold water its one of those outside double sinks I know bath in a dish  no more shower or bathtub

I  made my out to the house to go and check on grams she was still sleeping there was dishes in the sink I'll see them when I get back I went out to go to catch a taxi to go to the Mall and buy everything


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