My grandma and i were on our way out when my mother came downstairs.

Her:Okuhle yeka i'll take your grandma to a doctoryou need to do the laundry today and iron my clothesim going to a gala dinner later onmy outfit is on the bedand please steam iron it and you know my clothes are only handwashed and seperate the colours

Me: kulungile ma

Her: wake your sister up will you?

I made my way up the stairs as mom and grams went outi dont know why i even bother myself by waking her up but i dont want to be in trouble with mom

i knocked on the doortwice when i was about to open"fuck off Kuhle"

Me: but you have to go to school

Her:leave me the hell alone i dont have a class today

okay then that saves me from troubleso i had to start with the cleaning first before i do my mom's laundry 'ahhh today is gonna be a long day'

it was around 12 midday and ihad just finished half of the house choressince it was a friday that means every room had to be clean with changed sheets and bed coversand also change the towels in every bathroom

Lindo came down looking like hell 

Her: hawu! kuhle why didnt you take my laundry in my room?

Me: dude you told me to fuck off angithi

Her: well im awake now so you can go get themso what's for breakfast?

Me: its midday not morningso you can go make yourself lunchbecause i have a lot to do

Her: Kuhle did you just say i should make my own lunch? you aint busy now so get on with it im starving and please make something spicy like wings

Me: you're crazy do you know how long that will take for me to make i cant do thatyou have handsalready i have to do your laundry i cant be doing everything for you

I didn't wait for her to answer i left her there to finish cleaning the roomsso that i can start with handwashing mom's laundryoh shit i should've started with that those clothes wont dry nowi quickly rushed to fix my mom's outfit if i finish that i can do the laundry later on

There is never a day where i worry about petty things like a bf not calling me back I worry about the laundrybreakfastlunchdinner....etc

There was too much shouting downstairsand i couldnt ignore when i got there my mom was raving fire

Lindo: ma Kuhle didn't wake me up i ended up being late so thats why im here and not at school

Mom: what? that little witch how could she do that when i told her to wake you before i left

Lindo: and when i asked her to make me lunch she refused and i had to eat bread and peanut butter the whole day and she disappeared for hours 

Mom: where is she

I cant believe Lindo just lied to my mom i ran back to the laundry room so that mom can find me busy and see that Lindo is lyingshe got in and i got up

Her:heyyy wena nondindwa phakama undijonge

Me: mangenzeni?

i felt some hotness on my cheek from that i knew im dead today

Her: uthi nywe nywe!where have you been ?

Me:I've been here the whole day

she pulled me by my ear 

Her: ungangiphenduliwhy didnt you wake Lindo up? you want her to fail and be the failure that you are

Me:im sorry ma

she took off her heel and hit me senselessly'uyidoti okuhleuyathakatha maarnjust drop dead maarn'

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Ntutu 2019-02-23 08:16:57

Nope she is not your mother love and probably killed your dad too mh