Success is never owned,its rented.

Author : Busisiwe Ngcanga

Genre :  N/A

Description :  I had to give up all that I ever loved, all my friends and family. The memories i had made. My parents house and most of all I had to give up my own life so that a new me can be born. Trust me all this I have today didn't come easy as it may seem. Hardship of labour, waking up everyday with no hope of something better and promising, did take a toll once in mylife. Look now! I have all that i have dreamt of and more. I have a wonderful husband and two beautiful kids, my life have never been any better, just the thought of me laying in my couch all day long and money just flowing without me even having to file in files in the system, make cups of coffee for thee "boss" or even worce having to work my ass off for a pennyless change at the of the month. God has been good indeed! Well before all the glory and splendid lifestyle heres my story...

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success is never owned its rented

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