He continued pounding me very hard forgetting I'm also Human .He had no mercy on me Whenever he wanted me to scream or maybe moan he would grab my weave very hard so I would scream in agony... As strong as I am I found my self very weak .I couldn't hold it in anymore ..I tried to bit my trembling lower lip but who was I to ignore the pain I was in .A loud sob escaped my lips .But did he stop? No !
I thanked the Almighty when he got of me and walked to the ensuit bathroom to dispose the condom and came back and splashed cold water all over me .
"This will help relax you !" He said

I sat at the corner of the bed hugging my legs and continued sobbing silently ..He walked out again and came back in his suits .
"Konje how much is it ?" he asked taking his wallet out and counting a few notes 
"It's R1500 sir" my voice was failing me but I'm glad he heard me 
Sir:"I'm deducting R500 from it .You were not performing well "
He threw the money at Me 
"Thatha makgosha (Take prostitute) 
He walked out ..
Mom came rushing in 
Mama:"Where's my money ?" 
I picked it up and slowly gave it to her .She saw the tears in my eyes but she couldn't do what every mother would do SHE COULDN'T COMFORT ME !
She counted the money and gave me an Evil look 
Mama:"Where's the rest of the money ?"
I kept quiet
Her:"Where's it wena nja?"
Me:"I..He didn't give me "
Her:"You were not doing what you were supposed to do .I am losing clients because of you !Yini Kanti?" She was shouting 
I kept quiet 
Her:"I won't tolerate this. Get up and prepare your self for your next client !" She walked out after saying that !.

Where was God when all of it happened mara heeh?
Isn't he supposed to protect me like he promised in the bible .
My own mother my biological mother has turned me into a prostitute ..

My name is Boitumelo Mokoena .25 years of age but I have nothing I would be proud to show the world that this this was my success .The only thing I have in my name is my matric certificate of which I didn't pass well because I never got all the support from my mother. My father died when I was 14 years .Maybe if he was still alive I wouldn't be here .I know for sure that he was going to protect me because God himself has failed me ...My mother owns a Morgue which is successful and known to be the best morgue in Africa ...My mom has money which most of it she earns it from a night club where she turned young girls to prostitutes .She only has two daughters my little sister Boineelo who we turn to be same age (you'll understand when the story continues) .She treats Boineelo alot different from how she treats me .Unlike me Boineelo isn't a proustite but petty she has a daughter who is 9 years this year and a son who mom gave away for adoption fearing what people might say ....

255 255);">Back to the story .I managed to entertain 5 clients and slept with three and later on was my night off .At least I would make my own money then because my mother doesn't or didn't pay me .

"Run!!!" Kwena shouted .I had to run faster because he was running after me and surely approaching me . 
I no longer had the strength in me but I had to force my self to run because the bag we stole from him was gonna be my ticket to a happy and free life .

But who was I kidding ?
He caught up with me and punched me hard on the face making me lose balance and fall on my back ...I covered my face with my hands expecting the worst and more from him but how he groaned made me lift my head up and stare at him .His hand held on his back He was bleeding through a white shirt Kwena stabbed him .
He fell and slowly shut his eyes. 
He seemed lifeless but did I give a fuck? Actually no!
"Get up and let's go we have time" Kwena said helping me up and we took the bag and ran

This is who I am and that's how i survive .

My life had never been a bed full of roses. Death is the only thing that could save me from all of this but the truth is I fear death .
Strong is an understatement of how I am .I survived storms heavy rainfalls Snows fire volcanoes and all .
I just thank God I still do get the courage to wake up in the morning and have hope that God will come to rescue me even if it wasn't yesterday and isn't today and won't be tomorrow but all I have In me is Hope ..

Again My name is Boitumelo Mokoena ride with me as I am taking you to the hardships of my life .....

MY MOTHER'S HATRED has landed me where I am today and it has ripped my heart off me as I am just a person with no feelings at all .My mother took my heart and crushed it then burned it !!!
??My mother's hatred


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Moumi 2018-11-07 02:51:04

Loving this already although I feel like I'll be crying through out the book