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'Being unloved unwanted uncared for by your own mother is much greater hunger much greater poverty than the person who practically has nothing to eat '

The first few years of prison has been hell for me but I accepted that prison is my home when time went on and now that is my life ...I had accepted that I was no longer getting out but now that I had accepted I have to go out and start on a new life again ?
I was in the cell with general and other inmates 
general: "Do now that you're going out there you'll have to raise our flag outside there "
I brushed my forehead 
"I'm thinking of leaving the italiano life "
Her: "What?But you'll have to sacrifice blood "
..."Blood for blood "
I sighed 
I stood up immediately
and took the okapi I had and stepped one of the inmates while others ran to the corner ...

"God please make Luthando forget everything .I swear if he does I'll stop stealing and respect my mother. Lord I'll continue working for her ..."
That was my short prayer while Kwena and i were both kneeling down with our eyes closed.
Kwena doesn't believe in prayer infact she doest not believe that God exists at all but I found her also calling his name for protection...

My throat was dry .I no longer had tears because I have been silently sobbing .The stronger Kwena was also weak.It was just hard accepting that Luthando was really killing us .He seemed scary

255);">My throat was dry .I no longer had tears because I have been silently sobbing .The stronger Kwena was also weak.It was just hard accepting that Luthando was really killing us .He seemed scary his cute face was just sour and his looks were just evil ...

The scotch whiskey was still on the coffee table but I couldn't drink it I just needed to see my self dying or die sober ...
When he walked back to the lounge my fear became even stronger .My heart was beating so fast more like it would explode ..I couldn't even swallow my own saliva...
He had changed to simple jeans and golf tee ....He walked to the kitchen and came back holding green apple and knife in hand 
"They pretend to know me 
Do they know I'm poisonous?
Do they know I can kill?
Do they know I'm dangerous?"
He was rapping some rap song I don't even know and it would've been cute if it was something decent but it was scary because of the lyrics ...He chuckled viewing his deep dimples and platinum tooth on the side 
Him:"I think its time we talk "
He sat on the coffee table opposite us to face us while roughly cutting the apple .I think it was to scare us more than we were and to tell the truth it was working
Kwena:"We swear we don't have your money "
He laughed bitterly
"Uyati I worked hard for LA!quiz ... I spend sleepless nights working to put la!quiz where it is today and Nina you come to ruin my success ?"
**Yoh !!!!So he's the owner of LA!quiz???!***
We kept quiet 
He continued chopping the apple very hard 
Luu:"I'll give you two options ...That will be to give me all my money and people you worked with then I let you go or not to give me my money then I kill you "
Kwena:"We'll give you your money...We promise if you let us go you won't ever see us again" kwena was more scared 
He raised his eyebrow
"Then the people you worked with ?"
We both kept quiet 
He stood up
"I guess you still need some time to decide then I'll give you a few minuites to do that "
He walked to the kitchen but stood halfway 
and turned back to us 
"Boitumelo you are slowing making me show you my dark side !" He walked out 
"He is the owner of LA!quiz" kwena whispered panicking 
I bite my nails (I usually do that when I'm scared)
"Where is your cellphone we need to call Thomas to come resue us ...."

Even the blinds would see that Thomas was behind Luthando finding us but I couldn't tell Kwena because I knew how crazy she would get ...

If my intentions were to kill them then I would have long done that but I just wanted to torture them .I should say Kwena is Lucky to have Boitumelo by her side because if it wasn't for her then I would have long chopped her body parts ...
I rolled a blunt one more time while I was still in the kitchen to keep my self busy while the bitches were still deciding I hope their decision was gonna be worth it ..My phone rang while I was still puffing some weed and I groaned when Boineelo's name flashed on the screen 
"Hey ?" I answered 
Her:"Babe are you are your apartment? I have a surprise for you "
I rolled my eyes 
Her:"Okay I'm on my way .Love you "
She hung up ..
"Great !She just saved the party!!"
**Note the sarcasm**
I walked back to the kitchen and stood door way while leaning on the wall 
"Have you decided yet?''
Boitumelo:" We ....we will give all your money back .." He voice was graspy 
"And the people you worked with ?"
She kept quiet 
"Haiy .You can go "
They stood up.
"One wrong move !You'll have me to deal with "
They both nodded repeatedly 
I gave Kwena my keys and se walked out ..Boitumelo was about to walk past me but I held her arm turning her waist to bring her more closer ..
Her eyes showed fear only .
Her body was just stiff 
"Relax will you ?" I whispered 
Me:"I'll ask Thomas to keep you in his apartment until I figure out what I can do with you for now behave "
She kept quiet 
I ran my thumb on her face 
And smiled 
"Continue being a good girl "
She bit her trembling lip 
"Don't sweat I won't kill you " 
She closed her eyes ...I made sire my breath hit hard on her skin and I smiled when she had goosebumps
I ran my thumb to her chin and made her lips meet mine and tried to kiss her but she couldn't give in making me suck her lower lip very hard and she flinched in pain ..I laughed while letting her go and creating space for her to pass 
And I smiled even wider when she walked out ....

Mother's hatred ????


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