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The troubles I face face everyday is all because of my mother's hatred .She has landed me in a pool full of blood !"


I was trying so hard not to show any fear but it was just hard as I was trembling .
Even my outfit showed I wasn't going anywhere romantic or maybe special .
Why was I suppose to look beautiful or dress to kill knowing it might be my last day on earth?
I wore black long sleeve t-shirt that covered my butt also with black legging and black Gucci kicks ..Black was the best outfit just to mourn for my self ..I waited for Kwena downstairs since well she was taking her own time 

In the meantime i decided to type a message for Boineelo so as to let her know 
I switched my phone off after sending the message .
"You could have told me you changed your mind than to let me dress for nothing !" Kwena spoke startling me a bit 
"Uuhh?" I looked at her confused
Her:"Why aren't you in outfit ?"
I stood up 
"Ke sharp .Are you done ?"
She gave me a questioning look 
Her:"Yeah "
Me:"Shall we ?"
I said taking my handbag from the coffee table and led the way .I was too emotional to say anything .She locked the door behind us .
Luthando said he'll send his driver to pick us up and the driver was already outside waiting for us 
"There is our ride " I spoke walking to it but Kwena's tight grip on my hand stopped me 
Her:"Boitumelo I don't understand .What's going on?"
Me:"Kwena can we just leave ? And stop asking many questions!!"
"Okay!" She said while let go of my hand and lifting her hands up as a form of surrender..
The drive to Luthando's apartment was short .Just when we climbed off the car outside his apartment fear just kicked in .I couldn't hold it in anymore as I started shaking even more and my body sweat .I was even shivering even when it was very hot ...
The driver: "This way ladies "
Me:"Its okay we'll take it from here "
He nodded while walking away 
Kwena: "Boitumelo you're jumpy .."
I kept quiet trying to maintain the fear I had 
Her:"Boitumelo I'll be asking you for the last time .What's going on ?"
Me:"Kwena i-...."
My voice was failing me as tears started filling up my eyes .I have never been so scared in my life..
"Kwena I have killed us " I spoke wiping my tears with the back of my hand .Thank God I had no make up on .
Her:"I still don't understand "
Lying wasn't helping anymore more .I had to tell Her everything so she would also be prepared for everything that was gonna happen inside there so I began telling her everything .
She showed no fear 
"But it still doesn't prove that he knows we are the ones that stole from LA!quiz"
I kept quiet 
"The owner of LA!quiz takes no shit so if it was him he wouldn't have said anything but killed you the moment he laid his eyes on you " she continued
Me:"So what do you mean?
Her:"Boitumelo we just walk in there and act all innocent if he does anything wrong then we kill him "
I swallowed 
Her:"So act strong and stop being a chicken !"

if he does anything wrong then we kill him "
I swallowed 
Her:"So act strong and stop being a chicken !"

"The b***hes following me like lost puppies 
Let 'em know I ain't what they think I am 
They are tripping
I'm non's type 
All 'e btiches I dated are now six feet under 
Should I say heart attack?........"
I was rapping along with the song playing on trace.
I had no T-shirt on just gold chain around my neck .Black hemisphere short sweatpants and Jordan kicks .
The room was just filled with weed smoke ...
**I'm not a heavy smoker of weed but stress just push me to smoking very hard "
The knock on the door disturbed me .I stood up and walked to the kitchen to welcome whoever .
I smilesd when I was welcomed by Boitumelo's cute face 
"Ladies ...."
I opened the door wider to welcome them in and they walked inside and sat on the high chairs 
"Forgive me for the smoke "
Kwena:"Its okay "
Me:"Can I get you anything to drink?"
Boitumelo: "Do you have anything strong ?"
**She was trembling shame ***
I nodded 
I looked at Kwena 
Her: "Wine will be fine "
I chuckled opening the cupboard and took a bottle of Scotch whisky and three glasses 
Me:"Something strong could use for all the three of us "
They kept quiet 
I rinsed the glasses and gave them to Boitumelo 
" You can go to the loungeI'll follow you "
They slowly stood up ..
I locked the door and walked behind them to the lounge ..
Lord help me but I was just getting angry slowly .Maybe the weed I had smoked contributed a bit because I couldn't care whether I kill them or what ...
I sat on the coffee table right before them since well they were both seated on the one couch ..

I opened the whisky and SLOWLY poured it in glasses 
"Niyangati Mara Nina (Do you know me)?"
They kept quiet I raised my eyebrow looking at both of them .Boitumelo swallowed hard but kwena didn't show any fear 
**The kind I could deal with***
I gave Boitumelo the glass then Kwena 
"Kwena ?"
She looked at me more like surprised and took the glass.
Boitumelo gulped down the whiskey .I poured her the second glass and gave it to her but she shook her head no 
"Leni (Why)? "
Me:"Take this and don't bullshit me wena "
She took it 
I stood up and side leaned against the wall with my hands folded 
"I need you to finish the whole bottle "
They kept quiet.The freaky Kwena stood up 
Her:"This is just bullshit. I have to get somewhere"
I chuckled giving her the scariest look ever 
"Utsini (Excuse me )?"
Kwena:"What exactly do you want from us?"
Me:"My money " I said calmly 
Her:"Well you've got wrong people because we don't have your money "
Her:"Boitumelo let's go"
Boitumelo stood up ..
Kwena was about to walk past me but I tightly grabbed her weave and she flinched 
"You'll go back to that couch and behave your self I'm pretty sure you don't wanna mess with me like you already have"I whispered in her ear 
She kept quiet 
I took my already choked gun from my waist 
" Or maybe you want me to insert a bullet here?" I said rubbing the gun on her womanhood
She swallowed 
"I'm not scared "
I laughed bitterly.I pulled the trigger right in between her legs and I laughed when the bullet hit hard on the wall making her literally wet her self 
"Nc nc nc buka utimanzisile (Look you've wet your self )"
I laughed at her while looking at her already wet jeans ...
"Now clean your self and go back to that couch " she slowly walked back to it 
I looked at the silently sobbing Boitumelo
"And wena ?!!!"

That's all I said before walking out to the bedroom ....

Mother's hatred ????


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