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'Mother's love..
Unconditional love ..
Love that's beyond infinite ..
Love that non can never replace ..
Labour pains..
Sleepless nights......
She could have terminated me than to let me live knowing she'll turn me to a slave!! '

"Play that again !" I said ..
He reversed the CCTV footage again but it wasn't helping at all . People who did this really knew how to cover their tracks .They were all in Balaclava's and worst of it was that non of their cars parked where the cameras could reach them .At least if they did then we would have the registration numbers ...
"Anything yet?" Tesh asked giving me a can of Heineken 
I sighed "Nothing "
Her:"There should be something luu .This people ruined the hottest party ever "
Me:"Now all my hope is on my IT and PI guys and if they dont find anything then I'm screwed"
She tapped my back .
Her:"We'll find them don't worry "
It's been hours since we have been seated in my office at LA!quiz going through all the security footages and I should say non was helping at all
Bafana walked in holding his laptop in hand ..His face gave me hope that he found something from the footages from the back entrance ...
"I have something "
He said making his way to my table ...I stood up shifting my laptop to the side then stood behind him while he sat down ...
I smile when I saw everything 
Fana:"Non knows of the this cameras and I should say their cars were parked right here " he pointed on the screen 
Me:"This looks like ladies and guys nje ?"
He nodded 
Tesh chuckled 
"So we're facing a group of girls and boys ?" 
I choked on my breath and laughed 
Fans:"Guys can't you just be serious for once !"
We kept quiet 
"Pose that !" I said 
I moved my focus very close to those girls ..I couldn't shake it but it was clear that I knew them from somewhere .They had removed their Balaclava's and were standing there like they were discussing something 
"Isn't this the girl we just beat few days back?" Bafana asked making me throw my pen so hard on the wall 
Me:"Its her .. We should have killed this bitch !!"
Banana: "Clearly she know everything about us .Firstly it was me now its you !"
Tesh:"Yoh this is big !"
Bafana looked at one of my security guards 
"Screen shot that for me !"
He nodded while walking away 
Me:"I should call Thomas to investigate everything about this lady " i looked at Bafana

"And wena make sure the police don't get this because I want to personally deal with those people "
He also nodded
I took my phone and dialled Thomas numbers ...He agreed that i should screenshot the image then email it to him he'll get back to me ...
I wanna make them an example that no one wrong Luthando and gets away with it !!!

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I smiled all alone knowing I got 55k all alone ...LA!quiz makes money I don't wanna lie ....
Who makes more than 300k in just one night ?
Its all clear the owner is rich to the core
We haven't boarded the country just yet all because Kwena's client was still getting us flight tickets to Botswana .So we were still at his apartment...
I was beyond happy to start new life somewhere else ...Maybe I'll get to meet my Prince charming and have my own family...Without my mother owning me ..I trust Kwena's client on everything all because he's a PI and besides that Him and Kwena seem to understand each other ..
Kwena walked in the sitting room bringing me back from world of my happiness imaginary world 
"One would swear you have gone mad" she said throwing her self on the couch 
I laughed 
Her:"You have been all smilley since Thomas dropped us here !"
Me:"I'm happy Kwena .Knowing that I will no longer sleep with strangers for money just bring joy to my life "
She smiled 
Me:"I love you Kwena and thank you for being there for me !"
She smiled while bringing me in for a hug
Her:"I love you more baby sis ..."

She pushed me a little 
"You'll make me cry "
I laughed 
I leaned back making my self comfortable on the couch 
Me:"So tell ne about Mr client "
She laughed a little 
Her:"I'll tell you all about him later on for now let's open up a bottle of Moet to celebrate ."
Me:"Yeah let's celebrate!"

I continued punching my punching bag so hard .Every time when I'm stressed it helps. I should say prison has taught me to take all my frustrations out on the bag ...
I mostly try to keep my self away from trouble but It forever follows me ...My phone rang ..
I grabbed my squeeze bottle and gulped down the water while putting my earphones on ...
Me: "Talk to me .."
"I got everything for you" it was Thomas 
I leaned carefully on the wall 
Him:" I just emailed everything "
Me:"Sure ..We'll talk soon "
He chuckled 
"Bra Luu ..."
Me:"Sure ?"
Him:"I think I know the ladies personally !"
Him:"One of them is my friend so she called me that I should fetch them and I did "
I bit my lips 
"Fetched them ?"
Him:"Yeah they are at my apartment as we speak "
I smiled 
Me:"Delay them till I visit your apartment "
Him:"Sure thing boss "
I smiled 
me:"I'll double your pay "
I hung up ...Who are that to think they'll steal from Luthando and get way with it ?

mother's hatred


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Lindiwe 2018-10-16 12:29:45

i really dont understand what is going on here, the story is so complicated