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'No matter how hard I try to ignore this pain inside me it hits hard that I even find the stronger I in tears '
I sat on the toilet seat as blood continued flowing so bad from my womanhood .
No matter how hard I tried to explain to my mother that I'm on my periods I can't work ... It just fall on deaf ears ...
She believes that money can not make it self. Trust me its a norm that even when i'm on my periods I just have to continue sleeping with men for her own benefit ..
I am just used to it but I'm just failing to get used to the after effects which are heavily flowing of blood that even I can't seem to control . .
A loud bang disturbed my moment of pain I tried to ignore it but it was lucid that the loud Kwena wasn't gonna give up
"Yey wena Boitumelo I need to use the bathroom!"
Me:"I'm almost done Kwena tlhe"
Her:"You've been in there for an hour now I have got a client to attend to in less than twenty minutes !"

I sighed while standing then wiped my self and changed my pad. .
Then walked out 
Her:"When will you stop avoiding me ?"
Me:"I'm not avoiding you kwena I'm just not feeling well "
she gave me that look that showed she didn't believe me ..I walked past her and changed in black legging black vest and black chuck tailor and sat on the bed while waiting for her to finish up..She exited after a few minuites 
"Are you done ?"I asked 
Her :" Gao bone (Can't you see)?"
Me:"Haou kwena you don't have to bite me .I was just asking "
She also changed 
"Let's bounce !"
Me:"Haou don't you have a client to attend to ?"
Her:"No I just wanted you to get out of the bathroom "
I sighed while standing up to follow her ...
Kwena has always been rude and trust me when I say I'm used to her .We have been friends for 7 years now and I should say in her I found the mother I have always yearned to have ...
After a few hours of walking we arrived at what looked like an abundant house ..There were five guys and three ladies in all black ..
Kwena :"We're here now .Let's get down to business "
One guy:"I have a drawing of LA!quiz ."
We all gathered on a table and let the guy explain everything on the sketch ...
Honestly speaking it all sounded so dangerous but I had to do it in order for me to live my own life the way I wanted to 
Kwena:"So like I said Boitumelo will be there to disturb all the views you guys will enter ..The two of will be on the exit lona on the watch out Nna I'll deal with the securities .Are we clear?"
We all nodded 
Her:"Now make sure we all have communication and equipment "
We nodded again 
"Another thing don't forget the owner of LA!quiz is the most dangerous guy ever so make sure you don't show your faces because we won't have access to all camera footages .Now let's get down to business "

255 255);">We all walked out to their gusheshes ...

I watched Boineelo shaking her booty .She is chubby but she doesn't let her weight drag her down... 
She had a can of hunters dry in hand while I was having Heineken..
The music stopped and she groaned and I laughed 
Me:"Come sit here " She came and sat on top of me and we kissed 
Bafana:"Respect the elders. "We all laughed

Boineelo was suppose to be my one night stand but it turns out I enjoyed being around her .We haven't spoke about our background and family but all I know is she is a mother of a 12 years old daughter ..
Bafana:" So we hitting LA!quiz tonight? "
Me:"Yeah but no free drinks "
They laughed .A knock disturbed our Mini party ..
"I should get that " I said while helping Boineelo sit on the couch then went to open the door ..

I smiled instantly when I saw who it was .It was my friend Tesh with her chick

***Tesh aka Shirley Owens and I been friends from when she joined the snakes since well Luthando and I are also the members .She is located in London but visits the country once in a month because her mother is in jail right here ..She is a lawyer but a dodgy one to add .**

We shoulder bumped then I hugged her chick ..then welcomed them in 
Her:"Where is your phone ?"
Me:"With me why ?"
Her:"We have been trying to call you I'm from LA! quiz..E dog K'shubile daar"
"What do you mean?"I asked panicking
Her:"Ku ne nja e moshayo daar (There is a dog that's messing there )" I checked my phone and I had 67missed calls.
I rushed to the sitting room and called Bafana and took my car keys 
"Asi cwal'indlela bafethu "
Shirley kissed her girl then we rushed to my car leaving the girls in my apartment. ..
Who could try and make an enemy of me Mara ? 
I drove like a maniac to the club and indeed everything was messed up .The place was surrounded by police cars ambulances forensics and so forth and that drove me nuts ..
I walked in .One of my bar ladies rushed to me and just sobbed in my arms. I let her cry till she calmed down 
Me:"K'vayeni yi(What went down here ?"
She couldn't talk proper 
I saw one of the police officers approaching us 
"Sir I hear you're the owner of this place ?"
I nodded 
Him:"I'll need you to follow me that side to question you ?"
Me:"Coming right after you "
He walked away 
I looked back at Bafana
"Go tell the securities I need all the CCTV footages in 20min"
he also nodded while walking away 
The people or person that did this really knew how to step on my tail .Lord knows how I'm gonna make them pay !

it's funny how everything changed in just a blink of an eye ...Just when the fidelity disappointed all plans changed to robbing LA! quiz personally ...
Kwena and I continued packing our cloths as quickly as we could 
"Don't forget your passport !"Kwena said

I took our bags to her client's car while she followed me with the rest ...

A sigh of relief escaped my mouth as soon as the car drove away ...


Mother's hatred


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