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A soft hand traced in circles on my chest going down my torso then my manhood ..I smiled slightly opening my eyes ..She also smiled .She was beautiful .
I always do one night stands mostly in hotels to avoid strings attached and I should say Boineelo here was the most lucky one to be in my apartment ...
"Morning sleepy head " she said 
I laughed while bringing my lips close to kiss her 
Her:"Sies " I laughed 
Me: "Haou can't I kiss my woman? "
She laughed 
Me:"So you're spending the day with me right ?"
she sighed 
"I promised to spend the day with my daughter" 
I pouted she laughed 
me:"My friend Tesh in the country so I'd love if you meet her today .We're hosting a mini braai for her "
Her:"Okay but first thing in the morning you're taking me home "
Me:"That's the promise I'm willing to keep "
'Let I not sleep on a shuttered life .Let I fix my mistakes so when an Angel's transport finally arrives I would be knowing A space would have been left for I"

-Perseverance Shadyie

'The little I know the little I do .My parents footsteps will forever be my little road to walk upon .Where they fell let I also fall .My own parents will forever be the blame for my injuries '

I had Luthando's business card in hand while pacing all around the room .I was debating within my self
"Should I call him? No !" My inner voice debated ...
My ringing phone disturbed me ..i rolled my eyes when I saw who it was ...
"Get ready you have three clients for today !!"
Me:"But ma I am off "
Her:"Don't bullshit me wena Tumi .Get ready now .You'll be using hotel room 42 !"
I sighed hanging up ..

255 255);">I was tired both emotionally and physically..I have been doing that for 5 years now ..Why should my own mother sell me to grown man for money ?

I walked to the bathroom to bath but Tracey and Kwena were bathing ...I groaned while turning to the bed and decided to Keep my self busy by logging on Facebook ...
Kwena walked out of the bathroom after a while Her face was swallen and she was limping while her back had green marks like someone was beating her ..She came back like that last night and she refused to tell me what made her like that. 
Her: "I need you to help me lotion my body "
I took her lotion on the bed and poured on my hand to rub her
Me:"You look very bad you should see a doctor "
her:"I'm okay Boitumelo ..This are just small injuries they will get better with time "
I kept quiet to avoid her yelling at me because trust me she's good at that 
Her:"So I'm planning a heist "
I groaned 
Her:"Keng ?! we need to stop living this life. Do you think we'll stop when we have nothing ?"
Me:"I have 30 thousand plus the 15k "
Her:"Ennyane (Its not enough )It won't push us till month end "
I sighed while rubbing her back 
Me:"What is it this time ?"
Her:"The guy we stole from has the most richest brother in South Africa ...It turns out he owns club la!quiz so I need us to Rob the fidelity car when it collects money there"
I swallowed hard 
Me:"That's big"
Her:"Yes once we get done with that job we leave the country immediately "
Me:"I'll think about it ".
Her:" What's there to think about ? Ke lebetse gore o le juba (I forgot you're Dom)! You enjoying riding different men neh? "
She stood up and aggressively grabbed the lotion from me
Her:"Re etsa span seo more (We're do doing that heist tomorrow) I'll organise a few people wena make sure you organise the equipment and everything else ..O tlogele goba bhari (And stop being stupid) !! She walked to her suitcase for her clothes after saying that ...
No matter how injured she get gets she doesn't give up. Kwena loves taking risk and I couldn't even tell her I saw the guy we robbed back at the restaurant ..What if it all goes wrong ?I will never live a normal life as long as there is my mother and Kwena still living on earth

I took my toiletry bag and walked to the bathroom and thank God all the ladies had gone to work which was an opportunity for me to spend an hour in warm water to relax my body ...

The prison warder called out my name while standing by the door ..
I walked to the door
Her:"I have your parcel "she whispered while looking sideway to make sure non Is looking at us 
Me:" Good now give it to me " she handed me the okapi .
Me:"My daughter will talk to you when she visits "
She nodded while walking back to her office. .
I sat on the mini bed while carefully cutting my skin to test the knife ...i smiled when I saw blood flowing ...
Burghs walked in chained . She was accompanied by our prison warder 
Them :"Salut !" They bowed 
I played with my knife  
"What do you have for me ?"
Burghs: "The leader of the 28 must die"
"I know " I answered
Her:"She is provoking our territory!
She wants to take over our prison !"
I stood up while laughing evilly 
Me:"This is my Prison!"
I furiously grabbed the warder's dreadlocks 
She flinched in pain 
"I HATE SHARING !" I looked at Burghs 
"I raise the flag of italiano before you as blood will split all over ...I ask you to please open your heart and help suck the blood of 28"
She nodded before walking to the door 
Her:"Warder can I get out of here !"
I smiled while handing the okapi to the warder and we all walked out to the main hall where we have our daily meal after chaining my feet ..

I sat by the corner while having my meal alone ...It all started getting hot when Burghs stabbed one of the 28 ..Everything was just messed up and that led the warders police offers running in to help 
I smiled all alone knowing this time around I wasn't in trouble
My name is Christina Owens aged 42 years but I have been in Prison for 12 years now for murder ... I was supposed to serve 9 years of prison time because i pleaded guilty but all because trouble always follows me ..I have a daughter by the name Shirley Owens who is 23 years and is a lawyer but she prefers the nickname Tesh all because she has been the snake's lawyer (gangsters) for years now it all started when she was doing her second year ...

more info about me will be revealed when the story continues

Again I'm Christina Owens . This is my story too ...
My mother's hatred


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