In most cases we fear losing our mothers fearing how our fathers will treat us .Yes most fathers do care and treat their children as princesses and treat them with care trying by all means to close the gap that the mother would have left ....
Funny enough I wish the opposite of that I wish my mother was the one dead . My father wouldn't have treated me like this .I would be living my dream driving my dream car and most certainly enjoying my life to the fullest .
I'm just a human being living by the grace of God because if it wasn't by Grace I swear I would have long given up life.
"Is this all ?" I asked after counting the money again 
Kwena:"Yes ..I never thought it will be this little" 
I sighed with my mouth crumbling like a used wrapping paper 
Me:"Do you know I almost lost my life for this ? Kwena this is bullshit man how will I survive with only R15 000"
Her:"At least we tried "
I was just pissed .Kwena said there was more than 50k in the bag ..I risked my life trying to get that case ..
Oh I forgot to introduce Kwena my mind is just occupied nje but anyway .Kwena and I met back in highschool .She has been my friend through thick and thin .Her parents disowned her when she was matriculating because she fell pregnant .She lost her baby In the streets .It was just too much for her .She ran to my mother to comfort her but as you already know mom she turned her into a proustite. We do wanna stop but we fear my mother

she will kill us I know .
Trust me my mother is capable of doing that .
Back to the story
My vodaphone rang disturbing our silence 
Kwena:"Ke mang(Who is it )?
Me:"The princess herself "
She rolled her eyes 
My mother's hatred has landed me to hating my own sister .I know I shouldn't hate her but my problem is why should I be turned to a prostitute while my sister is not .
She is driving BMW M3 -I have no car 
Mom bought her an apartment-I'm leaving in the prostitutes res sharing the room with 9 girls 
"Hey sis" I answered rolling my eyes 
Her:"Hey baby girl .Where are you ?"
Me:"Home" meaning res 
Her :"Let me treat you with dinner tonight ?"
Me:"Sure text me all the details I'll get back to you "
I hung up

Boineelo tries by all means to build a relationship with me but I just can't .How will I build a relarionahip with my you sis when my mother talks bad about me to her every chance she gets?

"What was in the bag ?" I asked while leaning comfortably on my office high chair .
Bafana:"Laptop 15k and my cellphone "
I chuckled 
Me:"So you came all the way here to tell me of 2cents "
He laughed 
"The information in the laptop man " his voice trembled a bit .
I rubbed my thumb on my nose .
"You mean everything? "I asked 
He slowly nodded 
" Fuck Bafana!!"I cursed 
How can you be so reckless?"i asked 
He kept quiet .
Me:"We should find the people or person who robbed you before its too late !"
Him:"Yeah I saw their faces one of them was the hocker we invited for grand opening at La!quiz"
I stood up .
"Girls? Uyislima uyezwa (You're stupid )!"
Him:"Don't forget I'm still your brother I'll smack you "
I stood up and slid my hands in my pockets

My name is Luthando Tengetile (28) commonly known by the nickname Tash . Bafana Is my twin brother but unidentical twin brother . My mother is pure Xhosa while my father is Swati .Bad combination right ? I know . I'm an accountant while my Bafana is an orthopedic and owns his surgery . I also do own a well known pub and grill and lodge.
Mostly admired by celebrities. I'm an accountant with criminal record I did my course while in Prison .
I was in Prison for 5 years and on parole for 2 years .
I am naughty if I may put it that way but an explanation will reveal it self as we ride together .My parents are technically divorced but Bafana and I are still using my fathers surname ..

I'm single I just love having fun and one night stands which is the main reason I have a baby with a hooker .My baby stays with my mother in Pretoria while I resides in Sandton .The mother of my child just dumped my child to my mother all because my child was gonna disturb her work ...I love my child more than anything else in this world .Her and my mother are the only woman whom ever heard the sentence I love you from I ...Again I'm Luthando Tengetile ....
Mother's hatred


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