Our eyes locked. In his eyes :All I could see was love ..I could see how much he wanted me ..He wanted to make love to me .
Those beautiful eyes it's one I shouldn't forget to mention.They were laden with need . We were making love ..
He screamed my name louder as he penetrated deeper ..
Dear God those strong arms it's the safest place I would never forget ..
I loved how he satisfied my every need making all the juices flow and my body humming with pleasure 
"Do you like it ?"
He asked going in and out of me slowly 
"Yes ..." I whispered with moan 
"Say it louder baby " He spanked my ass 
"Yes Nkazimulo .Ahh give it to me Aaah..It's coming........

"Wake up " someone whispered in my ear making me fully open my eyes ...
It was light I met Sabelo' s scary eyes ...

Fuck! I was dreaming ....
Him:"Its morning already aren't you going to work ?"
I sat up straight with embarrassment written all over my face ..
I was sexually dreaming of my boss and Sabelos face shown he knew I was sexually fantasizing 
Him:"Here is your breakfast "He placed the trey with English breakfast on my lap
Me:"Thank you I'll go brush my teeth "
Him:"Not before you tell me who's Nkazimulo ?" 
***Shit !!!**
Me:"Nka- .Nkazimulo? Who told you that name ?"
Him:"Don't ask me that..Last night you were bad dreaming about him calling his name while crying and now you're moaning his name ? Entlek I shouldn't be explaining because you already know ..Who is Nkazimulo ?"
Me:"No one ..I need to brush my teeth "
I said avoiding his questions and getting up to go to the en-suit bathroom

I didn't remember any of last night's dreams but I perfectly remember the dream I just had a few moments back ...

I thought I'd hate my boss after last night but it's surprising I am still dreaming of him worst of all sexually dreaming of him...

Right now I hated work in fact I hated working with my boss but I knew not going to work will make Sabelo force me to spend the day with him ..We didn't make love last night I was too traumiased to let him touch me atleast I think ...

I brushed my teeth and took a quick shower ...

He had made the bed and was sitting on the bed going through my cellphone 
"What are you doing ?"
I asked as I made my way in the bedroom to wear something
Him:"Checking if there is Nkazimulo in your phone .Are you going to work ?"
I nodded 
Him:"Aren't you still traumiased?"
Me:"I'll be fine I just don't want to spend my day thinking of what really happened last night"
Him:"What happened vele?"
Me:"I'd rather not talk about it "

I finished wearing my clothes and sat on the bed with him and had food 
"So there's no guys name in your phone? You didn't even save my numbers ? How rude "
I took my bag that I already packed 
Me:"I'm already late for work can you drive me home to change.."
Him:"But the dress is fine and decent why do you wanna change ?"
Me:"Drive me to work then "
He gave me my phone then took his car keys ..

Thank God he was using the back room so I knew I wouldn't meet his parents 
Him:"Aren't you gonna go in and greet the King?"
Me:"Like I said I'm already late for work so I'll greet him some other time "
He kept quiet and opened my door and waited for me to get in before he closed it and went to his side and started the ignition then drove off ..

The ride to work was boring ..He didn't say anything and I was greatful for that ..
I know he can be good at nagging ..

"I'll fetch you later on " He said parking outside the KRA building 
"Sure "


The dress I was wearing wasn't such bad but it was really bad for work ..
I was in my pumps and our company code of conduct does not allow us to wear flat shoes ..

Everyone gave me weird looks as I made my way in maybe it was because of the dress that looked like a night dress the pumps I was wearing the pumps I was wearing the face with no make up and the overnight bag that was in my hand ..
Sabelo can be a dick when he wants..

As I sat on my working desk the phone company rang

"Khumalo Resources Angency Mr Khumalo's office how may I help you "

"Hey it's Phumeza Mr Khumalo's wife .."
Me:"Uhm Mrs Khumalo ?"
Hey:"Girl I needed to let you know that Mr Khumalo won't be coming in today ..Cancel all his meetings for the day "
Me:"Okay mem"
She hung up ..
I was a lot happy because I knew I wouldn't have see him today..

I was really tired from the punching bag that I have been really hard on for the past few hours ...
I was angry and my therapist once told me I should take all my anger on it when ever it consumes me ...

"Babe please talk to me "Phumeza said as she walked in my gym room and balancing the punching bag on the other side ..

I stopped and looked at her I have soft spot for my wife ..Actually I love her and I don't see my self living life without her 
Me:"I'm okay babe "
Her:"You're not ...Zimulo talk to me I am your wife "
Me:"Its nothing ..Where are the kids ?"
I asked taking bottled water and gulped it down ...

We have a 2 year old son and a 4 year old girl whom she had from her previous relationship with the prince ..My marriage with Phumeza was arranged but we learned to love each other when time went on ..The problem is she was in a relationship with the prince when we got married .So he has not been taking everything well since then

Her:"Nkoskhona took them to school "
Me:"I should probably get ready for work "
Her:"I cancelled all your meetings "
I looked at her..
Me:"You did what ?"
Her:"Nkazimulo I can not let you go to work in this state. .I know something happened last night and it's okay if you don't wanna talk to me about it but just spend a day indoors recovering or you can visit your therapist "
Me:"There we go again ..I don't wanna talk !"
Me:"No Phumeza ..I love you but sometimes you become pain in my ass ..Who told you to cancel my meetings ?"
Me:"I'll go take a shower "

I walked out leaving her still quiet ..
I don't know why I said that but I know I did ..

See I have anger issues which is the main reason I have been attending therapy for the past three years ...

We are boys at home My brother Thando who is going through a divorce and is owning a few businesses My brother Nkanyezi who is happily married owning 15 percent shares of Tswelopele gold mine 45 percent shares of Dragon car dealership and is a branch manager at absa My identical twin brother Nkoskhona who is a bachelor and is a lawyer then there's me and I am owning KR Angency and have Degree in crime investigations ..

We have different careers and careers that are well Paying but with the greediness thats within the Khumalo family .The money is not enough ...

My father bab'khumalo owns a car dealership and we earn a lot of money from money laundering and the hacking into other Car dealership systems and stealing their cars to export them to different countries ...
It's risky but it pays a lot...

My name is Nkazimulo Khumalo . 27 years of age and this is my story



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kgomotso 2019-01-11 16:45:05

hey u are family of thieves....could this prince beSabelo??