I don't know how I even made it to a given abundant building that Nkazimulo had been giving me directions to while he was busy shooting the cars and I don't know where the cars ended but all I know is I parked near an abundant building and let out a shot load of tears that I had forced my self to keep within since well I was driving ..
I was consumed by fear ..
Fear of being killed ..
I also feared my boss instantly ..

Who is this Nkazimulo ?..

As soon as I parked he walked out and went inside the abundant building without saying anything to me ..
He didn't have to .
Right now I didn't care if he was coming back or what ..
I didn't care about him at all ..
I was over him in just a few minutes 
I waited till I couldn't see him anymore then started the ignition and drove off ..

My life was in danger especially around him ..

"He is from a family of gangsters "

"The Khumalos are bad news"

"The khumalos are gangsters..They could kill you like a chicken and sleep peacefully at night .This means that the wives that the Khumalo brothers married are also brave unlike you you are just a joyful girl who knows nothing about that life "

Khwezi's words kept on ringing in my mind as I drove to the apartment..

She new what she meant ..I am not cut out for that life the life of guns and killings ...

I walked inside the building leaving her outside ...
I was angry a lot angry ..
Bab'khumalo Nkanyezi Nkoskhona and Papabee were there ..
I wanted to punch them in their faces ..
"See what you you have done ?"
Nkoskhona:"Its the King ..He is still on us "
"Fuck!!!!!" I cursed hitting hard on the table 
Me:"Those fuckers started firing up guns while I was with my PA my PA saw everything..She is depressed!"
Bab'khumalo:"Kanti when will he rest Mara heeh? Can't he accept defeat?"
Nkanyezi:"The only time that fucker will accept defeat is when we pay him a visit "
Bab'khumalo:"Nkanyezi can't you at least once in your life come up with a solution without killing ?"
Papabee:''Its the only solution baba "
Me:"I married Phumeza she is mine .The king should fucken accept that she is mine 
nor his son's ...I could kill him right now !"
Nkoskhona :"Haiy Zimulo she is mine .The king should fucken accept that she is mine 
nor his son's ...I could kill him right now !"
Nkoskhona :"Haiy Zimulo you're talking out of anger "
Me:"Out of Anger? OUT of anger ?!!Do you know I had to kiss my PA so she wouldn't see those fuckers coming ? Do you know I had to kiss her so I would distract her ? MY FUCKEN EMPLOYEE !!!" 
Babkhumalo :"Calm down ndonda !"
Nkanyezi :" Kahle khale why did you call us here ?"
Bab'khumalo:"I've heard enough with the King ..I want us to come up with a solution "
Papabee:"Lets pay him a visit "
Me:"I'm going to kill him and his son ..I want to be happy in my marriage without fearing for my wife that she might be kidnapped by her psycho ex someday "
Bab'khumalo:"Nkazimulo you're no longer cut out for that life anymore "
Me:"Well I am now ..I'll clean up my guns "
Nkanyezi :"So where is your PA now ?"
Me:"I left her to calm down in the car ..She is depressed "
Nkanyezi :"Is it stupidity or what? ..How can you leave her in the car alone not knowing if the guys are still following you ? OR they might have you followed !"

**Fuck !! I didn't think of it **

Nkoskhona:"I'll go fetch her "
He went out after saying that 
Me:"I'm back in the game ..I'll talk to detective Geepad to cover our tracks ..i know he is still in need of cash "

"The car is not out side " Nksokhona said as he rushed inside
Us:"What ??!"
Nkoskhona:"They might have taken her "
Nkanyezi :"I doubt..They are not that stupid .They know the car has a tracker so we would trace it down and find them ..Did you leave the keys inside the car?"

I nodded

He laughed 
Him:"Looks like we'll be dealing with Another Njabulo saga.."

He laughed still ....

I parked outside the apartment ...
I noticed Sabelo BMW parked outside ...
Though I hated being around him right now i needed to be inside his arms ..
I needed him to hug me and tell me I'm safe ..
I needed him to comfort me ..
He was inside the apartment..
I don't know how he went in because both Khwezi and I were not around but I didn't care I was just greatful he was here at the time I needed him 
"Where you from ?" He asked

My inner woman could have rolled her eyes but she knew we needed Sabs presence 
Me:"At the cocktail party " 
My voice was a bit low from the crying ..
I was drained too much drained to even say anything 
Him:"You attend cocktail parties now ? "
**Silence **
He looked at me 
Him:"Bopaki have you been crying ?"
That question brought out a lot of emotions ..
I found my cheeks wet again ..
**Come on Paki we were in a movie !** that was my bubbly inner woman rolling her eyes 
He came my way 
Him:"Babe what's wrong?"
Me:"Nothing ..Sabs I just want to go back home ..I hate Durban !!"
I was getting very emotional ..
Him:"Come here "
I walked to him and allowed my self to mingle in his arms ..
I needed those arms around me even though they aren't as strong as my boss's

I remembered the kiss I remembered how passionate it was ..
Out of everything that happened tonight it was the only good thing that came out 
Sabs:"Should we go sleep over at my place ?"
I nodded I know I wouldn't sleep peacefully all alone in here 
Him:"Go pack an overnight bag I'll be waiting for you here ?"
I nodded..

Even though I hated the idea of sleeping at his home I know it would be bad idea not to ...
I needed the Palace warmth right now ...



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