I shop once in a while but when I shop I always make sure I buy clothes enough to last me three months before changing my closet again ...
Well I don't get paid much money at the Agency but it is enough for someone who has no baby or too much responsibilities on her shoulders ..

I had just taken a warm bath and was wearing my lace panties with the matching bra busy flipping through my clothes in the closet for something sexy to wear tonight ...

I finally found my shinny black club backless dress with slit on the side and black nude heels ..
I looked sexy really sexy...
I applied light make up and let my hair loose ..


Khwezi was already back from work busy cooking 
"Hey "she greeted me as i made my way in the kitchen 
I kept quiet and made my self sandwich 
Her:"You look beautiful "
Me:"Thank you where is Shirley?"
Her:"Went to Gauteng she has a court case there tomorrow "
I sat on the high chair and starting eating 
Her:"You're going to the cocktail party?"
I nodded 
Her:"I'll also be there but a bit later I have been invited too"
Me:"Okay see you then "
Her:"Paki you shouldn't forget you're there for work not to try to flirt with your boss "
I rolled my eyes 
Me:"Khwezi I'm over him now "
Her:"In just a day ?Paki I'm being serious here "

Okay I wasn't up for any lecture especially not now !

A knock on the door saved the moment 
Her:"It must be Mr Khumalo go take your bag I'll get the door "

I stood up and took my clutch bag then walked out to him ...

He looked so handsome really handsome 
He was now wearing a black with leatherettel lapel jocky suits ...

I wish we were going on different occasion on a romantic dinner date to be more specific ..

I quickly erased the thoughts right then 
Him:"Ms Bopaki my we ?"
He offered his hand 
Khwezi looked at me more like gave me a warning look 
Mr Khumalo :"Khwezi we'll see you at the party "
She nodded

We walked out to his car ..
He was smelling so fresh ..

He was driving Rolls Royce Ghost ..

He opened my door and waited for me to get in before he closed it and went to his side and started the car before driving off 
Him:"You look beautiful " 
He said focused on the road he kept his intimidating and serious face as always but he looked really cute 
Me:"Thank you you're not bad yourself "

He kept quiet and played music ...
He drove in silence all the way to the Jacobs Residence ...

The house was breath taking ..
He was busy chatting with his business accociates while I on the side was bored to death having a glass of wine and sipping it like a lady ...

He kept on introducing me as his PA off course!

Him:"Lets go that side

255);">Him:"Lets go that side a friend of mine is standing right there "
He took my hand and led me to the other side of the house ..and there was standing Buhle and Sbongiseni ..

Good bye boredom! Yey!
My inner woman did the nay nay dance
I know she wanted to scream in Joy but she held her self seeing the situation and people we were around 
Sbo and Nkaz shoulder bumped while I excitedly hugged my friend
Sbongiseni:"Beautiful Paki "
He kissed the back of my hand 
I smiled 
Him:"How are you doing miss?"
Me:"I am really good "
He looked at Nkazimulo 
Him:"And how is business going ?"
Nkaz:"Its going well but we just lost a very big Client from Germany ..Bab'khumalo isn't taking everything well "
Sbo:"Eish thats sad man but you can always get more clients mos I know Nkanyezi is good and besides if you still want to do business with the guy from Germany you can make it the hard way "
I swallowed

Nkazimulo might have seen how uncomfortable I was with their topic 
Him:"Can I get you anything to drink?"
I showed him the half full glass of wine 
And he nodded 
His phone rang and he excused himself from us 
"Babe ?"he answered walking away from us

I felt a lump on my throat building up ..
Buhle:"Chommie u sharp ?"
Me:"Ye-Yeah ...Why wouldn't I be ?"
Her:"I was just making sure ...There is your roommate "
I turned she was standing with some ladies

Nkazimulo made his way back in

He looked at Sbongiseni 
Him:"Man I have to go something came up" I looked at him I couldnt belive Him at all ..
I mean it hasn't even been an hour since we got here and already we're leaving ..
Him:"May we ?"

I wanted to refuse and stay with my friend but I knew it would be "unproffesional" of me..
Me:"Friend I'll see you tomorrow "
Her:"Okay friend good night "

We both walked out ..

We walked to a Porsche Panamera ..I was bit shocked and in questions cause we came using a Rolls Royce 
"I know you're asking your self why are we using a different car I'll answer you when I drop you off " he spoke opening the door for me 
Me:"Kanti aren't we driving home ?"
Him:"No ..There's shit happening there so I can not risk driving you there "

He was speaking in riddles but it was enough to scare me off ...

We drove in silence he was driving about 180 km/h

I noticed there were two or three cars following us

I was really scared something was up ..
"Shit !!!" He spoke pulling to the side of no where ..
Me:"What's wrong ?"
He held my hand making me move from my sit and sit on his lap inside the car but it was a bit uneasy cause the car was way too small ...

Okay what really was happening ?

Him:"I know this might be a bit scary for you but I need you to work with me right now for us to make it home alive "

Before I could say anything he started kissing me passionately kissing me ..
He was a good kisser but I wasn't enjoying because I was scared

While still kissing I heard a gunshot firing down and the back window shuttering ..
I tried moving away from him but he forcefully pushed my legs deeper to him and more and painfully ..gunshots started firing up more ...
He forcefully pushed my head to the gears making me hit hard on them ...
The gunshots kept on going down 
I was really scared I let out a loud sob of fear
"Can you drive ?"he shouted

I know how to drive but I don't think I would in that state ..
I shook my head no still in tears 
"He made me sit up and shook my shoulder uncontrollably 
Him:"You have to ! You have to drive!!!"
I nodded 
He literally made me sit on top of him again and tried moving from the sit and finally did 
Him:"Drive !!!!!"
He shouted sitting on the passenger sit typing something on his phone then placing it on his ear 
"I'm in shit man ......yeah ...my PA ...Get Papabee and Nkanyezi .Sure!"
As shaky as I was I started the ignition and drove away 
He pressed the button and the sunroof slowly slide and he got up and started shooting the cars following us ...

Dear God I am dying tonight but I am not ready .If this is the punishment for crushing on him then I beg to differ "

That was my silent prayer as I drove speedier than I ever thought I would



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kgomotso 2019-01-11 03:56:53

already u being dragged in his shady gun fighting....stop and think if u wanna be involved