He eyed me for a few moments before commanding me to go do my work ..

I was a bit disappointed because I thought he would say something ...
He acted professional way too proffessional and didn't even bother asking me how I slept or how was the hangover treating you yesterday or maybe how did you spend your day ?

I was struggling to concentrate especially with my inner woman who kept asking me if my boss really saw me half naked !
**Argh man let me work!***

I forced my self to do my work till his cologne finally filled my mini office ...
I turned to him and he was standing on the door frame with his hands folded ...

I swallowed nervously ..
I noticed I am nervous and embarrassed about everything that happened on Saturday or Sunday morning when I couldn't even look at him for even a few seconds ...

He was wearing a metal black and gold shawl collarsuit ...
And looked extra hot as always !!

"And I don't know how my day stands today ?" He spoke walking in my mini office and making himself comfortable on the visitors chair 
Me:"Uhm the Downcallers transfer came through this morning you have a conference call with them in two hours .Mr Khumalo also called .He said you should call him urgently and your wife also called to remind you of your therapy session for today "

I managed to say everything without looking at him all along I was concentrating on my pad ..

There was silence for a few minutes 
Him:"Remind me at three for my therapy session "

I jotted it down 
Me:"Okay anything else ?"
Him:"Yes prepare the conference room for 12pm till 2 pm we will be appointing a new agent representing the kickstar team "
I jotted it 
Him:"And I have been invited to a cocktail party tonight at the Jacobs .You will have to come with me so we can meet and make business partner there to join our group "

I swallowed ..
I don't know if it was the swallow of joy 
Or questioning my self why would he take me there ?
Me:"Uh sir I have never been to a cocktail party "
Him:"Its okay just wear something appropriate. Black to be more specific "
I nodded
He stood up 
Him:"And I'll be fetching you at 6pm be easy by then "

He walked out after saying that ....

Okay I know I said I have got things for my boss but what is he really thinking ?
I wished I could be in his thoughts just to know what really was happening in there ...

I smiled all alone though he isn't the begging type nor doesn't ask a lot of questions ...
***He is your type your damn type Paki!!!** Mrs inner woman decided to say making me roll my eyes ...

My day went by so fast .It was already 1pm my lunch time ...

255);">I quickly went to the cafeteria and bought two lunch meals ...Then went to Khwezi's office ..

She was stuffed up in load of work loads shame ...
Me:"And you're overworking yourself !"
She looked at me and Smiled 
Her:"Don't mention it "
She closed the file 
I walked to the couch and sat down and she joined me 
Me:"I got us lunch "
Her:"You're such a life saver shame what would I do without you Mara?"
I chuckled 
Me:"You're making me feel like I can replace Shirley anytime I want "
She laughed 
Her:"Never shame "
I stuffed the burger in my mouth 
Her:"And I know there is something you want to tell me for you to bring me lunch in my office "
I swallowed 
Me:"My boss "
Her:"What about him ?"
Me:"Khwezi I am falling real hard for him "
She looked at me it wasn't a surprised look though 
Her:"I think I told you he is married and I guess you don't have to be told .The ring on his finger says it all "
Me:"I know Khwezi but..."
Her:"No Paki I think you should focus more on your relationship with Sabelo and get over the fling you have for Nkazimulo .He loves his wife and I bet you don't wanna mess with the Khumalos "
Me:"But Khwezi I could see it in his eyes that he is also falling for me "
Her:"Because you're making your self believe that .Bopaki you're still young and very beautiful to be called a home wrecker .Just do your job and stop imagining things that would never happen ..."
I kept quiet

Her:"The khumalos are gangsters..They could kill you like a chicken and sleep peacefully at night .This means that the wives that the Khumalo brothers married are also brave unlike you you are just a joyful girl who knows nothing about that life and I believe you don't wanna mess with your boss's wife"

I kept quiet Khwezi was rude ..

I needed her to be a friend than a person who would judge me for having feelings for my boss ..

These are temptations and I can not resist them it's not easy to resist them..

I stood up and took my remaining juice ..I had lost my appetite 
Me:"Thanks for being my friend "

*Note the sarcasm **

I walked out ...

I instantly had no desire to go with Mr Khumalo to the cocktail party ..
Maybe it was Khwezi's words that kept on playing in my mind ..

I forced my self to do my remaining work load and just went home as soon as I was done .
I didn't even check if it was my knock off time or what. 
I just needed a bottle of wine and drift off to sleep but my ringing phone caught my attention when I was about to open the bottle it was Buhle..

The seriousness of this bitch?
The bitch decided to call me now she didn't even care she left me with strangers such a shame!!

Her:"Girl where are you ?"
Me:"Where you left me on Saturday "
Her:"Where did I leave you kanti?"
Me:"Under your man's balls orata pipi neh?"
She laughed 
Her:"I know you would be safe "
I rolled my eyes 
Her:"I'm going to a cocktail party tonight with Sbongiseni .Care to join ?"

I kept quiet I thought for a while .
Maybe it is the same cocktail party I'm supposed to go with my boss .

**You will fun with Buhle girl let's go tuu!**my inner woman said 
Me:"Friend you won't believe if I told you that I'm also going to a cocktail party with my boss tonight "
Her:"Maybe it is the same cocktail party "
Me:"Maybe ..l'll see you tonight if it is"
Her:"Okay girl"
I hung up if my friend is going then I am going ...

I quickly went to my closet to search for something to wear I am going !!!!!



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kgomotso 2019-01-11 03:55:09

Khwezi is right....ur boss isa married man and u will gt hurt