I opened my eyes to an unfamiliar bedroom I was in an 1830 Victorian Era setting bedroom .
I tried lifting my head up from the white pillow but the headache was unbearable ...

I finally helped my self sit up straight I was alone and wearing nothing but a white vest and my lace panties my clothes were neatly folded on the couch and so was my bra ...

Oh God what happened ?

I tried to recall what happened last night and everything played like a movie ..

I remembered last night I ended up going for tequilas ..
I remembered I called a cab 
I remembered my boss coming outside to me 
I remembered him holding my hand ..
I remember when I vom-......

No no no !

Bopaki what have you done ?!!!
***You embarrassed your self right in front of your boss !**My inner woman shouted ..

While still at those thoughts and consoling my self because of my stupidity..
There was a knock

"Room service !"

I grabbed the robe on the mini table and wore it I could see my self on the mirror .
I looked like mess 
I opened the door just like that

The guy:"Your breakfast mem"
Me:"I didn't order anything "
Him:"Well we were given this room number "
Ms:"Okay thanks-
He came in and placed it on the coffee table ..

The hangover wasn't doing me any justice ..
I needed something to heal from it ..

I walked away to find something I saw a brown paper bag on the dressing table ..

There was toiletries and a packet of tablets and a note ..


"I had to book you in a hotel since you had blacked out .I paid for everything "


I brushed my teeth and washed my face after taking three of those tablets ..
I was overdosing I know but I needed to get rid of this hangover that wasn't doing me any justice...

The breakfast was smoked salmon with a squeez of fresh lemon and bbq ribs and a bottle of dry red wine on the side

"I have seen you eating a lot of those and I saw a bottle of red wine in your apartment the other day "

It was a mini note

I smiled

255);">I smiled he has been checking me out ...

After breakfast and taking a long relaxing bubble bath I called a cab and went to my apartment I needed to lie down 

"Yeses you look like a zombie " 
Khwezi shouted laughing as soon as I walked in the house ..
Me:"Eish ..Not now Khwezi "
Her:"When ?"
Me:"Can I at least go to my bedroom and lie down .I need to rest "
Her:"You have a visitor anyway "
I walked to my bedroom ...

Dear God not this ...Especially not now !!
I said a silent prayer ..

Sabelo was laying on my bed busy on his cellphone ..
He looked at me as soon as I entered the bedroom 
Him:"Paki ?"
Him:"Where are you from ..I have been trying to call you last night"

My inner woman rolled her eyes 
I took off my heels and crowld to my bed ..
I didn't even have the energy to change into something decent
Him:"Look at how revealing your dress is you look like a hooker "
I covered my self with a fleece blanket 
Him:"Paki I showed my cousins your pictures they loved you .They liked how you were dressed and how beautiful you are on your pictures but for them to tell me you were partying with them at Eyadini is such a turn off ...."
I ignored him I really needed to sleep than to listen to him preaching 
Him:"Bopaki I love you and I'd hate to make a party animal my wife while I my self don't party at all"
I uncovered my face and looked at him 
Me:"Can we talk about that later on right now I wanna sleep this hangover off "
Him:" Sure . I'm going to a family meeting anyway . I'LL see you later on "
I kept quiet 
He kissed my forehead then walked out .

I silently rejoiced ...

I didn't even take me sometime to drift to my dreamland ..
I woke up later on and slept again ...
My 5:30 alarm woke me up ...
I had no energy at all to go to work ..
I didn't want to face my crush or boss after what happened ...

I slowly made my bed then brushed my teeth and rinsed my face ..
I wasn't going to work actually I was quitting work.

I stood by the balcony and watched the view ..
People were going up And down others going to school while others were going to work .Looking all happy and probably stress free ...

I remembered I woke up half naked back in the hotel..
He saw me half naked?

It made things even worse ..

"Paki !" 
It was Khwezi shouting in my bedroom 
Me:"Balcony !"
I shouted back 
She came 
Her:"And then wena ?Why are you still in pjs .Arent you going to work?"
I shook my head 
Her:"Why you don't look sick mos ?"
Me:"I am sick Khwezi I think I'm coming down with flu"
I faked a cough 
Her:"You're not even a good liar ..Whats up ?"
Me:"I partied with Mr Khumalo Khwezi .I danced like he wasn't there . I got drunk . I said nasty things to him .I actually told him I want to kiss him .I vomit in front of him .Now the worst is I woke up in a hotel half naked after I left with him at Eyadini "
She laughed her ass out 
Her:"I'm sorry for that but you have to go to work .You do know that man's work depends on you "
I shook my head 
She pulled me 
Her:"I'd rather be late than to let you not to go to work ..Go bath I'll find something for you to wear "
I walked slowly 
Her:"Now !"
I walked to the bathroom ..I couldn't go to work no ..Not after everything 
I wore the grey formal wear dress that she had placed on my bed it was above knee .And the matching blazer and black stilletoes ...
I put up a brave face as I walked in the office he was already there and talking on his phone ..

I waited for him to finish .
"You're late " his voice was so soft but it held so much authority. For the first time in my life he didn't give me the unkind look but the look that made me want him right then 
Me:"I woke up very late sir I'm sorry "

He kept quiet 
I couldn't really read his facial expression ..

**Maybe he wants you Paki maybe he saw your body last night and he realised is one he can not resist ** My inner woman said in Joy ..

Maybe he has developed some type of crush for me !



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kgomotso 2019-01-11 03:45:23

Paki can u concentrate on ur work and frgt dreaming abt ur boss